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  1. George&Ade


    Hi...Its 2014. Insurance backed. The service book shows 1 service and 1 pdi before collection. Purchased from a reputable dealer.
  2. George&Ade


    I purchased a caravan where the service history wasnt kept up to date. Does this mean the warranty I was presented with when I collected the van is worthless???
  3. Kayleigh. We had a static caravan at Unity Farm,Bean in 2004 Purchased it when it was 6 years old for 15k. Because of the facilities and popularity of the site,the site fees were £5,500 per year plus water,electricity etc... After 2 years the site fees increased to over £6,000 along with new rules(wooden storage sheds had to be changed to metal,garden fences had to be changed to either of 2 shades of green. We decided to rent it out during peak season(about 16 weeks if we were lucky). We refused the offer of having it cleaned in between guests because of the slap dash way they operated(many complaints from other owners not having bed linen changed,grass not cut,dirty oven,fridge etc... So I ended up having to make sure I was waiting at our static at 10am every Saturday to completely clean it before the new guests arrived at 4pm. In order to get customers to hire our van out of season,we had to drastically cut the prices(even then we only gained about 4-6 weeks extra rental). After 1 season of this,we decided we had enough especially as we couldnt use it for ourselves while guests were there. We just about managed to cover the site fees but also took into account the massive depreciation of the van each year. At 12 years old,we would have had to purchase another brand new van or sell it back to the site for about £1,500. Never ever again will we go through that again. I do hope that if you do decide to go ahead with it,please think carefully first. Good luck
  4. Hi Mr Plodd.

    Have sent a p.m.

  5. Thanks for replies. Looks like we will have to see what happens when we get there. Many years ago(before Parkdean) my parents always used to book the same static every year from the same woman. It was a lovely site years ago and I remember I used to spend most of my holiday there helping "Doug" who used to hire out his rowing boats on the other side of the harbour. Every year there was a fair across the little bridge where the cafeteria is. Memories,memories. What great holidays ive had at West Bay.
  6. Theres a couple for sale on Ebay but no sign of a large unicorn graphic to the right of the door.
  7. Thats strange. When I fully retract the nut into the body,it doesnt even touch the wheel nut. I then screw the nut in until it reaches the wheel nut(maybe a few attempts to get it to fit snugly against wheel)then tighten little grub screw. Anyway.....youve managed it so another happy caravanner.
  8. Yes......once you have the wheel nut tightened,insert your new shaft and adjust it in or out until the plate sits reasonably tight against the wheel. A bit of trial and error but it will work. As Trek said,once it fits snuggly,tighten the little grub screw.
  9. Hi. Ive had many happy holidays with my parents in a static at West Bay when I was a youngster(many years ago now) but we have booked 5 nights in our tourer at the above site in August. Were going with my wifes boss and husband(they have a motorhome) and they have stayed there a couple of times and reckon its great. However,ive been reading various reviews,some good some bad,and was wondering if anyone on here may have stayed there in a tourer and your thoughts please. A few of the bad points ive read include, Very steep to get up to the pitch and sometimes a bit tight to manoeuvre van onto pitch. A few very muddy pitches. Poor site lighting at night. Toilets/showers not always up to standard. I mean,were going anyway,but your thoughts appreciated
  10. Sounds good. Should be up and running in no time then
  11. This was the reply I had from the seller regarding the wheel nut. It seems that Milenco agree there are fitting problems with certain wheels so hopefully it will be sorted. Sorry for any inconvenience. I have now hopefully resolved the issue you are having with the wheel clamp, as I have now spoken to the technical dept. at Milenco who were unavailable yesterday There is an issue with Lunar and one older Bailey wheel that Milenco have identified as unsuitable to accept the Wraith Wheelclamp. They therefore make a special order receiver that will fit these wheels. They are sending us one of these, which we will send out to you as son as we receive it. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your help in identifying this issue so we can amend our opinion and advise on this wheel-clamp
  12. Actually littlebasher,after re-reading your post,yours may not be the same problem as I had. It sounds that you can at least reach the Screw thread(unlike mine). Never the less,im sure Milenco will be able to help. Good luck
  13. Hi littlebasher. I had the same problem after I purchased mine from the well known auction site. I contacted them and they then asked Milenco to send a smaller diameter wheel nut to fit through the gap in the alloy wheel so that the nut fits tightly. It took about 4 days to get the new nut from Milenco.....free of charge. Well impressed.
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