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  1. I would guess the comment about them covering any damage is to make people come in. Otherwise why take your car which works fine and is out of warranty in for a change which as with all changes could affect reliability.
  2. Edde

    new caravan

    Camping and caravan club have just done an owners survey of vans new and old I think the none UK manufacturers won but as everyone has said they will be good and bad vans I'd fine a van you like and find the local dealer and not worry about brands to keep away from. From what I remember only 30 % of new caravans are not returned for issues mostly fit and finish but still that's not great so making sure the dealers near is more important than anything else
  3. It's a good half way between the looks of a turismo and a new rexton but reviews like the first one here put me off. I agree all new unheard of in the UK which shake things up get a fear attached to them but I like the idea of something different. Thanks for the review will have to give it a proper look. The Ssangyong dealer nearest to us was superb when we went to look, so refreshing and open accepting we weren't local so servicing away from them but keeping warently was fine. This attitude only made me want one more. https://towcar.info/GB/reviews.php?merk=Ssangyong&serie=Rexton
  4. I do like this option they are cheap particularly the base not 4x4 ones but even top spec are very well priced and they powerful enough and big cars space wise without being a van. What's yours like to tow? I know your caravan is 1500kg I think but you don't hear much about the turismo review wise. What is the ride and mpg like? Cheers As you say same sort of price as a discovery but your still looking at a complex expensive £25k 5 Yr old 100k car. That scares me and if I was happy with the risk of an older expensive car I'd want a discovery instead as I some reason want one. I know that doesn't make much sence
  5. Looked at it but it's so err unique my wife wasn't a fan I like it though forfills a lot of requirements. Had forgot to mention it. The older model which I guess you have are very well priced but I heard they aren't great towers what your option on it? We tried sitting in one and the drivers seat was just too small for me (6' 6). Maybe we need to have a look see if that one being top spec had less headroom. Smaller than a galaxy did look at one though. This is why if / when we get the ***** caravan I want it up plated to the max. Boot space is an issue on all 7 seaters it's shocking really. I agree, but we like a I forget the name caravan which is 1650 but we would have it up plated to the max to keep things legal as I bet few are legal with all the stuff we put in them. The idea of two cars does make scense but removing the 6 seats from the requirements isn't an option. If we did go for a smaller caravan I think the alhambra would be the best option. Thanks for the review on your rexton the model you had I did look at but reviews as a tow car weren't great. The model we looked at was the new one which seemed big enough. The transporter is a good option but as you say pricy and its a bus which my wife isn't to keen on if she accepts a bus then the I800 is a lot cheaper. Thanks for everyones advise its a difficult answer I think spending more is the only option
  6. After some ideas / options. We need a 6 proper seat car (2 adults, 2 grandparents, 2 kids. To tow a caravan of 1800 kg. Has to be high up seating ie 4x4 mpv type. Newish (upto say 3 yrs but would have to be cheaper to be older) Budget upto 30k top but that's for almost new but would like to be much lower. Discounted a kia sportarge and the Hyundai similar model as was too small drivers seat for my wife and I. Ford Galaxy deemed as to small in boot seats. Transit type minibus is a no. Ideas I800 - I like this but its my wife's car and a bus which she doesn't like but easily the biggest space car even with 6 up its got a real boot. Heavy so towing weight is good. However would have to be manual and new models are a bit low on power for manuals. However it's very cheap for a few year old vs say a new rexton and a 10k difference is a lot of money Discovery 4 - wife and I love it but reliability scares me silly. New SsangYong rexton - expensive but heavy and powerful. Seat Alhambra - a bit light weight for a big caravan but seen reviews saying it's fine. Has isofix in boot seats which is a big plus for us for the kids. Shogun sport - not a great towing car reviews and no cheaper than a rexton which got good reviews. Will obviously have to get B + E done Any other ideas or views anyone?
  7. Edde

    What car.

    You don't mention budget but really for a caravan of that weight and only a requirement for an estate just go on auto trader pick your budget and other requirements and make a short list and Google (other search engines avaliable) how they are or ask on here. Personally I'd go seat Leon, insignia or mondeo and probably settle with the insignia.
  8. Edde

    What car.

    Loads of choice, could you give any idea of size of car you want ie want a 4x4 or mpv or the smallest recommended car you can get away with. Also any idea on brands you do or don't want, budget and age /milage wishes. Plus do you have or want to get your towing licence?
  9. I agree resale or depreciation is usually the biggest ownership cost. However the original poster didn't give enough info on miles they do budget etc. Personally get a diesel if you can see savings in fuel and do the right type of milage ie long journeys. Resale value matter but if you buy a 2 Yr old Focus say petrol vs diesel you'll be paying 10.5k vs 11k. After 5 yrs you trade in and get 4k trade in for a petrol the diesel cost you 500 more but saved you 2.5k in fuel its a gamble but I don't see the diesel being worth less than 2k. (Ok there more to it than this but its a guide). Cars are getting banned in cities, in a few yrs who knows I see petrol being the next cars they find issues with emmisions and then they will try ban them.
  10. You didn't mention a budget but if you like a diesel then there are a lot of choices similar sized choices. Best ones I can see would be a dacia duster, Ford ecosport or c max. All have diesels more powerful than what you have now. Or if you go for a slightly lower and longer car the seat Leon comes with a 2.0 diesel which was tow car of the year I belive. Persoanly I wouldn't worry about badge as so many cars share parts. Plus most cars these days are reliable enough that a unreliable car is mostly bad luck not the badge name on the front.
  11. New diesel Clio. Admitidly I had nearly written it off a few months earlier but insurance didn't want to give me a new one so it took a few months to be rebuilt. Great car, still miss it still today.
  12. I have a 2012 Astra which appears to have the same wing mirrors as your car. I use the Halfords mirrors they attach with straps round the mirror and whilst they look like they fit square only mirrors they do attach well. Only cost £15 I think.
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