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  1. Yeah that panel is exactly what mine looks like but has a cover over the top of it, upon having another look now there is a solar controller hidden behind it as well but cant see where the cable goes its a model STCC10
  2. yeah mine is not going up in the sunshine at all which is how i noticed it was not working as the battery indicator went from good to poor in less than a week.
  3. Hi All, I am a new caravaner and have just purchased a 2018 lunar clubman CK which has a solar panel fitted, when checking on the Sargent control panel the charging was showing as 0.0amps constantly even in the nice sun on the weekend,so i thought ill take the plastic cover off inside the cupboard below the solar panel off to see if i can figure out where the wiring goes and have just found 2 bare wires! i am guessing these should go to a controller which is missing could anyone recommend a replacement? i have no idea what solar panel is installed on the van, i assumed it was done from factory.
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