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  1. No - I believe you are correct about some of the mechanicals, drivetrain included.
  2. interesting wheel-size.com has my car and the previous Q5 with a pad 0f 112mm, the Toureg have either 120mm or 130mm.
  3. yes, this is looking like my preferred option - currently searching for something suitable reasonably local to me. cheers
  4. One Audi alloy plus tyre is over £600! Even a space saver is almost £400
  5. The Audi has no spare of any kind although it does have a spare wheel well. Currently hosing the subwoofer for the stereo so neither a space saver or a full size wheel would fit. Interestingly it has a jack and whelbrace though. It would be my plan to carry a spare only when towing or travelling very long distances so for the majority of the time I'd be relying on the 'tin of gunk'
  6. So, having completed our first outing and put the 'van away for a month or two my mind is turning to 'what could go wrong next time'. On the subject of the tow car (Audi Q5 2017), it doesn't have a spare wheel, just an inflator and gunge. The recommended spare is a space saver. Now I'm in three minds, do nothing and stop worrying, I've only had two flat tyres in 40 years driving. Buy a space saver just in case (about £200), buy a spare set of identical wheels and use one as a spare when towing (£500 but I could sell three to reduce the outlay) Thoughts welcome Gary ps remember I'm new to this.
  7. I was in this position a month or so back. Is you're Swift new? If so they are doing half price insurance for the first year. I use a nemesis wheel lock that fits onto the chassis just like the Al-Ko, so they give the same discount. Also have a hitchlock, they weren't concerned about the type. My storage is on a caravan site near where we live (drive isn't an option)
  8. thanks for the tip. I think part of the problem was linked to the plastic extrusion channel for the awning to thread into. I think its just a bit too flexible allowing the cord to jam. On our last caravan (bought 30 years ago ) the channel was aluminium and never snagged.
  9. Grumpy2


    Hi all, think this has gone a little off track. I was interested by way of a comparison with my memories 20 years ago when I rarely got more than 30mpg solo and 20mpg towing. Interesting to read the comments from those who do keep track that 30mpg thing seems about right towing with a 2lite diesel. Gary
  10. read this with great interest - at 21 I owned a pale blue Escort 1300XL. Sold it for £600, would be worth about 10 ties that today. Wifey had a lime green Mini Clubman (has a new red one now). Since then we've has just over 100 cars between us, sometimes 7 at a time but usually 'just' 4. Been into classic cars for as long as I care to remember. Nowadays the Escorts and Minis are still quite common, MGBs are everywhere. Haven't seen an Avenger anywhere outside a Classic Car event, Cortinas are around as are Granadas. I currently own a Morgan and a Triumph Stag (for sale as I fancy a change next spring). Oldest car in my club is a 1924 Standard something, most valuable is an Aston Martin DB4 with a VERY special history. Very interesting read, thanks.
  11. yes I'm pretty sure I've done everything - I've got a spreadsheet! Geeky I know!!
  12. Grumpy2


    Always do a tank to tank calibration with any new car as a base line. Solo the first tank did 48.8 mpg T2T and the computer said 49.1 so that accurate enough for me.
  13. we bought Isabella Thor chairs (2) very comfy but haven't found a decent place to store them yet - one under the bed and the other between the front seats at the moment.
  14. Grumpy2


    Ha, yes 'solo' the Audi does about 48mpg. Journey was approx 85 miles terminating in a 5 mile 1000 foot climb, mix of single and dual carriageway
  15. Grumpy2


    Cant see a thread on this so I thought I'd post anyway. Quite pleased with my mpg of 29.1 yesterday. What do others get? I think with more experience this will go up slightly too. Measured on my car computer which is quite accurate. Audi Q5 2.0 diesel (2017) and Swift Challenger 645 (2019)
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