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  1. yes exactly, the product isn't actually being made but we have to cover all bases
  2. Hey guys, got one more question. From responses i have seen that for a wireless system people were questioning how the fridge would be powered. So my question is, how many of you require the fridge to be powered on the journey to your destination?
  3. thanks for all your responses guys! the product is not something that has been made as of yet. it is market research for a 'potential' product for a business management module. It doesn't matter to us if the product would be a success or failure we just have to get as much information as possible for a pitch and say whether or not the product would be a viable investment or not. yes this is true, it is a group project and i'm looking into one specific part of it. Other people are doing further research into that sort of thing and we will compile later on from research from othe
  4. Hey guys, I'm doing research for a university project and was wondering if any of you would be happy to fill out a quick survey for me. It's 6 questions so should only take a couple of minutes and any responses would be great! The survey is anonymous so there's no need for personal details. Thanks! http://forms.gle/VmUdzWCRSZattSXUA
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