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  1. All valid points but when their call operator tells you they are on the way & will be there shortly (& repeats the same mantra every time you try & chase them up) then the driver tells you she's the only one on the crew with a license to drive an outfit of that length & had only started work 30 minutes before it doesn't exactly fill you with confidence! Must admit though it was a nice truck & she was extremely helpful even stopping off at a dealership so I could grab the parts for the repairs.
  2. We were with Brittania for many years up until about 3 years ago when we switched to Mayday. We had suffered a breakdown on the A11 with the caravan on tow. After numerous phone calls to find out what was happening ref recovery the truck finally arrived after 3 hours. We had been constantly told the delay was due to traffic, even though we could see everything flowing freely, but the driver showed me her work sheet showing she had only been at work for 30 minutes. We were taken on to the site but it was constantly pointed out that they would not come back out to the same fault.
  3. Hi from a retired old fart who is often accused of being a grumpy old sod. Been caravaning off and on since the late 70's. Even more so since retirement. Off grid CL's, CS's are our normal 1st choice and hoping to try a few THS's in the future.
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