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  1. We got our first caravan a year ago....so glad. Whilst we obviously couldn’t use it (tourer) between March to July...we went to Buxton in July and, fingers crossed, heading there again tomorrow. Even if it pours with rain, I have no desire to travel abroad! I say fingers crossed because we live in Durham....however, currently guidance is we can still travel, as long we with someone from same household.
  2. Guess we need to cancel trip away to Derbyshire on Sunday.....in light of news regarding non-essential travel
  3. We're due to go to Buxton site on Sunday......will ring them probably Thursday/Friday to check any change of arrangements. The only thing that bothers me more is not being able to eat out or visit NT, if pubs, etc decide to close. It's happened in Ireland already. Yes, I know we can take our own food but part of the holiday for us is eating out
  4. Thank you both for your replies......will double check. We haven't noticed anything in the lockers so hopefully all okay.
  5. We bought a Unicorn Valencia 3 off some friends in September - it was fully serviced before they passed it to us.....been out 3 times and are looking forward to a trip to Buxton on 22nd March. Have read the above posts with interest and wondered if someone can tell me what a roof strap is please? Thanks
  6. As we are fairly new to this and have never been to a weighbridge, I think we need to do this challenge. By the way, what does up-plating involve? Many thanks
  7. Hi All We are going to our first show at the NEC in February - Caravan and Camping Club. Can anyone recommend accommodation nearby - we are not taking the Unicorn on this occasion. Crowne Plaza looks good and within walking distance. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Ian. Once checked would we then only need to check if wheels have been off or at regular intervals? It was serviced in September, prior to us purchasing, would that have been checked? Sorry for being so dim, just our friends had a sudden tragic bereavement and we have been unable to get the service sheet from them as yet.
  9. We bought our caravan from friends who had not toured with it, so no guidance given. We are totally clueless and haven't done any torqueing!! Should wheels be torqued before/after every journey or both? And will that sequence apply to any model or should we check the handbook? We have a Unicorn Valencia III 2015 model. Many thanks.
  10. Great to hear everyones views/experiences.
  11. We bought our Bailey Unicorn Valencia in September from some friends. It is a 2015 model and in very good condition. What has made you trade yours in or consider buying a new one? At the moment the only minor downside is the side bed.....having to crawl out the bottom or over hubby to get out!! I know, if money was no object, there are some amazing new models but just wondered how others have come to the decision? Thanks
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