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  1. If you google Elddis Golden Crown you will get a section showing lots of photos, although most are external ones. The other alternative is look at the same google page and check the for sale entries and see if you can find pictures on any of these.
  2. The dealer should be told that the door is faulty and under the terms of The Consumer Protection Act they are responsible for putting it right. If this is not done then you will be raising a small claims action for the costs you incur.
  3. You are quite right in that you bought from the dealer and your contract is with them. You do have two rights of action, one against Elddis under the guarantee, and the second against the dealer under the Consumer Protection Act. Not sure how old the caravan is but if it leaks the guarantee needs no further proof but the Act does say if the product is over 6 months old you then have to show the problem was caused by a defect. My feeling is that in the first instance let the guarantee claim be assessed and if they repair promptly then leave it at that as it is better to keep a good relationship with the dealer if you have one and threats can destroy this. Possibly though it does no harm to let them know that you know your rights. When our last caravan leaked the dealer was excellent putting through a guarantee claim and this meant we kept an excellent relationship with them and got good service when we wanted to change the caravan.
  4. The level of investigation will vary according to the severity of the claim. Where there is no third party claim, then any investigation tends to be basic, if you have potentially large third party claims then you can spend more, so the investigation varies enormously. For me to have been involved it would normally mean a visit to the driver and an initial assessment of the accident, and then we would decide what further needs to be done if anything. Collision reconstruction would be very unlikely though. I am sorry but your suggestion is wrong. The car must be heavy enough to control the caravan in the event of an emergency and with those weights that is very doubtful. You may get away with it but that is probably just luck.
  5. We are on our seventh caravan and only one has had serious problems. As the others have said people with problems post more than the happy ones. The surveys by PC and C&CC show a satisfaction level of about 80% and even then I tend to think the complainers are more likely to report than the satisfied so possibly the real level is higher still. Having said that the industry turns out some real lemons and the level of service can be rubbish.
  6. We have been as far South as Biaritz where we had some cool and wet days but in general it was hot and dry. We have had very hot and also very wet holidays in Brittany, the hottest was probably almost 40 years ago. Things are getting hotter but you can never be sure what you are getting.
  7. Quite simply what caused the crack is irrelevant. They carried out a repair and it was clearly not sufficient. You can simply demand that as the repair failed that the dealer put it right as they did it, and whatever Elddis say as to the cause is irrelevant. If you are a member of either of the big clubs you can get help from their legal helpline. If the caravan was bought on HP or you used a credit card for any part of the purchase then you should also have a claim against the Finance company or companies involved.
  8. The sink cover is not a chopping board, but is there to give you extra work preparation area. Frankly we never use it though, and it is locked away in a cupboard. The best bet is to do as Bobsandy says and buy a proper chopping board so you do not damage the work surfaces.
  9. If you upgrade the suspension this is a change to the original spec and needs to be declared to your insurance. Do explain that it is to help with towing and not going round corners faster and hopefully it will not increase the premium. If you do not tell them and you have an accident you could find yourself without cover.
  10. I think the problem will be the instalation and not the lockers. These lockers are standard throughout the caravan industry and are generally not a problem. They have been on our last three caravans and none have leaked or been any problem other than one broken hinge. One of the selling points of Elddis models is that they are glued together so the potential leaks caused by screws are avoided, but they still rely on the operative sealing the joints effectively and by the look of it in your case it was done badly. Assuming it is still under guarantee then I am afraid the next stop is the dealers.
  11. The site would have had two routes to access it, the recommended route which was down a relatively narrow road but to me would work, as many sites operate down narrower roads. The other route involved Saltburn Bank a hill so steep and bendy that it would be totally unsuitable for caravans. I think most sat navs would suggest this route which was one of the objections. Caravans are not banned on it but should be. In the end the doubters seemed to have won.
  12. As the guy from the insurance company who did investigate the accidents the fact is I have not seen an accident where the driver has lost control of a caravan with a sensible towing ratio. Yours suggestion is at best unwise and could be fatal. I know that sounds blunt but I have dealt with the results. Some insurers do limit the loaded weight of any trailer to the unladen weight of the tow car and that can only be based on their accident experience. The towing limit is what the car can restart five times on a 12% incline and has nothing to do with safety. Towing a broken down car at low speed around town is very different to a large flat sided caravan around town.
  13. The clubs do look for new sites and the C&CC were trying to start a new site at Saltburn on the coast between Redacar and Whitby. The council have foolishly denied planning permission because of access which to me is not the problem that was made out. Planning permission for new sites does seem to be a problem these days and may be holding back developing a lot more new sites.
  14. In the table storage cupboard, with the table and drainer cover.
  15. I used e tyres as they come to you. Price and service was good. The problem with most tyre fitters is you need to get into their yards which are often tight and not designed for long caravans although come will come to you which I find by far the best option.
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