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  1. Quite simply there are more people staying in the UK this ear than ever before and more have bought caravans and motorhomes. Almost all sites are going to be near full but club sites do have sensible spacing and will be well run. I have no problem with full sites and the club ones will not be overcrowded just full.
  2. From what I can gather there is a shortage of new and second hand cars at the moment so dealers are not giving the deals they did earlier. In trying to buy I have found some sales staff not very easy to deal with at the end of the month. The conclusion I get is that if they have met their sales target they do not want to go seriously over this as it could mean next months goes up too high. On the other hand if they still need to hit their target then they will give you a good deal to help meet their target. You need time stubborn ness and patience to get a good deal.
  3. The main perception I have come across is that BMW's tend to be driven by speed mad bullies. There are some but it does apply to some others.
  4. As others have said the water pump issue could be an air lock and shaking the pump up and down in the water should cure this if it is the drop in type. It may also be the pressure switch which should be found just inside the caravan by the water inlet. It has a knurled on top and turning this to get the pressure right may sort this. Failure to get hot water can be a number of things. Can you tell us what caravan you have and the model fitted and what you are running it on gas or electricity.
  5. Generally a second hand model is likely to have the bugs sorted. There are though some where the previous owners have had enough and just swapped it, I know we did it.
  6. Is it Portsmouth, can never remember which it starts from. Both are interchangeable for someone coming down from Scotland.
  7. I do agree with the salesman that the video is probably a prototype but even then they should have got it right. The problem with the front panel should not be there but a decent dealer should fix that so I would check the dealers service reports on Google. The man next to us in our storage has just bought a new Bailey and is leased with it, but did have some issues. He used an excellent dealer though and they sorted them out to his satisfaction. Bailey are pretty much average when it comes to quality according to the surveys of purchasers in the surveys carried out by Practical Caravan magazine. The purchase should be covered by the Consumer Protection Act and any faults would allow you to reject, it so do be aware of that and inspect it very carefully. You should also pay any deposit by credit cad to get the protection they offer. You also get this protection if you use HP but not a bank loan.
  8. If you think the Brits are bad try the Freedom, they think 50 kg is acceptable on some models. Only consolation is that you should not need a mover given the MIRO.
  9. We have normally used routes from Southampton and not been through Calais although on the last time we did, we did not stop at any services near there and were able to drive straight into the port without trouble. Cost me a bit more in diesel as we could not fill up late in the trip but we lived with that.
  10. Just given up with the continent this year as too difficult to be sure what will happen.
  11. The website Caravansitefinder lists near enough all sites, if you check the ones that look like what you want you can check if they do storage.
  12. Our Quasars were both older and newer than yours and had the cube lights fitted and there switches were on the circular fitting at the top. If there are no switches, I can only think someone has replaced the originals with something similar looking. Possibly if you can find a Quasar and check inside you can see what they have and if it is different. Do you have a photo I could look at.
  13. Ours fits right into the A frame and is not likely to hit anything. I have had one that could work loose when towing and a strap was the best way to keep this up. Removing the jockey wheel is not a good idea as in the unlikely case of the caravan coming off the tow bar you need the wheel to keep the hitch off the ground and avoid damage to the A fame. This would work only at very low speed, taking the jockey wheel off is not a good idea, as most disconnections happen at the first bump just after you set off and no damage occurs.
  14. I do understand, as we had an accident in 2017 and discovered this lack of cover. Fortunately the car was just driveable and we got home. It was not my fault and the other insurer did say they would try and locate a car to get me home if I could not drive the car. It did make me realise the potential problem if I could not claim off the other driver. There are hire companies that have tow cars although mainly 4x4's and expensive if it comes to the crunch. Overseas you need to check the repatriation point though as it would be far more expensive to get the caravan back. Sometimes the insurer may find it cheaper to repatriate the car even though it is a write off as leaving it there can incur taxes that make leaving it very expensive.
  15. I like the idea, but not the cost and size of the outfit. Good luck though.
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