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  1. Most sites will not take anything over 11.5 metres and many cannot manage that, so probably no.
  2. Its first come first served but there is caravan parking at Gretna services. I think you will find the sites Dave has listed a bit pricy for what you want.
  3. I would suggest that he gets a damp report from a caravan engineer to confirm your findings and then go back to the dealer. If they will not play ball if he used a credit card or HP for any part of the purchase the finance companies also have liability. Beyond that it is the courts.
  4. Frankly the bottle of gunge you get is useless if you get a severe cut to the tyre and should be banned. Caravan tyres are quite difficult to replace so a bad puncture could be a major problem and Mayday recovery adds an excess if you need them and do not have a spare and the new tyre will come minus any discount you can normally get when you buy them.
  5. The CMAH insurance was excellent when I had a claim and the general evidence of others confirms this. The premiums are a bit on the high side, but you certainly get what you pay for there.
  6. Insurers have an absolute right to turn down cover if you do not fit their criteria although for a firm supporting disabled caravanners it looks ludicrous. You do not say what the problem is but many charities have insurance connections and might help.
  7. I am afraid I have to agree with the majority view here and you will have to move the caravan. You may be able to delay things by moving it to another position, but that might not work but it has been done before. I am afraid that storage or putting it on a site until you can find storage might be the best answer.
  8. I can see no alternative than to ask for your money back before the sale is twelve months old. They have been allowed the chance to fix the faults and seem to have failed completely. Quote the Consumer Protection Act.
  9. I think the only one is the Weinsburg. Not for everyone because they are very basic but they are light enough and well built.
  10. Cloning is difficult because of the very long vin number and if it is not there or altered run. Chattel mortgages are a real problem and the law needs to be changed on these.
  11. Anyone selling anything can only give you he rights they have to the property and if it is stolen then they have sold you no rights so are in breach of contract and you can sue them for your money back. If the dealer has merged though you need to see if the merger has prevented you from pursuing the dealer and you there fore need to know who did what and what responsibility the new entity has for the debts of the previous one. This is very complex but if this was a simple merger of the two you would expect the liabilities to be still with the new firm. If it is a take over and the old fir
  12. We have the engine and not had any problems. I do wonder though if you get stuck in a traffic jam the combination of the engine having to restart frequently and the fridge using power when the engine is off if this happens, is the cause of the problem. Possibly you may need to turn off the stop/start facility.
  13. At the age of the car you are looking at then I would worry more about condition than the make. A well maintained and looked after model is far preferable to one in theory better, that has not been as well looked after.
  14. If they wanted additional security this should have been made very clear and if they did not do this I would not be willing to deal with them. I would check and see if there is anything else they forgot to make clear. Buying insurance on price is likely to be dangerous as you need someone you can rely on in the event of a claim and cheap means something is wrong in many cases.
  15. I think the gist is that whatever your setting it will be wrong.
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