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  1. All sorted. Thank you all for advice! There was a mechanical problem with the switch: metallic connector in the socket was behind the connector - instead of in front of it, hence working "other way round". Overall, a simple fix Also, the wiring diagram did not provide for the eventuality the driver has got two - powered separately - rear fog lights. At the moment without the trailer - both fog lights can be switched on and off from cockpit. With trailer, only one on the car is switching itself off. This will be addressed soon, 10A and 14.7V can supply about 150W - it's more than enough for the lightplate, considering that all its power is being taken from the car electrics (without stressing to much any of my 10amp in-car fuses).
  2. Been thinking. Looks like pins 2 and 8 must be connected when there is no plug in the socket. By doing so, my two rear foglights would work normally. Connecting the plug should mechanically disconnect the pin 8 (for whatever reason - perhaps not to create the impression that the stop lights are on - with the three 55W bulbs on). I belive its a mechanical issue in the plug, not the wiring (all joined and soldered to the very high quality). It just works other way round. Thanks for the tip, Stevan! After the diagnosis I will come back to the forum with explanation.
  3. Oops, apologies, I wasnt very precise. I do have three stop lights on the car and another two on the trailer lightboard. All works fine here, it is safety critical feature, there should be absolutely no concerns about those circuits. I do have two rear foglights on my car and one on the trailer lightboard. With trailer detached, only one foglights switches on the car. When trailer is attached (and the dashboard button pressed)- I have all three fog lights on: 2 on the vehicle, and one on the trailer. I wonder whether the MOT tester will be happy with that....
  4. Hello! Altough I am not a caravan owner yet, but I am slowly growing (old enough) to that subject. Self installed towbar Indicator fault finder works well and loud. (Obviously it works only if there is a fault - otherwise its silent) One thing that is perplexing me terribly is the fog lamp connection: I had to cut the wire circuit to my left foglight. http://www.hants.pl/photo/hak/wiring_diagram.jpg I was expecting that the small controller will patch the circuit somehow, but now it is obvious that without my trailer, I have only one right (offside) rear foglight. When trailer is connected, I have all three. Is it legal? It's not a big issue to fix: one relay few diods and I can mend it, but I was wondering whether it's not the fault, but the feature... One more question not really related to electrics, when trailer is attached, do I have to have a break away cable? My ultra-light trailer is used only for the journey to the local tip and does not have independent brakes.
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