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  1. Yes, but what's a while? Is it 4 years, 5, 8?? One thing is sure; there's gonna be a downfall.
  2. Yes, MH's will be replaced by electric MH's, but what about your current one? When you buy a new very expensive one now and want to sell it in say 5 to 10 years with more electric ones on the market? Probably these will decrease in value at one point or another and it makes them very difficult selling as well.
  3. Add to this that the taxes will rise (enormously) due to diesel motors in MH's in years to come and I think MH will decrease in value at some point.
  4. We've had several MH's , small and large ones, in the last 10 years, but all sold and now have a caravan including a levelsystem, aircon, motormover etc. We think it's much better having a nice caravan and have our car for daytrips or when you need errands, want to go to a restaurant when it's raining etcetc. The caravan is just as quick and easy to set up as the MH.
  5. We've bought a new 2020 model Elddis Affinity, delivery date in Februari. An option is the Hypnos mattress; who has this mattress and is it a 'do or don't'? And why? We do think the original mattress is a bit hard. Is the Hypnos softer/better?
  6. Onboard watertank can be build in, but I don't think it will be necessary. Why do you prefer an onboard watertank? Bacteria can grow in it. Thank you!! You have the same van?
  7. Thank you. Delivery is beginning of next year. Happy!
  8. YESSSS! Today we decided it will be the Affinity 550 !
  9. Thanks for all your comments so far! Love to read them!
  10. What do you think? Does the interieur of the Affinity looks most luxurious and expensive? Or do you prefer the lighter colors of the Avanté or Crusader?
  11. We're in the process of buying a new Elddis 550, 2020 model. Don't know yet if it will be an Avanté or an Affinity or a Crusader. There seems to be a lot of problems with the stargazer rooflight and cracking of the rearpanels.. Which model is best? We won't use the heating much I think, so blown air will be okay for us. Thanks!
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