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  1. At the end of the day you have to live with whatever you choose. I would check out both carefully and see which you think will be the better long term option for you. Adria do normally top the Practical Caravan customer surveys for customer satisfaction but I have seen complaints about their parts supply which have to be sent half way across Europe and their dealerships are pretty sparse over here. Baileys construction looked far better than it used to be when I saw their caravans at the Glasgow show in February and there parts service from Bristol looks to be very good and there is normally a local dealer. We have had excellent service from Prima on other things, and were pleased with them. On balance there is not a lot in it when comparing makes so I would go with what you feel suits you best.
  2. I think if they have faded there is no going back. as it has faded and the pigment has gone. I doubt you can get new ones, but you could try e bay.
  3. Difficult to know if there will be anything significant this year. With the factories shut down you would assume the design team will have either been furloughed or worked from home. This must limit what could be done so possibly apart from some cosmetic changes I would not expect a lot. The model year will change for models to be released for sale from September so the vin number may be the difference on some.
  4. Oddly enough our two Lunars have been the only ones that did have a watertight front locker. It was never a problem with anything in the lockers and so I just lived with it. The leaks were minor and seemed to be due to towing in heavy rain which is when they would be under most pressure. The point in the handbook is not a defence to any claim though as it was not brought to your attention before the sale. At the same time it is common to other makes and I am not sure if it can be called a fault, which makes a claim under the CRA less than straight forward. It might even depend on how serious it is.
  5. If it is covered you should get it paid. It is just that some take longer than others and some will try and pay far less if the claim is to be settled for cash.
  6. We have managed to get the service arranged without going over the time limit. Only problem is it is a Lunar and the dealer is not shown on their list of remaining dealers ,although the dealers website and phone message suggests they are. Lunar have confirmed to their owners club that they are restarting production so there is hope for them.
  7. As Lead Framer says you get cover for the caravan itself and if the car fails and cannot be repaired they will take you to the site and bring you back if needed. There may be some smaller points as well, but I have not been through the Green Flag option in detail to check this out.
  8. They are certainly basic, but if that is acceptable and you can live with the size, they should be a good buy. The 50 kg payload on some models is very low, and I would see if an upgrade is possible. There seems to be no point in buying a model with no heating and then upgrading it, so I would go with the Jetstream, not only for that but for that bit more room.
  9. Not being sexist, but they prefer females. We have been away and had no trouble but my daughter was eaten alive.
  10. My neighbour did order his caravan with a similar alteration. Only trouble was when he went to collect it they had done it on the wrong caravan. Took them anther week to do it on the right one but he had no problems after that.
  11. Last time we ran out we found the site was expensive. Called in at Leeds Caravan Centre as we were going past and they had a remarkably cheap one with their name on it. Seems to work as well as anything. You might find similar in other dealers.
  12. There is nothing special about the switch. If one with a neon light fits, then it should work.
  13. As Bubble says have you sorted out the weights involved and I would add your driving licence. If you passed your test before 1997 you should have the appropriate licence but after that you need to take an additional test if the combined maximum weights of the car and caravan exceeds 3,500 kg.
  14. They were delivered fairly quickly by DPD when we ordered them. You should have had a confirmation e mail from the club on receipt of the order and then later one from DPD giving you details of when they were delivering. There should be a tracker on the e mails to see what has happened to them.
  15. The problems of getting the infrastructure up and running to support these vehicles by then may may this like the smart meter farce. Those in the industry who deal with the problem have said it will be difficult or impossible and anyway it will be a ban on the sale of new cars so the old ones will still work. Given the work being done on this type of vehicle I think they will have cars that will do the job by then, but the price might be the problem.
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