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  1. Have you contacted the manufacturer to see if you can increase the MTPLM? We have done nothing to the current model to improve it as nothing we can see that it needs apart from stupid position of plug on side of bed. I may look at moving that but no more. We did order two caravans with L shaped lounges, which we prefer, when these were an optional layout. On the first on its first holiday I did see a lady stood staring at the long vertical window we got with this for sometime before she moved off to what was an otherwise identical caravan.
  2. We have never had this problem, despite having movers fitted to four caravans. If the battery is in good condition, it should have enough power to be used to hitch and put the caravan away after unhitching, so I suspect your battery. When I needed to get off a very wet site I have moved the caravan some considerable distance using the mover without problem and still had power left. I would check the wiring though to make sure that it is wired to charge the battery correctly or at all, but whatever the battery should not be discharging when you are driving. If you are really stuck possibly a caravan engineer or tow bar fitter could solve it, but it is a new one to me.
  3. It does sometimes take a bit of trial and error to get the balance right but adjusting the flaps on the outlets does need to be done. It is unusual to find a rear bathroom getting very hot although I am not sure if yours is. If it is rear one then I do wonder if there is a problem like a faulty pipe as Aldi says. If it is a central washroom then close the flap and see what it is like.
  4. The CAMH have a nice site if you are a member.
  5. The new company did issue advice on this which basically said they would allow a delay in servicing provided it was reasonable. It was posted by someone somewhere but I cannot find it for the moment.
  6. Personally I want the handbook so a membership that includes that as with the CAMH is a better bet.
  7. Not sure if the skylight will be available now and you might need a second hand one. The remaining Avondale parts were bought by Magnum Motorhomes so I would try them first, although due to the time that has passed it is a long shot. SFM Caravans in Halifax have a vast stock of parts and might be able to help, after that you can google caravan breakers and see if there are any.
  8. I do understand the problem. We ordered two of our caravans which had to be built for us as we wanted L shaped front lounges. The wait was difficult particularly as had not been able to see what we were getting as the layout was an option not on any demonstrator. On the first one Elddis had forgotten to order the different curtains so we had to wait an extra few days for them to be sent by courier.
  9. Their will be no specific handbook for the exact model, handbooks are for the entire range and frankly fault finding is usually minimal. If you cannot source the hand book, do post full details of your problems here and I think you will get plenty of help.
  10. Sorry misread the announcement but still happy with the result.
  11. I too can only find it listed for 1999. The handbooks normally cover all the makers ranges rather than specific models so you just want a 1999 handbook. The Magnum was a dealer special and not the standard one. If it helps you can find a brochure at http://www.elddis.co.uk/ObjFiles/Ranges/Magnum GT Caravans/Dealer Spec. Range Brochure/8130-Pearman Briggs Caravan Dealer Special 2018 4pp_Web.pdf
  12. If the caravan has the loading capacity for the awning it has to go on the floor over the axle. Even in the car it could make some tail heavy so I would suggest between the front and rear seats if this area is free. This puts more weight on the front axle and gives a better balance. The car will also have maximum axle and gross weights so do consider these.
  13. Welcome to the forum John. That is a long time to stay with one caravan, the best we have done is 10 years,
  14. The magazine is very similar to the two commercial magazines in its content, so those who do not like it are not necessarily in the majority. Basically if you do not want it you can opt out and save them a few pence on the postage. Frankly the present situation moves so fast that anything they sent would be out of date before you got it and therefore a further waste of resources. What are they going to add that you do not already know, or can get with a more up to date slant on the web site. All the magazine contents are not going to suit everyone, but it is generally a well written magazine, written for people who are interested in the subject.
  15. Wildwood


    Leaks are caused by careless construction. The deigns would work far better if care was taken, but the basic idea is flawed.
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