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  1. Thx to all of you. We'll go to the Scillys, but not as planned. We'll check out for renting an motorhome in Holland I think, so everyone can relax. Never will u see this caravan on British roads. But I will keep on being on this forum, and maybe we'll meet some of you on our trip. In 2020 or 21. Here is in inside pic showing why we love this size. A lot of room, and high quality finish. And we are travelling about 8-9000 km every year, from early spring to late autumn. But summer is shorter nere up in north, so not much on the roads in winther.
  2. What about this one, see picture. I was thinkink of taking a long caravan on our frst trip to Island of Scilly, but its too long for British roads. I actually saw this Kabe caravan in a Swedish Island, Ôland, some years ago. Perfect for English narrow roads! The hight is about Jeremy Clarkson's campercar in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7g08nwEmyY
  3. As #Legal Eagle" says, 7 meters is max. And he is probably right. From this side on the www: https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/weight-and-width-limits I can reed this: "Width and length The maximum trailer width for any towing vehicle is 2.55 metres. The maximum length for a trailer towed by a vehicle weighing up to 3,500kg is 7 metres. This length does not include the A-frame." So the caravan must be placed outside England. Plans are to be changed. Will continue to see what to do. But still along time before we leave for England. I'll ceheck the A-frame, but I don't think its's 2.5 meter. No, I know it's not possible to take a ferry to the Island of Cilly. And I also remember from years back when checking more about the Islands that the only way to get there is without a car.
  4. I saw that the Danish caravanist I mentioned had a 230cm wide caravan. And the Ferry Rotterdam Hull will be noticed, sounds great! Train was never an option. Ferry is our choice, if #Legal Eagle let us in to Cornwall!!
  5. Legal Eagle: I'll try to check out this. I'm member of a Norwegian Caravan Club, and also a organisation like the german ADAC. And they know what are legal or not when taking a long caravan abroud. I'll tell you what the result is, of course. But keep on giving me advices. I will never forget to listen to the locals. To go out on unknown roads in an (for me) unknown country is not an topic. Good planning will please my wife, also. And a happy wife is much better partner on holidays!
  6. Thank you. This is an challenge I like. But not because I will end up in such a road. Due to the input for u all I see that for an good summer holiday we have to plan the route. Which mainroads to take, and plan a route with campsites we can enter, before we leave from Norway. When u go to an totally unknown country u must be prepared to meet challenges u never had been thinking of. Smallcommunities like the picture is game over. After many years on the roads I know that for an trip to Cornwall area I have to do my homework months before leaving. And a great thing here is that u all will help us to get an holiday without too big challenges. Often we plan the ending place, but make an holiday on the road and stop some places we want to see more of. And in our country there is nature experiences everwhere. We often stop nearby rivers, in the mountain ares around here. In summertime it's daylight at midnight up here in the middle of Norway (Trondheim). The sun goes down at 2330, and is up again at 3 o'clock. The caravan has 320 solar panels with 30A MPPT controller, 200Ah LifePo4 battery, 2000W sinus Inverter, Optima Yellow 75Ah extra battery for the Truma XT4 Mover. The heating is Alde 3020, and the caravan is well insulated with XPS. So we don't need electricity . But for our trip to Cornwall we will go for campsites. Here is an picture from last summer, taken at midnight. The place is at "Dovre", if anyone has been in the area.
  7. I lsten to your advice. If pitches are small, the roads is difficult to drive on there is also an solution in renting a motorhome in Holland. Not more complicated.
  8. Hope it's ok to post some more pictures from Sognefjell. As u can see the roads can bee curvy and narrow. Not the biggest challenge going to England.
  9. One thing I must say: though I'm used to small, curvy an narrow roads I'm not stupid either. If we find out that this thing is not an good idea we will terminate it and go for an motorhome instead. Not a"must do" project. In Norway we have maps showing where not to go with caravans at 250 cm width. Also there is road signs telling drivers not to go on. But lots of tourist don't respect this. And the result is totally chaos in the summertime. Look at the picture below:
  10. The caravan has also an rearview camera (correct description?) for controlling the traffic behind the caravan. Is connected to main lights, and is always on line if I want. For parking on campsites I have a four wheel Mover, Truma XT4. If needed I will pay for 2 pitches. We look forward to plan this trip. The first thing is to book a ferry from France, if possible. And then get information from the authorities if it's possible with this size on the roads. At last we will not do a trip if we find out that this is a bad idea. Motorhome is an option also.
  11. Narrow and curvy roads in Norway can be like this map shows. You cannot see the actual width of the road, but is about 4,5-5 meters in much of the part with the curves. And from the fjord it rises up to 1100-1200 meters in 15-16 km. We'll continue and find out more what to do. This is a great forum, niece and helpful people here, and u respond quick!! Google "Sognefjell" and have a look.
  12. It looks that your information is correct, Legal eagle. From this side I can find correct information: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/driving-advice/towing-a-caravan/#Can-I-actually-tow-a-caravan The site confirm what you say: "Width and length rules The maximum trailer width for any towing vehicle is 2.55 metres. The maximum length is 7 metres for a trailer towed by a vehicle weighing up to 3,500 kilograms" So it seems that the best thing is to leave the caravan at our Dutch friends home, and rent a motorhome in England. I'll continue to find out more about this. Legal Eagle: I have noticed that it may be only a passenger ferry. But that's not a big issue. We want to see more of the area, and ferry (boat) is the only way to travel around.
  13. Thanks for responding. Our plan is to leave the caravan on the main land and only bring the car with us to the Island of Scilly. I'll check out the length if the total length is too long. In Scandinavia this is no problem. We have in Germany 3 yers, and in 20108 we was in Holland (the city of Alkmaar and Groningen). We are towing the caravan about 7-9000 km every year. The biggest challenge is to pass roundabouts. If we go to England I'll check out a place with smaller roads and not start on the roads with much traffic just to learn how to drive on the left hand side of the road. I saw this travelouge a danish caravanist made in 2013, and we hope to take a trip along some of the places he visited: https://campingferie.dk/2016/11/13/ekspedition-lands-end-introduktion/
  14. Me and my wife are thinking about to take a trip to England in 2020, or 2021. WE have never been driving on roads with left side driving. With a car I think we'll feel pretty safe after 2-3 hours on smaller roads. But our challenge is the Caravan. The length of the caravan is 9,5 meters (nearly 32 feet). Together with the car the total lenght is about 48 feet. Our plan is to visit the south of England, ending up in south west. My wife has been talking about The Isles of Scilly, after she met a nice lady from that place in a summer holiday some years ago. I'm a bit worried to take out on British rods with a huge caravan. So I'm interested in hearing from other caravanist whom can give some good advise. We are also thinking about renting a motorhome in europe, and take the trip without the caravan. So if anyone have time to help us with some advise we'll be very happy. Jan and family
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