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  1. The i800 is low hp but down forget there more to it then raw numbers. HGV's run round with way less hp than we say caravaners say they need due to gearing and even if an i800 means you have to drop a gear when going up hills and only do 55mph on a motorway hill to me that's a fair ballance for the price warently etc hat a higher hp car runs. Shogun sport is based on the front of a pickup but the boot and rear suspension is all different it's more like any normal 7 seat car just based on a pickup underpinnings.
  2. Just to remove the possibility it's the cars suspension could you not load the boot as far towards the back with a lot of weight similar to the tow ball down weight?
  3. Not sure farmer's will be buying older Discovery's they all seem to go pickup, but anyone who wants 7 seats tows and wants the badge and image will buy though. However the Discovery isn't going to win any awards for reliability ok you get the odd good one but on the whole they are expensive to run and not hugely reliable. The xc90 is even worse I'm sure it won a which award for most unreliable car. I recently went though a similar choice and if I didn't need 7 seats I think a pickup would have been a good choice. Many new pickups have much better rear suspension than there predecessors. I'm v
  4. Edde

    B+E test.

    This rule is due to be changed in the near future apparently so you can pass in auto and of you had a manaul licence tow with a manual. No idea when this is due to change though.
  5. The Mercedes v class is very nice but it's a big expensive car. Other options an manual i800 it can tow 2.3 ton and weight is 2.3 ton empty. Ok it's down on power at 136hp and isn't that fancy inside but it's huge, heavy, cheap 5yr warently and reliable. A 19 reg one with 23k on the clock is only 18k. It gets good reviews as a tow car and has a very small overhang. Having tested one myself I'd have one in a second. Other option of you can stretch a bit a Shogun Sport they are brand new not much more.
  6. I'm looking at buying a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport the new model. However after my wife noticed a comment on a YouTube review it says all post Sept 2020 registered Shogun Sports are registered as pickups not car derived vans. Hence roadtax is 265 vs 150 for pre Sept 2020 and the speed limits are same as vans. Mitsubishi have confirmed the reclassification and road tax but not aware of speed limit changes. If post Sept 2020 have the extra tax and speed limits I'd buy a pre model but on reflection with the movement of electric cars and trying to push diesel out of towns if you own a va
  7. Just to cover all bases you can have a train weight of 4250kg. To get that your car has to be 3500kg and the trailer 750kg. Its only trailers heavier than 750kg the 3500kg limit comes in. Its a mad rule as 3.5 ton car towing a 800kg plated trailer is not allowed for a b licence holder but they could tow a 1.5 ton caravan behind a 2 ton car. I know what's more likely to be safe.
  8. I was thinking this but why would the toilet and front caravan lights work but not the kitchen and other main lights? I did when checking original remove and check the bulbs, but maybe that plus a bit of heat was enough. I didnt touch them or fiddle with them when they just came on after some time I can understand a wiggle fixing them. Will have a try get a thermometer thanks.
  9. We have a Sterling Sheraton it's a 2002 model which we have owned for 18 months without issue. Its stored on the drive at home so over lockdown we have stayed in it a few times. Havnt stayed or been in it since Nov time though although think I did plug it in to the house to charge the battery in December The other day I went in to check it it wasnt plugged onto mains but only the bathroom and front lampshade type lights worked. I checked voltage fuses and bulbs all seemed fine. Stayed in it last night and even with the mains on only the bathroom and front s
  10. If you ignore its looks what about a Ssangyong Turismo 4x4 big boot even with 6 seats. You can get 2 yr old ones for 18k. Or a Mitsubisho Shogun or Shogun sport. However since it seems space is your biggest requirement what about a Ford Tourneo Custom (L2 for more space and ability to two more than 1.5? ton). It has more space with all 9 seats in place than any other car I can think off. Only issue is the 4x4 bit but since a fwd car with proper tyres will be better in snow etc than a 4x4 on normal tyres it maybe an option to have a winter set of tyres.
  11. Ssangyong I dont believe buy any parts from Mercedes, only licences they now use their own designed engine so it's just the gearbox which are Mercedes licenced copies. Its such a shame to here about there issues the writing was in the wall for some time I feel. We were looking for a new Rexton but unlikely now after all a big part of its value was its 7 yr warently. Hopefully the cars can live on even if it's under another name.
  12. Talk of vehicle tax for electric cars ?... They have to tax us they cannot afford to loose the revenue it will be in mileage IMO. Talk of is the UK power infrastructure ready to cope ?.... If you look at the actual power we demand per hr etc then you will see theres a huge drop at night. Hopefully we would just fill that dip with our electric cars charging. Talk of where will all the old spent batteries go ?... We will get a way of recycling them money always makes it happen if not well what happens with today's cars? Tal
  13. Depending on price I'd opt for the 2.0. If your towing up near the limit where a 1.6 is legal and the 2.0 is pushing it then maybe you need a bigger car. As to the above poster who towed with a 110hp petrol well done. I had an Astra with that engine for a while and that was in my mind useless unless you kept changing gear and that was without anything behind it.
  14. Edde

    Mobility car

    The scheme is to support people I agree but how many people if they were not disabled would just have to like the rest of us pay for there own car. The scheme should just get people back to the same mobility as they were of able bodied. If that just mean paying for adjustments then that's all they need. You seem incessed by self employed not paying tax which you think they should however they on the whole pay the tax they have to legally. I dont see anyone not wanting to reduce there tax bill legally. Would I hand back a free car if I were disabled no just like I wouldn
  15. For those who are interested in knowing how full there dpf is or regen etc. I have an app on android phone along with a cheap bluetooth adapter which can tell me how full or through a regeneration plus exhaust temps my car is (Astra). Its interesting to know but not ideal as the app has to be on to tell me the details I want to know.
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