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  1. Hi all I need a replacement grill for my caravan and can't seem to find the model. Its a swift challenger 490 le and its a 2000 model. If anyone has a link to where I can find this would really help.
  2. I believe it is whale unit. There are alot of different models ie E5000 E5200 sort of thing wasnt sure if there all comparable with the inlets?
  3. hi hopefully I can get some help from you. I've got a swift challenger 490L se and the water inlet has broken off and I'm hard pushed as to find out what model is fitted to my van. I have been thru all my manuals and paper work and looked online but cannot find out. It's a 2000 model so if any one can point me in the right direction as to getting a spare inlet plate so I've not got to buy the whole unit and pump it would be very much appreciated.
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