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  1. ATC is a safety aid and could help prevent a disaster but should not be used to cover a stability problem. You do have to weigh up the cost against the benefits and decide if you are prepared to pay for that extra security.
  2. Crossleys at Leyland have a good reputation.
  3. The best place would be on an internal panel as shown in the photos further up although I do appreciate this is taken by the door. In your case it would have to be the toilet wall and you would have to make sure that it is up to it.
  4. All caravans have their niggles and it is a case of finding the compromise you can live with. By now we are on our eighth caravan so have been able to avoid some that were not up to scratch. We still have a problem with a drop down flap on the end of the kitchen which hampers access to the fuse box and water valve under the seat. The sad thing is that the kitchen top is big enough for our needs and we have never used the flap. I would remove it but it would leave the end of the kitchen looking a mess. We also have a similar wheel to the Swift one shown, but use a Nemisis Ultra, which also suffers a bit from this design. I do remember the four place toothbrush holder fitted in a five berth caravan.
  5. I think you will find most makes have models in the width you need although 7' 4'' might be easier to find and should work. It depends a bit on your budget but older models tend to be a bit narrower but that means compromising on living space. I have nothing against the Caravalair suggested but they are almost impossibly rare. Caravans are in very short supply and expensive at the moment although there seems to be a few more on the market now than earlier so your choice may be restricted. Whatever you go for assuming it is second hand do make sure you have an up to date clear damp test before buying. With private sales take great care and never pay anything until you see it in the flesh.
  6. Locks are required by all insurers but the actual and type number varies so you do have to be aware of the requirements when changing insurer. If you have had a theft there does seem to be a problem in getting cover, any insurer will look at what has been done to increase the security and decide if they are willing to take the risk. They have got very reluctant to re insure in many cases though.
  7. I am a bit surprised that the Xplor was the least returned van as you see quite a lot of criticism of these. I do wonder if the higher price means more expectation or that having more gadgets means there is more to go wrong. When Sprite models were shown separately from other Swift models, they got a better rating possibly for the same points.
  8. As I said earlier I think you have missed the point. Possibly the use of the word definition is the problem. In this case the Towing Guide includes a calculation which has been labelled a definition and is for the purposes of the Guide and nothing else. Basically it provides a method of calculating what the guide regards as a safe way of coming up with a safe towing ratio for beginners and nothing more. If reference to the towing guide was used in court then its calculation would have to be used as the definition used in the Act has nothing to do with a safe towing limit but a a definition for a base weight for the vehicle. Possibly as I have said before the word definition is the problem, but where document has its own definition for the sole purpose of interpreting that document then that is what is used in law in relation to that document but for no other purpose. It would be absolute none sense to say that when the towing guide defines a calculation to arrive at a specific calculation for safe towing, that you use a definition incorporated in an act of Parliament as providing an entirely different figure. The two definitions are used for entirely different purposes and refer to what in practice are two different things. When looking at a definition you have to use the document in which it is incorporated for the purpose of that document and when you have no specific definition generally the Oxford English dictionary is used.
  9. I understand your argument and that definition would certainly be used in cases where it is relevant. If in this case the reference is to the Towing Guide and that has a definition of its own then that is the appropriate one. To use a different definition used in an entirely irrelevant Act of Parliament is simply not feasible.
  10. I am not sure but I think you are missing my point. The Act has a definition of kerb weight which would apply to any criminal or civil proceedings were that act is relevant. If in a civil case you wanted to quote the towing guide then you have to use the definition in there simply for that point. Most Acts of Parliament contain a number of definitions to be used when relevant to any proceedings involving that act and you follow that for the purpose of those proceedings. If in the case of the Towing guide the authors use a different definition of the same word then that definition is used if you are quoting the Towing guide. You use the definition appropriate to the one used in what you are referring to. In practice the Towing Guide will give you a higher figure and in the defence of any action it would be more useful to the defence and I would expect them to use that. To be honest I cannot see the legal definition you use as being quoted simply because I cannot see where it would be needed but someone may know better.
  11. They are top of the Elddis range, but are built to the same standard as their other models. In the Practical, Caravan annual survey Eldiiss have normally made bottom place their own, and the year they quoted Buccaneers separately, the Buccaneers actually came below Elddis.
  12. My feeling is that keep trying the dismantlers sites is about the only way to get one as one should turn up at some point. . Provided you can find one the same size you might get away with a different make. If the dome is cracked I would tape it over with a good strong water proof tape to try and keep it intact until another turns up. Possibly running the tape over the dome and sticking it to the roof at either end might hold it down even if the fitting does break. Not opening it looks to be essential.
  13. I am not saying either is superior. Each one has its own definition so if you quote either then you use the definition those writing it use. I think that if these things are part of a different spec model, then the makers will have quoted a weight including this. Extras that you add though will not. You may also get changes during production although should be minor. You will find in most brochures details of the different variations with different weights against them. The makers may not have weighed every version though, but just added the weight of these to the base spec. The only sure way of knowing the weight is to use a weigh bridge.
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