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  1. I'm assuming the gap for spark is correct, as it was working well! Thermostat, power etc all ok. I wondered if there is a problem with the main switch, but have taken that apart and all circuit board looks ok. Have no idea why it's suddenly stopped working!
  2. Hi, my water heater will not ignite from the gas! We've checked all the gas, water connections and all fuses, switches etc, there is no spark on ignition. We can manually light, but it will not reignite when necessary. Has someone else had this problem and managed to resolve it?
  3. Hi! Need some help with a Carver cascade rapide water heater! Unit was working well from gas supply for some time, then started to go with a bang on ignition! Have serviced the whole unit checked all water and gas supplies, fuses etc and have now noticed that it is not producing a spark and will not light! We can manually light the system, but then it will continue to reignite when necessary! Totally stumped, has anyone else resolved this problem? Thanks
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