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  1. after a lot of research and help from other Elddis owners who have had same problem I have finally found out that Elddis used a sealant called Terostat MS 939 to fix the heki roof lights in place, this does not have the flexibility needed so eventually the heki rooflight will crack, you may be lucky and it will never crack or you may be unlucky like me and it it cracks after 2 years, it can be fixed by replacing and using a flexible mastic tape , I would advise all Elddis owners to check their heki by pulling out the vents and looking up for cracks ,better to check now than leave over winter
  2. if money is no object get an 8ft x 8ft shipping container, toe-rags take ATM.s out of walls so nothing is totally secure but these are hard for an average toe-rag to break into
  3. I have Elddis Xplore 586 year of manufacture is 2017 ,only 2 years old and heki roof light is split in 3 places and letting water, so no Elddis have not sorted out this problem. check warranty on water ingress, you will find windows excluded.
  4. Try sikaflex 512 it will hold the water on the roof , wait for a dry day to apply, clean and dry the holes first .
  5. My 2017 Elddis Xplore 586 has a heki roof light which is cracked in 3 places , it is letting water in , please make your your own conclusion on this. you have to make your own choice when spending your hard earned cash, do your research.
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