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  1. Hi Alan yes I have changed both the fuses with 10amp glass ones.i have just put the wire from one socket to the one next to it still the same.i have disconnected the battery for about 10 minutes and still the same.unless I disturbed something when I was at the circuit board but all I done was dissconneted the four wires at the top reconnected them changed both fuses today so I dontno. Is there a shutdown switch or trip switch on combi boiler I looked for one but where it is its very tight to see. I also pressed the reset button I think I need to call truma first thing tommrow. Thanks for advice Alan
  2. Hi Alan again thanks for replying. Is the lead you are referring to a black wire with a white socket on the right hand side at the top Cornor of the circuit board if so yes I removed it and replace it but there is another socket beside it with the same connecting but no cable connected if so should I try this and by the way it's a truma combi 4e
  3. Thank you Alan.would you have any knowledge on the boiler not powering up I reset my truma control panel due to a fault occurring when I go to pre set and it initializing when it's done it gose back to the main screen with just a clock and a spanner I have lost the symbols for heating water fan etc.
  4. Hi guys just wondering as I dissconneted the wires from my boiler circuit board and forgot where the last to wires go there for the 12 volt on the circuit board I'm left with one red and black wire and another white and orange I dontno which gose to negative and positive I no it's a silly question but I have no knowledge of this.any advice much appreciated thank you
  5. Hi guys I have replaced the fuses still no good. I have dissconnet the wiring from the circuit board and put most of it back to I'm just left the the 12 vlot socket on circuit board do I put the black and red one to negative or positive I also have a white and onrange one.sorry I have no knowledge of this please and help or advice much appreciated thank you
  6. Commander Dave this might sound silly how do I no I have power in combi unit. Thanks for your reply If its by electric hook up I have power. Could it possibly be a fuse are they fuses in the combi unit.sorry I'm new to caravaning. Any help much appreciated
  7. Hi guys wondering if any1 can help.i have a lunar venus with a truma control panel I had to reset it due to warning signal I then went on to pre set and it went on to initializing but I'm still left with the spanner and clock any1 no what to do any help would be much appreciated
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