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  1. We're going for the first time too, although already have a caravan. We got the ticket through CCC for the Friday, was a special deal for just over a fiver each. Looking forward to it....enjoy too.
  2. Hi All We are going to our first show at the NEC in February - Caravan and Camping Club. Can anyone recommend accommodation nearby - we are not taking the Unicorn on this occasion. Crowne Plaza looks good and within walking distance. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Wow, I think we have a lot to learn...….
  4. Thanks Ian. Once checked would we then only need to check if wheels have been off or at regular intervals? It was serviced in September, prior to us purchasing, would that have been checked? Sorry for being so dim, just our friends had a sudden tragic bereavement and we have been unable to get the service sheet from them as yet.
  5. We bought our caravan from friends who had not toured with it, so no guidance given. We are totally clueless and haven't done any torqueing!! Should wheels be torqued before/after every journey or both? And will that sequence apply to any model or should we check the handbook? We have a Unicorn Valencia III 2015 model. Many thanks.
  6. Great to hear everyones views/experiences.
  7. I couldn't see any of the things in the fridge for today's!!
  8. We bought our Bailey Unicorn Valencia in September from some friends. It is a 2015 model and in very good condition. What has made you trade yours in or consider buying a new one? At the moment the only minor downside is the side bed.....having to crawl out the bottom or over hubby to get out!! I know, if money was no object, there are some amazing new models but just wondered how others have come to the decision? Thanks
  9. Hi Paul 1957......I have done a new post.....we survived......didn't take awning.....rain when we set off was horrendous and hubby wasn't too well. Saving for a future trip. Have just seen Richard Y's post...….now got a longing to go to W Pembrokeshire Thanks again everyone for help/guidance
  10. Thanks all. David.....I think being new to this, we've watched that many YouTubes......that it seemed to be highly recommended - maybe by the people who sell them
  11. Thanks all. Decided not to take the risk and just back from site....water drained. Thanks for advice John on covering water drainage outlets....a job to add to list. We got a Floe pump....I think that’s what it’s called, so will do that at weekend hopefully. We will then also need to decide whether to leave it open...are, however, hoping to take Unicorn out at end of December.
  12. Thanks Wildwood. In Durham....had frost when we were down in York during week but back to the rain at home. Hopefully can finish work early and get there.
  13. we are new and definitely learning. Loving the advice and help from the forums.
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