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  1. I wonder whether you can help me with a problem that has arisen with my Lunar Stellar caravan (2017 model) I purchase this model following a visit to the Caravan Show in October 2016. It came complete with a Powrtouch Classic Motor Mover. Everything was alright until the summer of 2018 when I tried to use the mover to leave the site we had just spent four days on. On arrival at the site it worked perfectly. Thinking it was a problem with the mover I contacted Powrtouch and they fitted a new ECB. Owing to a family bereavement we did not go away until early 2019 when we had difficulty both arriving and leaving the site. It was suggested that the car was not charging the caravan battery when the fridge was switched to 12v whilst towing. The next two trips I did not turn the fridge on whilst travelling and the mover worked perfectly. I am at a total loss as to where we go from here and would be grateful if you could shed any light on the matter.
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