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  1. Thanks for that, but its stored near Peterborough.
  2. The same occasion. Its weighing heavily on my mind... Second. Originally I asked if I'd done any damage to my van. Now I'm trying to come to terms with am I using the jockey wheel . If you can't put something positive why don't you just not post anything. You don't help matters. Thank you everyone (apart from Mr Negativity). I've made notes which hopefully will help next time.
  3. I'm a newbie lone lady who is realising a dream of reliving the happy caravanning experience in the past but this time on my own. When I got the van a few weeks ago towing seemed to be the most nerve wracking experience. Not any more. Whilst putting the van into storage and uncoupling, I inadvertently had the jockey wheel crash down with the front of the van hitting the ground. I knocked on someone's caravan who came to my aid and lifted the van back up. I'm now terrified of the next time I couple up in case it happens again. How do I get the jockey wheel into position
  4. I'm a total lone female newbie to caravans, my ex having done everything to do with the van. Got the can on Saturday. Son helped me with advice on towing, unhitched me at campsite and then left me to it. The salesman told me the first thing to do was push the yellow lever down under the berth near the sink. I then filled the aquaroll and heard the pump working when I switched it on on the control panel by the door. I left time for water to fill the tank and noted it was nearly empty, so water was going somewhere. I opened the sink tap and there was a splutter. I opened
  5. Thanks all that's reassuring. Lost in the wilderness - I will check next time I'm out
  6. Does anyone actually use theirs? Doesn't look as if you can get much more than a few crisp packets and similar in. Can you get a bigger bin you can slot in or are they a permanent fixture?
  7. Being a newbie, I made the mistake yesterday trying to adjust the jockey wheel whilst unhitched yesterday by undoing the small lever. A mistake I hopefully won't make again. Anyway the jockey wheel suddenly collapsed down completely making the A frame and caravan front also collapse down fully. I managed to find someone to haul it back up with him directing me on how to get the jockey wheel back up. My question is would I have done any permanent damage to the caravan with this silly mistake?
  8. Thanks. I initially heard a sputtering. I opened the taps but only to the midway between hot and cold setting. The splutter died then nothing. I didn't put the tap to the hot position so will try that next time.
  9. Ah, okay. So I suppose they were left in the open position when I collected the van?
  10. Thanks for that bspks. I did open up the bellows and when I tried to raise the hitch nothing seemed to be happening. Should the jockey wheel be up before I try winching the hitch off the towball? I wish I'd watched my ex more closely now when we had a caravan! I'm a total numpty. Kelper is there any other lever apart from the yellow one I should flick on the Alde tank under the berth to maybe get the water flowing through?
  11. As a newbie, excuse if I ask silly questions. Do I need to turn any of them on when pitching up?
  12. No, I depressed the yellow lever on arrival as told to do by dealership. Should I leave yellow lever in up position when I leave site?
  13. Collected my five year old Bailey Valencia yesterday with my son. Was so excited. I previously had a motorhome for a short time but couldn't get on with it so part exchanged it for this van. I caravanned with my ex for ten years so it's in the blood. Son drove us out of the dealership as there was a lot of traffic and mini roundabouts. I took over at the services. He was giving me tips as he's an HGV driver. We got to the campsite without incident. He set me up by unhitching the caravan and putting wheel and hitch locks on. Then he left me to it. I felt quite lonely once he'd gone
  14. Thanks all. The big day tomorrow!! My son is coming with me as he's an HGV driver and will give me tips on manoeuvring when we get to the campsite where I will be storing the 'van. They've got two big open fields and not many pitched up. In answer to some of your comments, I got a motor mover fitted and am on a towing course on Wednesday. Oh and I've got the convex towing mirrors too. Wish me luck!!
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