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  1. Alde Leak Detector 4071 Is this device helpful?
  2. Thank you to all those here replied to my request for information using UK Ferry ports. How dumb of me not to think of Hull to Zeebrugge. My home is 80 miles South of Hull a great idea and the cost difference Compared with towing to Dover is significant Cheers.
  3. Thank you all those helped me here. I took my Mercedes E350 to D & M Towing Sleaford Lincolnshire, a competent Technician checked the car. Disassembled the towing electrics and discovered loose wire connections. Made correction, car all lights checked out perfect. Took Bailey caravan on maiden voyage car lights all performing normal.
  4. I am a novice and finding Bailey unicorn Seville S2 exterior replacement bulb kit on the internet is like trying to find hen's teeth. Any help here is appreciated please?
  5. I plan to take my Bailey Unicorn Seville touring through France, Northern Spain, Portugal & Spain South, Among the first things that I did was investigating likely costs associated with ferry crossings from UK Ports to Europe setting off early January. The estimated Ferry crossing costs indicate that least cost is; P&O Ferry return £290, Newhaven to Dieppe DFDS return £326 Portsmouth to St. Malo return £635 and Portsmouth to Santander return £1,144. In the past I have used all these ports either using a bicycle, Motorcycle and car and never a Cara
  6. I recently had my car lights checked because there was a rear left indicator fault. It turned out to be blown fuse, not my diagnostic skill. Following the repair, this week I purchased and collected my ordered Bailey Unicorn Seville. Checked brake and rear lights working OK and set off to my home destination. The journey was from Hinkley Leicestershire I was soon on the M69. The first thing that I noticed my Mercedes E350 car central console never displayed normal functions. My whole journey console displayed lights error message such as rear left and then right registration lights failed.
  7. I have acquired a Garmin 780 LMT-D Sat Nav and on setting my caravan profile I am invited to enter a Tunnel code. Is it possible that anyone here can help me identify the code for my Tourer please>
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