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  1. Tried motor mover today without charger in. It moved about 2cm before just beeping at me and kept doing this. Checked battery voltage while using and as using it went down to 7v. Is this right. It showed 12.6v at start and now shows 12.3v
  2. The mcb was tripped when i found the fuse. All the lights just went out while i was in the caravan so i had a look at fuses. 1 burnt batt+ fuse and mcb tripped. It just happened out the blue. The only thing on at the time were the lights. It was at the time connected to the mains as i have allways done while its at home.
  3. All lights are on battery. It doesnt trip when the charger is disconnected. But otherwise trips immediately before anything is switched on.
  4. They have added extra plug sockets but they all work.
  5. Cant switch anything on on that circuit as it trips the minute mains connected. Everything is ok just on battery. Mains with battery connected trips. Plug sockets work with mains on as not on that trip but no fuses blow at all. Trip just will not stay up. Just tried again without charger in and it didnt trip. Everything worked so i guess its defo the charger? Does anyone know if its the right charger as its a 20a and the battery fuse which burnt out last time is a 15a
  6. This is the charger. The charger was still plugged in.
  7. Its the same with battery connected too. Nothing else is switched on at all. Tried plug sockets and all work fine when trip is down so not on that circuit but cant try water heater etc as allready tripped the minute i plug it in.
  8. I connect the fully charged battery up and Everything works fine just on battery but as soon as battery disconnected and mains plugged in, the trip that says charger-lights and water heater trips out strait away. No fuses blow. Is this a charger problem or something else. Nothing else is switched on.
  9. Got a new fuse holder coming today so will give it a try and test everything. Thanks for all help everyone.
  10. The only thing that ive had done is had a motor mover fitted.
  11. The fuse has burnt out completely n burnt the fuse board
  12. The fuse (van batt+) has burnt out. Plug sockets now work without main switch being on but no lights. No idea whats happened. Been ok up till now. Any ideas please.
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