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  1. Just going back to original post..... Had a trip to Attwools camping shop today. Its in Whitminster just south of Gloucester on A38. They had plenty of calor 3.9kg and 6kg bottles👍
  2. Mines about 4 miles away in a compound😒😒
  3. These were the corner steady locks I had with the special adapter to wind the steadies up and down. The sleeve went over the original shaft and locked in place with a grub screw(same as yours). Good luck martfink👍
  4. Is that a sleeve thats been fitted over the top. Looks similar to the corner steady locks I used to use on the rear of my van,where you slide them over then use a barrel and key to lock them. I may be totally wrong though🤔
  5. I agree with you totally about measuring the noseweight of an empty van but if you re-read my post,it was completely empty as it was going for a service. I remember when I collected it from the dealer last July(it was obviously empty),the clunking from the hitch was unnerving. Every bump sounded horrible so I just wanted to make sure I had at least some sort of weight towards the front,hence my reason for measuring noseweight. I always measure the noseweight before going away along with the wheel torque.
  6. Like Leedslad,my reversing onto pitches is pretty good but certainly need the mover for the storage compound. Its so tight in there and a doddle to just press a few buttons.
  7. I have a 2015 Unicorn Cadiz Miro..1346 Mtplm..1500. (Recently upgraded to 1550kg.) Recently completely emptied it(and I mean completly) for its service. Using both bathroom scales and a Milenco gauge,noseweight measured 80kilos. I loaded my air awning(27kilos) approx 18inches forward of the axle and it measured 90 kilos. I do have 2, 6kg.gas bottles,battery,motor mover and solar panel fitted.
  8. June.9 nights Warcombe Farm. Sept. 14 nights Hillhead. Roll on retirement🤭
  9. Thanks for highlighting that Colin👍 I just thought it was just a decorative strip around the wheel arch.
  10. We bought the Kampa Dometic Pro.(non inflatable). 3 panels with a clear strip halfway up across the 3 panels. No poles to bang in,I just use rock pegs and its steady as a rock. No guy ropes needed. I paid £129 last June from that well known auction site. Sorry.Can't get the picture round the right way.
  11. We stayed at a Parkdean site at West Bay last year. Not for me I'm afraid.😒 Perfect if you have children though I suppose who like the entertainment.
  12. Sorry to hear that Jabell. Its no consolation,but at least the window isn't smashed. Heres a picture of the petrol strimmer(although I'm sure you already knew what they look like)
  13. I work for a landscaping company and I reckon it was done with a petrol strimmer.(Longer and heavier than a battery one). I take it that the paint is on a side window? I would also imagine that the gap between the caravans is minimal. The petrol strimmers are used with a harness and with 2 handles on the front to steady the machine side to side and up and down. The engine is at the rear(behind the operator). I reckon that with a narrow gap to work in,the operator lifted the back of the machine slightly to get under the caravan opposite and the engine(housed in orange p
  14. We rented our static out at Unity Farm,Brean about 12 years ago. Fantastic site,especially for children. We managed to secure bookings for the peak weeks but didn't "make a killing". I decided to clean the van every Saturday in between lets. I had to be there by 10am,then had about 4 hours before new people arrived. 4 hours may sound a long time,but also factor in cutting the grass,repairing/replacing broken items etc... Some people just couldn't care less about someone else's property. If you are seriously thinking of buying and letting a static out to the
  15. Chock a block Mr Plodd. It took one of our teams 1 1/2 hours to travel from Gloucester to Aztec West this morning at 6am.
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