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  1. I’m one of those ‘newbies’. I had no idea people block book sites and then cancel at short notice without penalty. Sounds like a poor management strategy and one destined to lose revenue. however if the majority of members use this strategy then I guess the only way to get what you prefer is to adopt the same strategy Certainly explains why we couldn’t get a week anywhere we wanted mid September when lockdown was easier.
  2. I know you shouldn’t do this but I’m not sure why. I’ve always tried to use the corner steadies just enough to make firm grip on the ground. Pity there’s no torque setting but then I guess that would vary from caravan to caravan.
  3. The Audi system only has ‘fastest’, ‘second fastest’ and ‘mixed’ whatever they mean! No shortest or avoids available. Stupid. BMW are considerably better.
  4. Think were in the the same place - this is the route my Audi chose in 'Trailer Mode' as the fastest round between two towns in Devon!
  5. The SatNav in my Audi is rubbish, even though its totally up-to-date and a recent model car anyway its by far the worst I've used so much so that I dont trust it and would even consider changing the car because of it. But, before I go that drastic I'm thinking about getting one of the caravan specific devices from TomTm or Garmin. I know CMC promote the Garmin and even offer a not very generous £15 discount bringing the price down to £330 (slightly less with Amazon). TomTom's equivalent Go Camper is about the same price but can be found for £270 via ebay sellers. Does
  6. It was this item on ebay 333676445796
  7. It’s all going well enough I’m pleased to report, my little camera gadget works a treat and SWMBO stands on the apex of the blind bend outside our house to warn of traffic, I can clear the road in about 3 mins to total and only block the road for about one of those minutes. Only one grumbly lady so far (not in an Audi!) thanks
  8. Interesting read. We have a twin axle swift fitted with powrtouch 2wd system from new (2019) and we are struggling with manoeuvring it round 90 degree bends. Wondering if we should splash out and upgrade it to AWD for next year as it is spoiling our enjoyment at the moment to be honest.
  9. We had a ABI Jubilee Rallyman as a first van. 30 years ago and kept it for 10 years. Now we have a challenger 645 and expect to keep it a similar amount of time. Out with it now and still not seen a twin.
  10. It’s not really, it’s just a stock Swift Challenger.
  11. Thanks. Yes we’re using the one at the top. And yes it’s siliconed. Runs freely. Just a paint to thread due to the weight it keeps falling back out !
  12. I wonder if I can resurrect this. We have an Air Awning too And struggle threading through the channel. Removing panels doesn’t help much and the channel is free. I’m wondering if I should thread though the lower access point (about 6 inches above the bottom of the caravan) or the upper one ( roughly level with the window top). The main problem is supporting the weight while threading it into the channel. Thanks.
  13. Last time we caravanned, over 20 years ago, we had our van for about 10 years and covered nearly 40000 Miles. We never ever saw anyone with an identical van to ours. now we’ve started up again and done a couple of trips we still haven’t seen and identical model to ours even on the very busy motorways. off again later this week, wonder if we’ll spot a ‘twin’ this time???
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