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  1. Hello, I have a lunar solar 465 and my problem is I am getting no power to my plugs if someone is able to help would be great. The problem is i have a power modular system PMS7 in the caravan, I am connected to a mains power and do not have a battery connected the unit is receiving power and sending power to lights/ heater etc but none of the plug sockets work?! The row of 10a fuses have been checked and also fuses under the bench all are good. I have attached a picture of the unit, On the bottom row of trip switches when I flick 1 & 2 nothing happens.. 3 is for the lights which works could these switches be faulty any ideas would be appreciated. Also if I flick switch 1 or 2 on they don’t trip off but stay on only have them off position as not doing anything. Also the water pump and heater leds light up on the Module but am not using water so have switched it all off.
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