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  1. I read before starting this job that at times during the work you would start to question what you've done, and today I'm at that point! This weekend I've taken the N/S awning rail off, hoping it's not too distorted to go back on. It took me ages to slowly cut through the old sealant and but still seems relatively flat. What do you think, is the old one re-usable or buy a new one? Inside, the front ceiling board and the front N/S wall board (as much as I can remove)are off, revealing some of the damage. As soon as I took it off the van started to smell like a mushroom farm. I think the framework below the window is too far gone, its soaked and slimy and quite soft. I'm hoping the curved roof piece is still good, it looks black in the pictures but is still hard, strong and doesnt feel too bad, same with the frame work at the floor What do people think? I now need to remove the front shelf, to get access to the full length of the rotten frame piece and see how far forward the damage goes. I may also have to remove the front wall boards, bit I'm hoping I wont need to, fingers crossed. Can anyone offer any help in how to remove the front shelf on the picture below? I'm pretty stumped. Lastly after taking off the awning rail I was expecting to see screws holding the front panel on, but instead faced these. Are they rivets, or just tacks hammered in? Still toying with the idea of removing the front completely if I can do it easy enough, depending on those fastenings above. Doing this should let me carry out a more thorough repair, to be sure its sealed. With the ceiling boards and room foam out I can see daylight through part of the crack, but it goes over a roof strut so dont have full access to it from inside.
  2. Thanks Vinny, will put one in this afternoon, though the bay it's on at the minute is quite warm and I should be able to keep it there a while. Do you have any advice about re-sealing the rails? I obviously need a new length of rail insert,S/S screws and mastic, but do I need any other parts? That additional seal in the pictures above doesnt come up on the bailey website, nor do the rails themselves.
  3. Still working away slowly. Parts are taking an age to get me, forecast to get the first batch next friday. I've decided in this time that I'm going to reseal the awning rails and window seals too. Dont want to seal the roof strap to find out they're also letting in water. I'm toying with the idea of pulling the entire front panel off to doubly make sure its fully repaired, whilst the awning rails will be off. Has anyone had the front panel off and can advise either for or against going that far? And with regards to the awning rails, I get that you remove the pin, and remove the awning rail insert to expose the screws. I have no problem identifying this part. But as you look at both pictures on the left hand side is what looks like another seal. I cant seem to buy this on the bailey parts page. Or replacement rails either. Can anyone help? To top it off I'm struggling to get the top units out. The centre one and o/s are being a nightmare to remove as I'm trying to cause as little damage as possible. The struggle is real!!! Water was definitely gettingin from the crack, the beams above the window are reading 35% with part of the wall boards peeled back. Doesnt seem rotten though, will see more once I've removed it all. It's getting their though, once I get the parts and make it water tight, it'll be very slow time, reconstructing the interior ready for next summer
  4. Well if theres one thing I've learnt so far, it's that I'm gonna need a lot more time to sort this out than I thought. All the furniture and cupboards in the van are stapled together and a nightmare to remove. I managed to get the left hand, top cupboards out today, just need to remove the front top cupboard now before removing the wall boards to inspect the frame damage. Secondly I discovered this at the top of the front fibreglass panel, where it joins the roof skin!!! Pretty sure this is the reason for my spongy wall, although I took damp readings at the top of the van, and they were a consistently reading 14-15%. If it were coming in from this crack wouldnt the entire wall be wet from the top? There's also a small tiny crack in it slightly lower down!! The joining piece of metal looks like it's been removed before, as someone has etched an F and an arrow on it, probably to remind them which way round it goes. Makes me wonder whether this is an issue visited before. I've removed the metal strip, plan to remove and clean all previous sealant and repair the crack and reseal. There is a wet non-cured sealant under the metal and a set clear silicone type sealant sealing the edges. Can anyone clarify what brand/products I should replace these with? Thanks for looking and all the help already, any more help/advice would be very appreciated following todays turn.
  5. Thanks Drew, do you just drill the heads off like standard ones to remove?
  6. Managed to get it in the workshop earlier for a couple of hours and took some readings and removed the seat. You can see the line from below the left window, extending to the front now. Three damp meter readings along it from centre to front. Seats out, but I have fixings in the wall I'm not sure about, they look like a screw type rivet, photo below. Can anyone give any advice on them? Hoping to have a full day on it tomorrow and get everything out, identifying full extent of the damage and where its leaking from.
  7. Wow AJ, impressive repair. Was it obvious where it was leaking from?
  8. I'm hoping it's a really decent development, bit it was quite a shock seeing the wall so swollen. I'll get the cover on as soon as I'm back wednesday night. Good tip to take pictures and label during removal, I'll definitely Italy fo that, as I'm no the most organised. Can anyone confirm how easy it is to remove the units and wallboards?
  9. Thanks Stevan, I wont be able to get it under building cover Mon-Fri, but we do have a cover. Is it worth putting this on during the week? I've bought a damp meter, it turned up yesterday but I'm in Newcastle until Wednesday now, so cant touch it until Thursday. I'm hoping because it seemed fine in August and only noticeable this week, we've caught it early. Though reading peoples experiences, I should probably go in expecting the worst!!!!
  10. Hi everyone, brand new to the forum and here to get any nuggets of info I can before and when I start my damp repairs. After spending a long time reading through threads already, I can see there's a lot of helpful people that might be able to get me through with an intact van by the end! I have a 2004 Bailey Pageant Moselle and had it serviced in June and no damp was found. In August we took it from our home near Basingstoke all the way up the west coast of England/Scotland up to Scoury and back down the East coast home over a three week period and had no problems. This week we took it to Alton Towers for three days and on arrival noticed the under seat cupboard was damp, which we first thought was condensation, as it was so cold outside. On further investigation there is a 12" long obvious section of spongy, swollen wall about an inch or 2 thick starting from halfway between between the front left window and the left side window, travelling backwards. It's at the level of just below the top of the seating back cushions. From what I've read on here I'm led to believe its leaking from either one of the two window seals, the awning rail, or the outside aluminium joint. Next weekend I plan to start stripping it out and having a look. I'm a mechanical by trade and will have access to the workshop over weekends and it will be stored outside close to the workshop inbetween. I'm hoping to add pictures once I start and keeping this thread updated. But before I start does anyone have any top tips/ideas that will make the job easier as I go? Appreciate any help on this as I'm a bit daunted to what I'll find to be honest.
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