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  1. Were off to Channel View,Brean this Friday for a couple of nights and rang the site this afternoon. Their toilet and shower blocks are open subject to lots of hygene measures.
  2. Cibie spotlights.......that brings back the memories. I had a 1966 Mini Cooper and decided one day to remove the aerial from the front of the roof and installed a "pencil beamed" cibie spotlight. Within about 1 week.....one of Mr Plodds ex colleagues stopped me and told me to remove it as it was an offence😂😂
  3. Gary.... Got on M5 north at 5.30 this morning and the M5 south is pretty busy already. Loads of caravans/motorhomes.
  4. Got on M5 north at Almondsbury at 5.30 this morning and couldnt believe the volume of traffic heading south. Strange to see caravans/motorhomes on the road after all this time. Hopefully,all caravans/motorhomes/towing vehicles have been checked thouroughly before todays journey(as most of us will do). Will report back later after my journey back to Bristol at about 9.30 this morning. (Me thinks......come off M5 at Gloucester and come down the A38 😉😉)
  5. Shouldnt be taking a tacho break while hes working🤔
  6. Spare a thought for me then tomorrow. Up at 4am for work. Travelling from Bristol to Cheltenham then trying to fight my way back to Bristol about 10.30 am. Not looking forward to it but if im stuck in traffic,at least im being paid for it🤣
  7. Andy. The Bio washing liquid.....is that in tablet form.....and you just pop it into the waste cassette,about a litre of water and swirl it around a little?
  8. We had a fixed scanner at Royal Portbury Docks where every lorry leaving the docks carrying a container had to drive through it slowly to check for anything suspicious. Not sure how many lorries were stopped though.
  9. Ive just had my Santa fe(66 plate) serviced at Hyundai main dealer (its covered 38k. miles) and they said it wasnt due for its auto oil change yet.
  10. I dont suppose the fixings are inside the bottom pull down cupboard???
  11. We had exactly the same as you Swirly. aerial on a mast fixed to the jockey wheel clamp and I purchased a "Labgear"digital/analogue signal finder. It plugged in between the aerial and the tv and depending which direction you turned the aerial,the more green lights on the finder. It was about £11 from Ebay. 9 times out of 10,we had a perfect picture. As someone else mentioned,every different area you travel to,you may have to re-tune the tv. (Just a case of automatic search on the tv)
  12. There you go Jimbob. Expert advice from Legal Eagle. Follow his advice exactly as he states. Letters.....signed for Trading Standards Go for it Jim.....nothing to lose. Dont let them get away with this. Why should you have to lose your hard earned cash,plus it may help others who may be in the same situation either now or in the future. Wish you the best of luck Jimbob and please keep us updated.👍
  13. Your welcome Antony. I dont know how to post links like you did🤭
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