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  1. For those who are interested in knowing how full there dpf is or regen etc. I have an app on android phone along with a cheap bluetooth adapter which can tell me how full or through a regeneration plus exhaust temps my car is (Astra). Its interesting to know but not ideal as the app has to be on to tell me the details I want to know.
  2. Your Discovery has more torque (one big reason caravaners usually opt for diesel) at lower rpm than the x trail so not sure its completely fair to say its better as subjectively you have a significantly more powerful car so should be better. Did you have issues with the dpf on your old x trail? As regards service costs and road tax how much is the difference? For me we all worry and use mpg and servicing as justification but in the grand cost I dont see it as being an big effect. After all 10k miles at 25 vs 40mpg petrol vs diesel is only about 500 quid di
  3. It was sold as 258lb ie 350nm so that the bi turbo model could be sold with more power and torque 400nm (295lb). Also it was quoted at 2000rpm. The 400nm limit for the bi turbo is due to the gearbox limit. Reality is it makes 280lb ish at slightly higher rpm of 2.2k. Why it makes more isnt clear most likely they did a VAG trick of testing at very high temps. I wouldnt bother remapping the car as the clutch and gearbox arnt designed to take much more torque (295lb) and I do a lot of miles so longevity is important.
  4. Yep I used a cheap bluetooth obd adapter
  5. I used OPF DPF Monitor lite. Theres other available for other makes.
  6. The fans maybe on as it was doing a regeneration and you stopped it before it had finishe so the fans stay on to cool it down. I've had it a few times. I have an app which checks how full and thoughout a regeneration the dpf is which I check occasionally. It never gets hot in my experience it does about 30 plus mpg which isnt that straining on the engine
  7. I have an 2012 astra 2.0 hatch. Love it great car. Tow a 1300kg ton caravan. My data plate shows it can tow 1550 total but with no b plus e I'm limited to 1450kg. It's a very good car it's way heavier than stated in reviews 1.7 ton is much closer to the mark. Have a look in the handbook they show the actual weight. It's got enough power I'm not looking forward to any car upgrade as few upgrade car wise will give better power to weight. Reality is its 290 to 300lb torque and 160hp. I've got the hatchback so the tow ball is nice and
  8. You can search for the original brochures to give you an idea what the empty weight is but I would guess all state lower than real weights. Weigh bridge is your only accurate choice but then you know how overweight you truly are. 300kg sounds a lot but it should be easy enough to get a rough weight for stuff you put in the caravan.
  9. I don't mean this to come across as having a go as I do belive that price isnt bad. The car I want to buy is 800 quid for a removal one. However if they offered you it for less without certain features would you have gone for a cheaper model. Ie not sure what heavy duty electric are unless you are powering a fridge etc there nothing buy a few bulbs or leds to power. So would you have saved 50 quid for light duty electrics? Additional cooling that so it can pull full rated tow weight are you towing that heavy I wonder if they said no extra cooling but lower capacity would you do
  10. No problem enjoy the caravan.
  11. The review below suggests it is legal and has adequate power and good heavy curb weight to tow a Bailey Ranger legally and safely. The Bailey appears to be 1250kg. However you may need to look at your licence to see if you can drive that combination. https://www.thetowcarawards.com/tow-car/vauxhall-zafira-tourer-2/ You need to check your actual car data plate and caravan plate to check it is legal as cars can differ. The cars data plate is on the drivers or passenger door pillar this will tell you your tow weight along with your v5. Your
  12. I've got a universal system installed in my car it's cheaper and caused no issues plus I could remove it and the towbar to resale relatively easily if you wanted. Ironically the main dealer for my car when asked about tow car figment sent me to a tow bar specialist with the guidance that they never fit towbar they send everyone to this place.
  13. Edde

    Ford Kuga

    At that sort if budget maybe look at the rexton then its discovery sized and weight just with a 180hp engine. 26 to 29k for a 5 seat auto top spec model 1 yr old with 6 yrs of warenty on them. Shows a level of believe in there product reliability to give 7 yrs warenty. Or save a few quid and you could get a 6 month old top spec korando with 6.5 yrs warently and 1k in your pocket in exchange for your present car. Theres a fair choice of 4x4 type cars which can tow your craravan though
  14. Edde

    Ford Kuga

    Ssangyong korando the last model with the 2.2 engine seems to get very good reviews its heavy 1.8 ton empty 180ish hp 4x4 and long warently (5 or 7 yrs depending on age). The ford kuga does get very good reviews though. What budget do you have or what to spend though and what are you looking for vs what you have today?
  15. Unfortunately to ensure you dont get a Vauxhall or Ford auto (both rubbish auto boxes) your unfortunately going to have to go vag ie seat or skoda toyota avensis, Mazda 6 or my favourite of the choice ssangyong korando.
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