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  1. Thanks very much for your views. Much appreciated.
  2. Morning all, just renewing our caravan insurance and wondering what your thoughts are on having legal expenses cover. We have it on the car but not the van. Many thanks.
  3. Thanks all. Unfortunately dog is too small - folded newspaper did the trick though!!
  4. Don't worry Jonaldo hate those with a passion. Anyway they just blow away!!
  5. Can you stop the attractive green flashing disco light on the stinger 310 when it is disarmed? Resorted to sticking a newspaper in front of it last night
  6. Sorry, for caravan. Coachman VIP 565.
  7. Sorry folks you're going to get sick of me!! Just moved onto the oven. Burners are underneath the oven rather than at the back as I would have expected . Presumably one needs to use a drip tray - thought the grill pan would double up as this but it doesn't fit???
  8. Would love to hear your views on laundry airers or your ideas for airing/drying -particularly for towels. Thanks peeps.
  9. Thanks everyone for you helpful thoughts and ideas. Apparently there is a known "issue" with dometic toilets in that the blue plastic slidey thing on the casette should be left open when inserting the casette back in the van, otherwise it jams. Excuse my technical jargon 😁
  10. Just taken delivery (yesterday afternoon) of our 2018 Coachman VIP . Had an excellent night and all good so far. Just a query about the soft close overhead lockers. Are they suitable to store things in whilst travelling as they effectively have no locking mechanism. Thanks in advance of info.
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