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  1. Dare I ask where is the ‘dodgy’ storage facility? We’re at the eastern end of the a55 and are looking for some local storage. cheers
  2. Very pleased to report that the trial run of my ‘docking camera’ install worked very well. it’s very ‘Heath Robinson’ but performs its function and I now have a camera pointing directly down in the towball with a monitor on my centre console, removed and fitted in seconds. total cost under £20 and an hour of tinkering (which I enjoy anyway)
  3. Update. collected the caravan today after 6 months in storage. Managed to tug it out of the ditch it had sunk into and up the wet grassy field it’s stored in, Audi Quattro performed impeccably and didn’t bat an eyelid. home and the planning worked perfectly, enough charge in the battery for the rather protracted complex manoeuvre onto the drive Result!
  4. Many thanks for the replies. I've bought a very cheap reversing camera kit (wired) from eBay. I'm pretty sure I can run that from my accessory socket in the boot and treat it as a temporary install - I don't want to be splicing into the wiring or drilling through the body work of my car.. I'll mount the camera on a suction mount for a mobile phone/satnav and use the screen sitting on the dash/centre console. I'll report back if/when it works
  5. Thanks for the replies some interesting ideas. yes we have a motor mover and that will be used to get the caravan off the drive and on to the other side of our road facing the right way to exit the street. as we live on a blind bend it’s the next step that will be the problem and cause the hold up. I will have to position the car in such a way as to block the road and give me enough swing to clear the bend. I estimate that if I can reverse right under the hitch, wife’s can drop the jockey wheel in place and I can dive a short distance down the street where I can complete the process in safety. ThiS should not take long at all, perhaps less than a minute. if I have to reverse, manoeuvre the caravan, hitch then disengage the mover this will take much longer, perhaps 3-5 mins. I’m thinking about minimising the time I block the road which is inevitable. I’ve spent the last couple of hours fiddling with cameras and mirrors without finding a solution. once again, thanks for the ideas an keep them coming. I’m new to all this and probably over thinking the situation.
  6. Starting to think about our first trip out from home with the caravan. It’s in storage and we are due to bring it home next week before heading off on our first holiday.. because of the location of out house/drive I’m anticipating some problems and expect to be blocking the road for a few mins at the least. This may not be a big problem getting the caravan onto the drive a free unhitching but could be much worse getting it off then hitching up on the road. one thing that will speed this up is accurately aligning the tow ball and hitch first time, wifey isn’t too good at giving instructions although she will get better with time. I’m not great at judging the distance behind and in front of the caravan. so has anyone got any suggestions to help speed up this process so I don’t bring my road to a stand still for too long one thought I had was some temporary camera looking down on the row hitch with a monitor on the dashboard? thanks in advance
  7. Grumpy2

    Swift Talk

    not really just wanted to get on their forum to see whats what. Gary
  8. Grumpy2

    Swift Talk

    thanks for the replies, I'm trying to register.
  9. Has anyone managed to sign up for this in the last 2-3 months? I've tried regularly without success. emailed and messaged swift with no response either. Even if their company has closed due to this virus surely some staff will be 'working from home' thanks Gary
  10. Update. Visited the caravan this morning And everything was fine. Only problem was the wheels have sunk into the ground a little and the mover couldn’t extract them. The mover certainly worked though and managed to ‘jump’ a cog against the tyres suggesting there’s plenty of juice in the battery. It’ll tow out ok with the car I think.
  11. ahh, managed that. showing 13.2 volts which I think suggests the solar panel is doing its job ok. thanks again all
  12. Blooming predictive text! Just tried the remote access for the first time with no response from the caravan. Should I have left the control panel live? I think we switched everything but the tracker off. Checked and the tracker still shows it at our storage site.
  13. Thanks for all the above. I can check the voltage remotely?
  14. Hope this is OK to post here, I have a small concern that I appreciate some advice about. We are new to caravanning (well returning after 20 years away) and bought ourselves a very smart 2019 Shift Challenger 645. Used it for one brief trip in November then put it into storage. We last saw it in our storage facility back in January but expect to be able to start using it next month. To bring it home will be quite precarious involving first time manoeuvring from the street onto our drive. We had a two wheel motor mover fitted as we're both getting on a bit and will need to use the mover to get onto our, slightly sloping, drive. As its the first time we will have brought it home and our street is narrow and quite busy at times I anticipate some difficulty manoeuvring it onto the drive. So heres the reason for asking the question. The caravan has a solar panel, should this have been charging the battery sufficiently to allow us to use the mover even after 6 months in storage? If not I think we are stuffed! Thanks for reading
  15. Thanks. Recall doesn’t affect me. Still can’t register for swift Talk though.
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