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  1. Right folks, last post before I stand on the naughty step for daring to suggest that a multi-million pound industry might be able to devise some method of helping stranded customers. and. I think I did comment that in couriering a replacement circuit board the motor mover company did indeed provide good service. now where’s that step……. 🤐
  2. Sorry, I think I’ve oversimplified my understanding. You provide a service that is clearly in demand and able to respond within a reasonable time period. Why can’t the dealer network get their act together and provide a similar service albeit for use in exceptional circumstances? I make the comparison with the motor trade to show that the two are different despite similarities in price of products.
  3. You make a good point there which I may have skirted earlier. I feel there is a distinction between safety critical and inconvenient. Brakes, tow hitch would be the former, fridge the latter perhaps. Might also depend on the site of the issue. Brakes on the drive not as critical as brakes on the highway, wouldn’t the AA or similar cover that though? Im concerned here with the exceptional cases, what if I hadn’t been able to fit the control box for example or if the motor was the problem. it’s all moot anyway as most here have a different opinion and it seems I’m over expecting and perhaps I am. It was still a stressful and unpleasant experience this suggests that there is a support network with the capability to provide a reasonably rapid response. I’m sure your customers are very grateful too as indeed would I have been if your services had been offered to me.
  4. Ahhh, yes it could have been recovered before being pushed (front first) and down an incline into a blind alley. Without the mover it would have had to be winched out again blocking the road. Thinking about it, I would have been happy if the dealer had offered to recover that caravan to their workshop, but they didn’t. on the second point. No-one offered to help for 2-3 weeks! The mover supplier did send one in the post and I was able to help myself by fitting it. I am grateful to them for that. anyway - looks like I’m over expecting so I’ll consider myself suitable chastised.
  5. Mr Plodd, it seems my problems have got you a tad infuriated. That’s an issue for you not me. at the start of the post I tried to explain that I was uncertain if I’d received good or bad service. Indeed I feel that the mover people performed as best they could under the circumstances, I’m not sure the supplying dealer did. I didn’t and wouldn’t expect them to drop everything but an offer to send some one to fit the part In The next day or two would have been comforting, or even to reimburse me if I could find someone locally to do the job sooner. I don’t think the held up traffic thought my caravan blocking the road was ‘inconsequential’, certainly the shouting and mildly abusive delivery driver didn’t.
  6. No. We can’t sore the caravan at home due to a covenant on the house. We store it about 8 miles away safely. Sometimes we travel directly away from storage but on this occasion we wanted to bring the caravan home for a couple of days to clean and pack it. Bringing it home is always a faff but never this bad. We were ready to get rid and go back to hotels. I’m not a ‘stress-head’ but this was definitely our most stressful caravan experience so far.
  7. Just to clarify, I had no expectations just responses. We’re were blocking the road causing an obstruction until several helpers manhandled the caravan into a gap in the road. It couldn’t be towed out of the gap and had to stay there. Without the mover it was just a stranded lump there was no vehicular access to tow it anywhere. as you say Mr Plod ‘experience is something you acquire after you need it’, my experience was that no-one was willing to help but very willing to take my money. Fortunately I’m mechanically competent so could easily fit the faulty part, others may not have been able to fit the unit and in their situation the caravan would still be stranded.
  8. Hmmm, seems a bit shoddy that there’s no support network for emergency call out on products that individually cost in excess of £25000 and sell in reasonably large numbers. How many true emergencies are there, causing immediate and significant risk from an inability to move? Not many I would suggest. Perhaps a very small (optional?) levy on the sale price would cover the few call outs needed. Maybe even something on the caravan insurance policy? electrical, gas problems could be repaired by towing to a dealer, axle based problems would be covered by AA or similar. None would result in an inability to move surely worthy of further thought
  9. Not really sure if I consider this really good service or shockingly bad service! Read on.. we own a very nice Swift Challenger 645, twin axle with mover fitted to one pair of wheels. It’s adequate for our needs. Bringing it home from storage is a bit of a drama and quite an involved manoeuvre which needs the mover. If all goes well we block the road outside our house for about 3 minutes turning it and another 3 getting it onto the drive. There’s no way we can do either by hand even with help from our neighbours. this time the mover failed mid turn with the caravan blocking the road. After about 10 minutes we had enough hands to just about push it out of the way so traffic could pass. It was still a hazard but at least allowed cars to pass one way at a time. While I’m trying to move it my good lady is on the phone to the dealer who sold it to us new, 18 months ago. Their response, if you can fetch it to us we can have a look at it in a couple of weeks. We have a two week trip booked starting tomorrow. They suggested we contact the mover manufacturer who said exactly the same thing. We needed help and we needed it immediately but none was available, indeed there was no mechanism for providing any type of emergency help. the mover people did agree to send us a replacement control board for me to fit which arrived yesterday and was fitted by me and working within an hour. We were then able to move it safely onto our drive, end of drama. so I’m in two minds, inability to provide help when stranded and causing an obstruction seems poor customer support but sending out a replacement control unit within 24 hours seems pretty good to me. the only comparison I can can make would be buying a new car, when we’ve had a problem the manufactures have provided support within hours during the warranty period then the AA would certainly help outside the warranty. I can’t imagine any car manufacturer sending out a replacement part to be fitted by the owner to prevent the car from causing an obstruction. Am I missing something?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Agree it’s not clear. It’s also £200 more than the one I linked. That might be for the sides though?/
  11. Looking for advice. we have a star am magnum airforce 260 awning is ok but can be a bit cramped. Thinking of getting an annex like this https://www.leisureoutlet.com/awnings/awning-accessories/awning-annexes/127350-dorema-magnum-air-force-addex-right-extension-pod what I can’t figure out is if the annex comes with sides or not. No one has one locally so I’d have to buy via mail order an no supplier is answering emails. thanks
  12. We have 5 cars between the two of us. Audi Q5 does the towing and wifey has a mini clubman. I also have 3 ‘toys’ A 2006 MX5 as a summer runabout, a really tatty 1994 mini that’s undergoing lots of lockdown work but this is my favourite by far....
  13. Having documented how rubbish out in car Audi satnav is I've been thinking about getting the above standalone from TomTom. Price has put me off at approx £360, but had an email today with an offer of £270. I'd welcome opinions please. (other than use a map!) thanks
  14. yes I agree - hence why asking if anyone had experience with Saga
  15. thanks for the replies folks. I was with Saga a few years ago for the car but they became very uncompetitive and moved on. Caravan quote certainly seems OK. I think I'll take the plunge. Cheers
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