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  1. I think the web page shows all the factors individually but the web site asks for the numbers and quotes accordingly with the minimum charge for the caravan and one person. If you do not add the extra persons you get the pitch and one. I cannot ever remember it being standard to quote for two unless you put that in.
  2. Because the guarantee runs for specific periods, you will normally have to notify them of any faults before the relevant period expires, as I am not sure that faults found in a service after that date are still covered.
  3. I suspect that the number of claims made against dealers for work needed will have hit many hard and they will do their best to avoid their responsibility. Probably you will need to get tough with them and show you know your rights, or even have to have the work done elsewhere and then sue them.
  4. How long have you had the caravan as this is clearly a fault. If it was bought from a dealer then you may still have a claim against them or any HP or credit card company involved in the purchase.
  5. The problem with universal ones is that they need to be a tight fit to prevent them rubbing against the caravan and damaging the paintwork and windows. It is a risk and personally I would not want to take it .
  6. There is no good reason not to. The thief's main concern is normally the time taken to steal a caravan so the more locks the better and neither model takes long for you to put on or remove.
  7. The e mail I received from CAMH on their storage sites suggests you can attend for essential maintainance so that could be open to interpretation. For us it is only two miles and the same council area which might also make a difference.
  8. For reliable wiring details I would use the CAMH website under help topics.
  9. On paper it looks good, but as no magazine I know of has tried towing with one, it is a slight risk. Basically if you do a lot of short trips on a daily basis and if towing is a far smaller proportion of use, it could work. Given the reputation of Audi and the VW group in total, I would not be worried if you can find a second hand example. Basically hybrids work best for people with low daily mileages in normal use.
  10. To me they are minority group abusing the rest of us.
  11. I would agree that the previous site owners contract will apply and you need to check that to see what there is in there regarding them removing you from the site and disconnection. If you have a lease with time still to run they should not be able to remove you and you could contest the removal notice. The new owner should be bound by the terms of your agreement with the old one until this expires, assuming it has not expired. If the contract does not have a disconnection clause then if they employ someone to disconnect then they should be able to charge you for it. If they use a contrac
  12. I see no problem with the on board tank provided you do not tow with it full. We do not have the model you quote but have had long single axle caravans without trouble. Provided you have a heavy enough tow car, and if you towed the twin axle you should have, they are quite safe.
  13. Welcome to the forum and the offer to help with gadgets. The more people on here with good knowledge the better to help those who need help.
  14. Sorry in my reply I mistyped the caravan weight and meant to put 1,200.
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