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  1. Changed circuit board as the button had previously been broken and was bodged with piece of cardboard. New fuse and were all good and working, checked pump and was already a replacement item as it was on the red crimp terminals and not wired straight to the switch .
  2. Armed with some new fuses today I'm going for another try , if no joy will order a new pump just didnt want to miss anything , if all three parts end up being new it should be good for a year or two
  3. Hi all, Having trouble with the flush in my van, I have changed the pcb flush button , fuse looks okay , am I right in thinking as long as switch , fuse , and pump are all good and power is on in van it should work ? There is nothing else ?
  4. Going to try the bicarb option as I think bleach products will damage the panels
  5. Will this not damage panels?
  6. Hi guys, wondering if any of you have any cleaning tips for mold spots on interior paneling?, I have just got my first proper van (other than an old nail i used for bike racing) and have found a few spots in a bathroom panel . Do you have any tips for cleaning it ? I've tried fairy liquid and a toothbrush with no joy
  7. Hi guys looking to get away on boxing day for a couple of days , anybody reccomend anywhere, I'm based in sk22 and looking for somewhere within a couple of hours. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Does anyone use the maypole 956 hitch lock ? Was your insurance ok with it ?
  9. Hi all , I'm new to caravanning and have a lot to learn , so I'll be popping up here quite a bit . Just thought I'd introduce myself as it seems to be the done thing on most forums
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