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  1. Thanks Durbanite This is what I thought ordered the Buccaneer Barracuda at the caravan show last week as seen on last visit to show and really liked lay out and didn’t really look into what sort of car required (didn’t realise I’d need a tank) Thought about loading more into the car to offset weight but don’t know if this is feasible/safe to do Im in a bit of a turmoil now and don’t know if I should cancel buccaneer and go back to drawing board Have a sterling Eccles 580 at moment and wanted to try end bedroom option thanks for advice Trev
  2. Hi Ive just ordered a new Buccaneer Barracuda and we were due for a car upgrade so decided on a Jaguar Fpace 2.0d I am now worried this outfit will not be good together and wondered if anybody out there has this outfit and how they find it or anybody has a car weighing about the same and how they find towing the buccaneer thanks Trev
  3. Hi i have just ordered a buccaneer barracuda and also a Jaguar F Pace 2.0d Auto (expensive week) After reading all comments now worried this combination will not be safe Does anybody tow with the Jaguar F pace with a van close to 2000kg
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