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  1. Regards the tyre comment if you had made your own trailer/caravan etc and the police pull you over and you don't have a dataplate plate then they use the axle data if this doesn't exist they use the tyre data to set your load limit. If you have an unplated (or worn away) plate then they would have to use your tyres to make a rule on your max weight allowed. One reason this popped up is this is my situation the caravan is older and the axle weights are worn away a lot. The plate on the caravan which DVLA/VOSA dont recognise says MTPLM 1300kg but the tyres since are better than they need to be (790 kg?) each so if I got pulled and they couldn't read the plate on the axle then they would have to say you max axle weight and hence MTPLM is 1780kg which combined with the cars weight is over B licence limits. Agreed going higher on tyres is better but in my case could you be charged? Sorry I missed that in my DVLA link. As for my situation if you had a DIY old trailer which didnt need a plate or a caravan which has a worn away plate then they use axle data. If this isnt present they they use the tyres to find your MTPLM. So by getting better tyres which can take more load you could potential break the B licence. Since the MAM is set by tyres in lieu of a data plate or axle plate.
  2. I dont want this to turn into an argument but I have a few questions Assumptions B licence holder Tow car curb weight 1.6 ton max weight 2.0 ton max train 3.6 ton. So a few situations 1) Heaviest caravan owner can legally tow has a MTPLM of 1.5 ton. Now they get pulled over and weighted. I dont belive they will or can get it in hooked so its axle weight only. So if the caravan is pre a certain date (2012?) there are no official records for trailer MTPLM etc and the plate on the caravan means nothing it's the axle label they check. So they check the axle and it says 1.5 ton and the caravan weights this or less it's legal. What about if it says 1.6 but weights 1.5? I see this as legal if the the unofficial plate on the caravan says 1.5 ton MTPLM. What are your views? Driver is legal to DVLA but is the caravan overweight as nose weight hasn't been checked and cannot? 2) Caravan is older with an axle which is corroded so no numbers can be found but caravan clearly isn't too heavy goes on the axle and comes out at 1.4 ton but the tyres are rated to 800kg. Using what I've found this would be illegal as where no plate can be found they go from the tyres which would allow a weight higher than the driver can tow even if the actual weights are legal. Dvla own guidance document seems wrong Link They state The total weight of the vehicle and trailer together can’t weigh more than 3,500kg. That doesn't say max weight it can be but actual weight. This is contradiction to when you dig more. Would it stand up in court when the above car is found towing a 2 ton MTPLM trailer which actually weight was 1 ton. Has anyone been pulled / have a legal background advise.
  3. Many people may hate Vauxhall and French cars but in my personal experience they are more reliable than any other brand. People often berate manurfacturers on the ground they were rubbish bit years ago, we used to have Skoda jokes yet none would berate them now (don't know why they are rubbish IMO)
  4. Edde

    Oil change

    Just to clarify using the pump the oil has to be warm because unless you have some seriously powerful pump the oil will move very very slowly . Have a look on YouTube (other platforms are available) people have done a pump then removed the sump and the extra coming out is very small. If I only suck the oil every 10k/ 6 months the dealer does the proper normal service ever 20k/1yr and drops the oil from the sump. I wouldn't always suck the oil as the sump is magnetic so any metal can be seen on a proper service. Whilst I agree dropping the tank would allow to check for metal etc in the oil who actually drop the oil and checks anyway? If this issue worries you I would recomend you also do oil analysis at every oil change which would show metal issues early. If you do this then you could do it with a pump anyway. As to easy to get to oil filters totally agree mine is located in a crazy position recommendations on how to remove it unless to remove all the covers under the car is to remove the wheel arch liners and use some off cut guttering. That's crazy.
  5. Edde

    Oil change

    If you want an easy life get one of those oil pumps I have one put the pipe down the dipstick the pump makes a vacume and sucks the oil up into a tank. Easy to clean up and having seen tests you get 98% of the oil out 4.9 vs 5 liters out. This is similar to mine https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pela-6000-Oil-Pump-Extraction/dp/B002EJ2GUC
  6. They believe this is the future for many people for car ownership (they expect 20% of all new cars to come through these schemes), you can have a convertible for summer and a discovery for winter. It can be argued if you only need a 4x4 range rover for winter with poor emissions this doesn't have to be continued in summer as you can have something better for summer. It's an expensive way of owning a new car though but for those who can afford and like a new car with no other bill's every 6 month vs 2~3 yes it's a great idea.
  7. 2012 Astra hatchback 2.0 Sri diesel 144k miles. 1300 kg caravan so supposedly 89% ratio. Tows fine no issues, mileage these days IMO isn't an issue it's much more age and care. My car has spent most of it's life doing motorway miles, oil changed ever 10k. Too many people would buy a 5 yr old 20k car over a 3 year old 60k and to me that's crazy there far to many cars with haircuts. The only effects IMO assuming care is taken with mileage is wear on bushes and clutch. Most modern engines will go for longer than the body will. Clutches are an interesting issue though, mine had a new one at 5k (before I bought it it was a hire car) so do you say a clutch life is down to milage? I dont think I'll ever need to replace mine and it's done 139k on its second clutch.
  8. My guess is as stated earlier its upto 6k and that's with a 70k Tesla etc. However since the chancellor will have made £11.5k in tax when that Tesla has been purchased a 6k allowance isnt huge. IMO it's a short term fix, sure they may sells more electric cars so make a nice VAT income but they will loose a nice ongoing petrol income.
  9. Yep if you do you c+e in an auto and you already hold a b manual licence you get the manaul c +e. The reason for this is there are no new vans which are manual and can be used to take the c+e licence so they had to let this one pass. Regards the OP findings car which has a max weight of 1.9 ton so a 1.6 ton caravan can be pulled legally will be difficult I think b +e is the only option.
  10. The dealership might not fit (many domt fit tow bars they use other companies to fit them) but they will be able to supply the wiring for a Ford and deal with the ECU to tell the car it has a tow bar fitted but the actual tow bar fitment will be done by a seperate garage who most likely tell you to fit there own standard none Ford system. As for remaking a 150 be careful often more powerful models engine have different clutch and gearbox even if engines are the same just detuned. As for insurance check who your with everyone is different with mods.
  11. Also as for weights. I drive a car about the same weight on paper as yours (2.0 diesel though and was a recommended tow car) and tow a caravan which is 1040 empty 1300 full and I have no problem even with the caravan full and an empty car. Its all IMO mainly about taking care, thinking in advance and being sensible, being as you have done all this research I would guess you fit this so I would just go on buy the caravan and get out and enjoy it if you find you love it then you'll probably want a bigger replacement but why change your car now just take care and see if it works for you all.
  12. Keeping it under 10k when you would like a 15 plate will be difficult. My recommendations would be a ssangyong turismo. Ignore the looks and look at the positive its 2.1 ton empty 2.8 ton tow capacity (I think) and massive. RWD se spec in your price bracket but theres one for sale for £9.5k 16 plate at the moment for sale. Otherwise a Vauxhall Zafira tourer 2.0 Cdti manual ( keep away from the auto on the whole as it can be trouble).
  13. Torque and hp are related with rpm. A diesel (and often turbo petrols) make a good % of there max hp at low rpm. Ie if you have a 100hp diesel at 2k you may have 70% of the max ie 70hp at 2k. If I had a 150hp petrol at 3k I may only have 50hp available to me as I dont have that low down torque (which is power) . So when driving along rive you at 2k in a diesel and me at 3k in a petrol I may have a 150 hp engine vs you at 100 but you have 70hp at 2k available and I only have 50hp so you have more power. Ok I can drop a few gears make the engine rev and get near to 150hp but that's not how many people want to drive when towing. Also when pulling away a diesel may have more hp at idling rpm which is what you use when pulling away from a standstill. As for the OP have a look here https://towcar.info/reviews.php?merk=Volkswagen&serie=Transporter Also look at other similar cars on there for hp vs weight ie merc and transits My take would be if it fits 90% of your driving the smaller engine, its a good price and you and you can accept the fact you maybe slow and dropping gears a lot then towing go for it otherwise if you can afford the bigger engine save for them. 100hp towing what is likely 4 ton plus is low but people survived with less in the past so as long as it's legal and you recognise the limits just take care and enjoy.
  14. Good point however if you go for a 8 seat minibus ie transit custom then they are defined as m1 (cars) so normal speed limits apply. A double cab with the partition between occupants would be subject to the lower limits. Crazy to think a Ford Ranger has a lower legal limit than a 8 seat minibus on a dual carriageway.
  15. What about a Ssangyong Turismo it has an unusual seating of 2 2 3 which may work for you. If not what about what I would deem the best choice of you can get over the image but a transit custom. Even in short wheel base it's got a massive boot the lwb model which isnt that much bigger than some 4x4 is stunning I've put two big prams next to each other in there easily without folding them down. Weight wise they are over 2 ton and in manuals can pull over 2 ton hp can be low as most have 130hp but that's fine they are designed to work. As for driving all commercial van's are imo very nice to drive just need reversing cameras to help with the length IMO.
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