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  1. Mr Plodd - Understood, I just thought it might be sensible to start with that now the temperature has dipped below 10c Rodders53 - Some excellent suggestions! It is a stupid design to put a heater next to a fridge and I’ll look into making those modifications. It does seem to be warming up with the ambient temperature of the caravan even when the heater isn’t on though, albeit to a lesser degree. I’ll do some tests over the next week or so with all this extra knowledge and let you all know how I get on. Thanks again guys! (Mod edit: No Twitter @ please)
  2. Thank you all for the responses. Some really helpful points made and plenty of food for thought. Before I go any further I’m going to buy a pair of vent covers and then I’ll try it out on gas to troubleshoot the PCB as recommended by Durbanite. Does anyone have any thoughts on the fact that the fridge temp rises along with the internal temperature of the caravan? In particular, when the heater is in operation?
  3. We have our home fridge set to 4c which is fine for everything including insulin. I should clarify that it doesn’t matter what power setting the fridge is on, it is still becoming unacceptably warm (i.e. +7c) I’m confused as to the point of a fridge that goes up to that temperature as food would spoil pretty quickly at those higher temperatures. @Black Grouse - If there is too much cooling, why would I end up with higher temperatures when the caravan heats up? Surely this can’t be within the parameters of normal function?!
  4. Sorry for the confusion but no, it’s -1 to +7c - the +7c being the problem here.
  5. Thanks for the response It didn’t come with vent covers but this is something I’d wondered about too. Thought I’d seek out some advice first before going to the expense! It was serviced by the seller before we bought the caravan back in May but whether they checked the fridge is anyone’s guess. They certainly didn’t check the toilet as I had to replace the pump which wasn’t working! I think it was more of a safety check - gas, electrics etc. Haven’t tried operating the fridge on gas - will that help to diagnose the issue? I didn’t even think to try it as long term gas won’t be an option for us as we’ll need to keep the fridge cold on long journeys with the 12V connection.
  6. Good morning everybody - This is my first post as my wife and I bought our first caravan a few months ago (a 2008 Elddis Odyssey 482) and are both new to caravanning. We stayed in the caravan for the first time a couple of weeks ago and were disappointed to discover that the fridge (a Thetford N112 LCD) is not maintaing an acceptable temperature. I had read that caravan fridges can struggle to operate efficiently in temperatures in excess of 30c, but this was during 7 - 12c autumnal coolness. My wife is Type 1 diabetic and is dependent on insulin which has to be stored at temperatures below 4c and above freezing. Over the three days we stayed in the caravan, we tested the temperature of the fridge with a fridge thermometer and discovered that it fluctuated from -1 - 7c whilst running on mains electricity. It seemed to spike when the heater (which is situated right next to the fridge) was on or as the temperature inside the caravan rose in the sun. Initially we discovered that the fridge door wasn't closing properly at the bottom right corner and thought it could be that. However, the problem endured even after ensuring the door was fully closed. We also experimented with different power settings on the fridge but this just caused the fridge to ice up pretty badly (we recorded a temperature of -4c in the fridge compartment) Since then I've also monitored the fridge temperature while the caravan has not been in use and have seen slightly less extreme temperature fluctuations while the heater hasn't been on. I would be extremely grateful if anyone had any advice on whether we're doing something wrong or if there might be a fault with the fridge itself. Many thanks, Philip
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