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  1. Just as a matter of interest, how do you know your new meter is accurate?
  2. All cars will have a noseweight limit, which should not be exceeded. My Disco 4 has limit of 150kg.
  3. They don't need to get their houses tested every year. I worked for a DON before I retired, and I was often called to house fires to check the electricity supply was safe. One of the last ones I attended was to a house which had had an extension built on. The owner had done the wiring and plumbing himself. There was a fire in the kitchen which was attributed to a faulty socket. The insurance company asked for the wiring completion certificate, which of course he didn't have. The insurance company refused to pay the claim. The fact the wiring insulation was brown and blue meant it was wired aft
  4. It's quite common to see people writing to forums telling what additional wiring they've added to their caravan, sockets etc. I was wondering, as few people seem to get a wiring inspection certificate, what the position would be if they needed to make an insurance claim, especially an electrical fire. As with a house, they would want to see the necessary certificate to say the wiring complied with the necessary regulations. I know this probably wouldn't apply to older vans, but I was just interested.
  5. I've seen a u-shaped attachment to fit on top of a bottle jack to fit under the chassis rail of an Alko chassis. Are they ok to use? Anyone use one?
  6. Definitely off and we'll chocked, legs down. Our horse trailer would seize handbrake if left me n for more than a couple of days. Always carried 2 pound lump hammer for emergencies!
  7. Did you know that the difference between a satsuma and a tangerine is that no one has written a song called satsuma.
  8. I wonder if anyone knows or has had experience of planning permission to keep a caravan on private land. We own a 3 acre field directly opposite our house which we keep our 3 horses on. We have kept our horse trailer on it for the 6 years we've owned it, and now have put our new caravan on it, purely for storage. I am sure that strictly speaking we need planning permission, but not sure. Anyone know what the position is?
  9. Cancelled C&CC insurance, got it for £300 elsewhere. Bailey confirmed Alko receiver only fitted to 2020 models.
  10. We used to use the Honda 2.0i at work for the local DNO. If a consumer's power went off and we couldn't restore within the 3 hours demanded by the Electricity Regulator we would fit one of these if possible to get lights, fridge tv etc working and to avoid the financial penalty. They were 100% reliable, sometimes left to run for a couple of days continuously, just needing refilling. Trouble was we could never get through to people not to use the kettle as well.
  11. I always thought the tramlines were a very basic method of enabling self drive cars.
  12. I've been in touch with Bailey and apparently the brochure, which is marked "Printed in september 2019", applies to the 2020 caravan, not the 2019. The 2019 version does not have the receiver fitted, the 2020 one does. 2020 version is manufactured from september on. So that's cleared up then! I do hate this thing that manufacturers have of dating an item for the following year. Our Landrover was first registered in 2015, but it is a 2016 model. How can it be? Anyway, told Bailey I wasn't very pleased but of course I don't think they are bothered. My problem was that I bought a wheel clamp as t
  13. My new Pegasus Grande Rimini has no Alko wheel lock receiver fitted although the brochure states one is fitted. Dealer insists it is over the phone, going in next week to check.
  14. Further info, contacted dealer who said you have to sign up to tracker to get free three months, so it's not really free! Also have just found that again in the brochure it says all Pegasus Grande are fitted with Alko wheel lock receiver, it isn't. When I first enquired about an Alko wheel lock the price put me off, so I bought an approved wheel clamp. When I informed the insurance company my premium rise by £144!! I then managed to get a second hand Alko, ( this was before I knew the caravan didn't take one) so am really mad and out of pocket. The dealer insists it is fitted, so I will be cal
  15. I have just purchased a Bailey Pegasus Grande Rimini, in the brochure it says it has an intruder alarm and tracker built in, but I have just realised there is no sign of either! Does anyone know if they are indeed fitted to this model?
  16. I'm picking up a new Bailey Pegasus Rimini Grande soon, and was wondering what the gas connection is, as I have a Flo Gas cylinder not Calor. Will it be a screw in Calor fitting or just a rubber pipe?
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