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  1. Thanks for all the above- we've been to the supplying dealer today and asked for their thoughts. Pretty much as above, 2WD will be fine for 'basic' manoeuvring but 4WD better in tight spaces. Asked them to get us a decent 'upgrade' price. If not we'll hang on and see what its like during use, so far its been fine.
  2. Contacted the selling dealer today with no definitive response so far. Our tow car is a 4x4 (Audi Q5) and I'm not too bad at reversing. Yes we are taking it to France and Italy this summer but intend to stay only on 'deluxe' sites if that makes any difference. I get the raising/lowering jockey wheel for coping with uneven levels and I'm OK with that.
  3. phew, thanks for all the replies. think my mind will rest easier now. cheers
  4. advice sought please as we're in a bit of a pickle. Bought a newSwift twin axle caravan back in November, dealer fitted powrtouch single axle motor mover which so far has worked fine both for manoeuvring and hitching Went to Manchester show today and both Swift and Powrtouch say it MUST have 4 wheel drive motor mover. Price to upgrade is approx £950. Opinions please, not about me as I freely admit I know nothing! Thanks
  5. I had a close call buying my Audi Q5. Dealer charged me £465 in car tax. A quick check revealed the car new had a list price of £39980 so still qualifies for VED at £145. Took them 9 weeks to repay the extra VED though! Dealers = Stealers!!!!
  6. thats gives you about 110 bhp/ton compared to around 280bhp/ton in the Morgan. Wouldn't fancy towing the caravan with the Morgan though.
  7. The Rover v8 in my Morgan is 3.9L and lightly tuned to approx 240bhp. In a car weighing around 850kg it goes quite well. Nice engine!
  8. Worst car was (surprisingly) a Volvo 240, drank oil, did 16mpg, the seat collapsed and the rims were buckled. Kept it for 4 months and just about broke even. Easily the best was a BMW 520D touring that I bought 6 months old and kept until it was 5 years old. 50 plus mpg, comfort, lots of toys and quite quick. Only sold it on because it needed about £3000 spending on it; tyres, brakes, big service. Had well over 100 cars. Spent a fortune on some and made a bit on others.
  9. I bought a Kampa Gale pump used for £20. A great bit of kit. Takes about 5 mins to inflate our 260 awning. It is a bit noisy but I put it on a rubber mat to help quieten it down a little.
  10. we're thinking of going as its not too far away for a day out. Heard its mainly new caravan dealers though and we're more interested in 'bits and bobs'. May well do the NEC too though.
  11. "New' set just arrived and they are in excellent condition with 7 - 7.5 mm tread across each rim. No scuffs or curbing literally like new. Very pleased indeed. Gary
  12. Decision made. Bought a set of identical alloys and tyres off ebay, removed from his 'new car' to fit monster sized alloys. So they're less than a year old with virtually new tyres. Same size and spec as mine so no problems swapping should I get a puncture. As bonus I'm thinking that when my current tyres get lower I can swap the entire set and use one of mine as the spare. They arrive on Tuesday - lets hope they are as good as in the pics and match the description. Cheers all for the replies. Gary
  13. No - I believe you are correct about some of the mechanicals, drivetrain included.
  14. interesting wheel-size.com has my car and the previous Q5 with a pad 0f 112mm, the Toureg have either 120mm or 130mm.
  15. yes, this is looking like my preferred option - currently searching for something suitable reasonably local to me. cheers
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