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  1. I think you are correct Pauline. I reckon its the first one listed "N/S Front." Seems like this one also fits the "O/S Rear"
  2. We've just returned from 2 weeks at a CMC site in Devon and noticed the same "goings on". Many new arrivals most days from about 10am and noticed the motorhomes(very few caravanners),unpacking the bare essentials,getting ready for the "shuffle". Once they found their ideal pitch,everything was unloaded from motorhome.(awnings/canopies,tables,chairs,bbq's,rotary washing lines etc). Was this site very near to Brixham by any chance Marcusp??
  3. Yes,I did work on a recycling lorry a few years ago as a driver/loader. The driving side of it was fine but having to move forward about every 3 or 4 houses did my knee in. In/out....in/out....in/out (Waiting for the "shake it all about"comment).🤣
  4. Well,due to my left knee joint replacement,I've had about 4 years of very low wages so with 3 years left to retirement,thought I would take advantage of the situation and get some money in the bank. Only have a class 2(rigid),so will probably be supermarket deliveries etc.. Used to do that type of work years ago.
  5. I'm doing my bit. After about 4 years since I was hgv driver,I've decided to begin again. Took eyesight test and hgv medical last week then in a weeks time,35 hours of online CPC modules.
  6. Drat (can't put a stronger word in). gtepete......your mention of the motorcycles reminded me of whats happened. I took my CBT traing on a Honda 125 2 1/2 years ago and I remember now....sent pass certificate and my licence to DVLA to have it added. Thats when they must have removed the "Class C" entitlement as it had expired. Thank you gtepete👍
  7. Thank you. Yes,will have to get eyesight tested,take results to doctor where he will also give me the medical,then do the CPC training. I already have the renewal form to send to DVLA. Just found it strange that the start/expiry date has disappeared for some reason. I did my last CPC training approx.7 years ago and have been driving the lorries up until about 3 years ago. Im 62🤢
  8. I passed my HGV class 2 in 1984 and it needed re-newing approx.3 years ago.(I didnt re-new it as I decided to temporarily have a break from heavy goods for a while). Is it possible that when a certain category expires,the start/finish dates automatically dissappear on the back of licence (card). All I now have in the 2 boxes next to the "C" category is 2 lines. Ive done a check on DVLA website after inputting my details,and that also does not show category "C" entitlement. I do understand the DVLA not showing it but confused how the start/finished dates are now not showing on my card.
  9. "Having hired one, there's no way to close the door quietly." My company van is a Peugeot Expert with 2 side sliding doors. Simply slide the door forward slowly until it "clicks", then go to the rear of the door and with a little bit of pressure,gently push the door closed. No "Woosh Bang" 👍
  10. Sounds like a good idea but if you tow your van to your chosen site,then after a while decide to move to another,you will need your tow car to move it or pay someone else to move it for you having sold the car.🤔
  11. Hope you have a great time Gasman. Forecast looks much better from Tuesday.🌞🌞 Just a thought......as you've removed a fair bit of equipment from caravan,do you reckon it may be a good idea to check noseweight again before you set off?
  12. Always switch my start/stop off for exactly the reason above. "Coming to a halt towing with a very hot engine and letting the auto stop - stop the engine is not a good idea for the turbo." Always let engine idle for a short while before switching off too.
  13. Of course anyone wishing to become an HGV driver,it isn't just a case of booking lessons and take test. An eyesight test has to be taken first. Then a medical has to be taken with a GP (along with the results of the eyesight test). Providing those 2 are passed,a further 5 days spent in a classroom to obtain your CPC qualification. Oh....also a digital tachograph card is required. My CPC expired last year. I've no intention of renewing it and having to go through all of the above,especially with the amount of traffic on the roads now and the general standard of driving.
  14. I would imagine the thoughts of Santa fe owners would be pretty close to reality and not "educated"guesses.
  15. Ive got the 2016 model with 3 modes. When towing,I find the middle one "normal" to be adequate. "Eco"tends to be a little sluggish and "Sport" is too powerful. I'm in no rush while I'm towing. If the occasional caravanner wants to fly past me and get to the site 10 minutes before me.....carry on.🤣
  16. I ordered 3 items from them and it notified me that it could be early August before I received them. It gave me the option to proceed or cancel order.
  17. Hi Tim. I had the rear poles included when I purchased our awning. As far as I can see,all they do is help to form a "seal"against the side of the van with the help of the sew in foam strips. They did seem to help a little but wasn't a very tight fit where the draught skirt rail goes across the width of the van.
  18. Ed..... This thread is over 5 years old. He may not reply👍
  19. Lump hammer and 3ft. crowbar sounds favourite🤣🤣
  20. Simple really isn't it?. If the vehicle you are towing is wider than the rear of your car,you need towing mirrors,or possibly face a £1,000 fine + 3 points.
  21. When we had our statics,I just used turtle wax shampoo with a long brush. Didn't see any need to polish it afterwards.
  22. Copied from "Gov.UK" website. Towing mirrors. You must have an adequate view of the road behind you. Fit suitable towing mirrors if your trailer or caravan is wider than the rear of your car. You can be fined up to £1,000 and get 3 penalty points for towing without proper towing mirrors..
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