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  1. It does seem too large to be heat damage, particularly with the bent reinforcement. Where has the caravan been kept and is it feasible that someone climbed on top?
  2. I would worry less about the time frame and get the quote using a pattern rear panel. You just have to get the claim moving I am afraid and I cannot see any other way unless someone has a panel from a scrapped model, but that is a very long shot.
  3. SFM may be able to help. Possibly you are a bit too detailed in your caravan as the window will be common to the whole range of that model rather than just the Mistral. Use the measurements when asking . EECO have an excellent reputation but unfortunately the price might be too high.
  4. Not sure if you have tried hem but SFM at Halifax carry a large range of parts from scrapped caravans. The window will be standard to all Omegas of that year and others including Elddis, as they are the same firm, other ranges and of caravans a year or two either way, so possibly the measurements will help you cast the net a bit wider. I do take the point mentioned about the colour of a second hand window having faded, but presumably yours will have too so one off a scrapped caravan should still be a decent match. Other years though might be a different colour.
  5. The MTPLM is deliberately set low to increase sales. The higher it is the less cars can tow it and so the sales potential is restricted. The current idea of giving upgrades is the best for sales, so there is little chance of it being changed. The upgrade here does seem high but only Swift and AL-KO know what the limit is for that chassis.
  6. A point not covered so far is that bikes on a caravan rack will count towards the MTPLM. Many caravans have very poor limits for the load allowance and this may make it impossible to carry anything other than very lightweight models. You may be able to deal with that though with an increase in the MTPLM if the manufacturer will allow this. Countering the excess nose weigh by moving things to the back could be dangerous if this means moving too many items, and is not advisable. Caravans on the back carry the same risk, and it should only be done with care and knowledge of the weights invol
  7. Octopus are not against smart meters, but believe it is your choice as to whether you have one. They will offer them but do not harass you or increase your tariff if you do not fit one. I did read we are now looking at a third type to replace the second type so I do wonder if there is any point fitting one just now.
  8. The engine does look very unlikely to tow a caravan of that weight with any real performance. You are at the very limit of its towing capacity which tends to go with sluggish towing. I think you will also be exceeding the kerb weight of the tow car, which is potentially dangerous, so something heavier and more powerful would be a better bet, although the amount of towing you do may be relevant if this is low. It would certainly not be a good combination if your towing mileage is high.
  9. The highway code sets out advice on distances and basically a prosecution could succeed if the advice was seriously ignored. There are a number of offences that could be used depending on how serious it was, from careless driving right up to dangerous driving, for the worst offenders.
  10. Without knowing just how bad the damp is I cannot comment on the cost, but it is about right if the damp is reasonably serious. It is time consuming which is why it costs and needs to be done very carefully while a covered area is desirable.
  11. I do have one in the car and assume hat if we have a problem in the caravan it will be there as well. I do wonder if I should be up dating it though as it is the standard Vauxhall kit that came with a new car possibly 20 years ago and has never been used. If I have looked in it I have forgotten what is there. A point to consider.
  12. The finance company have responsibility for the product and I would advise them of the problem, saying you want to claim off them. Not sure how they will deal with the problem but they should sort it out. You do not need a Lunar dealer to do the work any workshop with the capacity to do it can be used. I would check with Caravan Panels the cost of the part from them to help with your claim, as I doubt a Lunar one will be available.
  13. I would check the caravans nose weight first as they are often too heavy to take the extra weight of the rack and bikes. The hitch will normally have a 100 kg limit, although the car could be higher or lower. You are only allowed the lower of the hitch or tow car limit and if you exceed that you will be braking the law. I would doubt the capacity to do this is there but there are exceptions.
  14. Well done in passing. The examiners do seem to vary a bit as to how strict they are so others might find it is harder or even easier though. If you can reverse the smaller trailer used in the test, then a caravan should be a doddle.
  15. Not sure that you have a case bearing in mind this is a second hand caravan. I have never had a lock that rotated through 180 degrees, but if it works can you really say that it is faulty. If there is a bit of loose wallpaper this would probably have been there when you bought it, so it was there to be seen. I agree that it might indicate damp but I cannot see that you can force the dealer to check it without further proof, although it is suspicious. I would buy a cheap meter and test the area involved, and if it indicates a problem you can then take it further. If there is serious d
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