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  1. Sorry that is utter rubbish, and not feasible. You book a certain pitch type and you are able to choose from those available. Where pitches vary in length the site has to keep the number of longer ones booked free for those people who have booked them. It may seem unfair, but if the club books them in they have to provide the pitches and cannot have people sticking out into the roadway just because some idiot with a teardrop has chosen the only pitch that will fit a full size motorhome, despite the pitch being marked as reserved.
  2. Basically the maker knows the quality of our roads and has to produce a product that can withstand them. It is no defence to say that the roads are worse than there build will cope with.
  3. I do accept that you should get on with enjoying your caravan and not worry about theft too much, but at the same time you have to answer the questions asked and I am afraid the4 twin axle Hobby is a higher risk than most. I pointed out all twin axles are targets, possibly because people who want to live in a caravan want a large one and secondly because they cost more and therefore they are more attractive to thieves wanting to sell them on. The CAMH do accept them at normal rates but some companies do not.
  4. Wildwood

    Tow car?

    Other than the government figures which are not that accurate it will be difficult to get an answer as it is doubtful you will find anyone who has had these two models to compare. Even different years of the same car can vary so the government figures are the best you are likely to get. Probably the one with the best torque figure will tow best. For reliability I would take the Honda. If there is not a lot in it, go for the one that suits you best as an everyday car, as towing is normally towing is a very small part of your use of the car.
  5. This seems to be a common theme on their forum but at the same time I have found others with different companies who have faced similar hikes. Iit may be the market going up or just a few companies finding the need to do this, but I cannot say at present.
  6. If you choose to buy at the moment you pay the current price. Prices may drop sometime next year or even later but that is no use if you need to buy now. My feeling is that there will be plenty coming back on the market next year and prices will drop, if you can wait until then I would but there is no guarantee I am correct.
  7. The answer is almost certainly yes, but all caravans need decent protection. The people who you are thinking of want twin axle models to live in, so all twin axle caravans are more at risk, but because of their reputation Hobby is normally the prime target. Other continental models may also be similarly affected but the lower numbers make a definite answer more difficult. Only the insurers will have the statistics and they do not release them. but the refusal of some insurers to cover them tells its own story. There are also tales of sites not wanting them, but I have never seen any evidence of this as long as you don't turn up with a 10 year old rusty transit pick up towing it.
  8. You should be able to replace sections but they will need support at the joint. I think you will need specialist advice for your individual needs though.
  9. I think the original seating came from Belfield Furnishing. It will be necessary to get the right sizes so they might be best placed to help you. You could also try caravan breakers who just might have some in decent condition.
  10. Before you can cure the damp in the floor you have to deal with the cause which is probably faulty sealant somewhere but you should also check the back panel for cracks. This needs to be checked and once the source of the water has been eliminated the floor can be tackled. It does sound as though the flooring will need replacing in the affected areas though.
  11. I suppose that we will never find anyone who has not been guilty of speeding at some time, either deliberately or accidently. The simple fact is that if you do you are taking a risk, you have to accept that and cannot reasonably complain if you are caught.
  12. Yes all you need to do is is insure in both names. The insurer will ask where the caravan is stored so that takes care of itself.
  13. The problem is the punishment does not fit the crime although shooting uninsured drivers is a bit extreme. What you see is people whose record would require them to pay over £ 1,000 in premiums getting fined £200 or so. They regard the risk therefore as worthwhile and even after conviction do not feel they have come off badly. If the punishment was say twice the average insurance premium they would have paid based on their record and subsequent offences moving further up the scale. The punishment has to be severe enough to be a deterrent and not a joke.
  14. Knock for knock has not existed for many years. Insurers do try and apportion blame on the basis of what the parties say but some times they are impossible to sort out because the descriptions of what happened are so conflicting. Your initial report will normally go to a new claims handler in most cases whose job is to get the claim moving initially. They are the most junior members of the team so I would not set too much store by their opinions on liability. In many cases you do get an honest answer from the guilty party, so any comments on liability may be premature in those cases. The work on who is responsible will then often be done by a more senior handler who can look further into it but different companies do work differently so the system may be different in your case, but the initial response will almost certainly be by junior staff. I understand what you are saying and the nearest thing we have to certainty is a decision in the Supreme courts, but you are unlikely to have that. What is normally used as a precedent is the decision of the highest court available, which is likely to be a different one. In dealing with these problems we would look at what is available, and unless we thought we had good grounds to challenge that then we would try to resolve it on that basis. That means the precedent we used could be in any of the courts you mentioned including the Scottish Courts if need be. As I said higher courts may overturn decisions of lower courts and judges can even vary previous decisions at any level if they feel it is justified. What is clear in the case here is that the particular point does not seem to be the subject of a reported case and we do not have any safe grounds to go on although I am pretty sure a repudiation would not stand the test of fairness given the majority of insurers do not take this into account when setting the premium. The Ombudsman might in fact be the one who would adjudicate and he has his own precedents which are not binding on the courts, but I cannot see any report of a decision on this subject. I would not get too tied up in the word precedent though as it is irrelevant to the case.
  15. Welcome to the site. There is plenty of help available here, but why specifically Hobby as your make of choice?
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