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  1. I see theres one on Ebay sold recently at a dealers,same year for £14,995
  2. I would second daveat92's suggestion. Done it years ago on an older van. A new piece of formica to cover the whole of the worktop. Worked a treat.
  3. Love that bush/tree in your garden Ukzero 😘
  4. I think Bailey was after a cover?🤔
  5. Yes David. Chap doing handover couldnt apologise enough and explained that due to the virus,it could take 6-8weeks. Dealer rang yesterday and asked if I would like them to post the key to save me a journey. Hopefully,should be here before the weekend.
  6. Just taken me 8 weeks to get a key from Bailey. Only had the one key at handover because dealer had lost one of them.🤔
  7. When im reversing and use electronic brake,I keep my foot on the brake pedal when releasing the brake so no sudden movement.
  8. Mr Plodd. Its a long story,but weve changed our caravan end of July. We now have a 2015 Unicorn Cadiz and also had problems with having to switch pump on and off to get running water. Is the yellow "block"under bunk the same as ours(,with the reset button)?
  9. Glad to hear its ok now Dave. Been a couple of weeks to get it sorted but all done now and hopefully will last for a few years yet.👍 Mine was a bit of an easier fix wasnt it. Just a case of resetting.
  10. What was wrong with the water pump Dave? Just curious
  11. I use the cheap polish on a rag like you The road toad. Get mine from Aldi but use silicon spray on the window/locker rubbers. Had our 390 Kampa Rally 390 pro delivered today. Couldnt believe the weight of the bag🥴 Cant wait for us to put it up on the van but think it will probably be next year now......fingers crossed🤔 Thanks for all the replies.
  12. Yes I noticed that Gary on the You Tube videos.
  13. Ah right. Lovely thanks. Ive actually got one of those from when we had our Springer. Looks like it may come in usefull again😊
  14. Thanks David38....does your suggestion mean your pulling slightly down on awning rail as you pull awning along? Dave Capiro.....do you stand at the opposite end of the rail to pull it through? 2 good suggestions👍
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