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  1. If I lived in the USA I may well visit ford 😬 On Saturday we will have been waiting 10 weeks! The problem apparently is with the certificate of Conformity, everything has been signed off... just waiting for LuxControl to send over the paperwork. Apparently the type approval had to be restarted when Lunar Automotive was formed. There is no NCC approval with the new company until they submit paperwork which I’m not too worried about. My new caravan is just sat there waiting. After visiting the NEC and not really liking any of the new models I’m stuck waiting! I’m fed up of chasing my dealer who I’m sure are as fed up with me chasing!
  2. I think the dealer paid for it when we ordered it, as he said it was paid to the new company. We paid on credit card just in case of any issues. The sales manager from Lunar Automotive is at the NEC so might have a trip up there tomorrow 😉
  3. The dealer has already paid for the caravan (although they didn’t specify if recently or before lunar went bust) they were special editions which are only sold by my dealer. I have paid a deposit (full payment when we eventually collect it) apparently the sales manager for lunar automotive is at the show. the reason for the delay was apparently... the paperwork for the weight etc needed to be sorted but the bank account had been frozen when bust. That surely would have been rectified by now. Just wish someone would give me a straight answer rather than hanging around every week wondering if my caravan is arriving at the dealer. It makes me wonder if something dodgy is going on as when I called lunar (night as well ask at the source) their sales manager had to ask dealer.... mine is a 2019 model already made. Just sat there waiting.
  4. Are there major issues at lunar automotive? Bought a new caravan quite a few weeks ago (after they announced full warranty on caravans coming from the factory following take over) according to the dealer the caravan is awaiting release from the factory (this has been going on 4 weeks) yet lunar can’t give me a straight answer and say they will speak to dealer? When I paid my deposit I was told caravan was made and paid for and just waiting transport to come down. Feel like I am being fobbed off. It’s not a great start for the ‘new company’ anyone else having trouble getting their new caravan?
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