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  1. That’s good to know, I didn’t realise it could be ready in such a short time, I was told 12 months before it’s ready to burn. Its good to here others experiences and considering that you’ve been in it for so long, you must know the most efficient ways of keeping it warm. I am going ahead with the log burner as I have a lot of wood to burn, but if I need it I may have to get the other heater mentioned. thanks.
  2. Thanks all for the help and advice. There are a few things that have made me think about the best way to go about this. I did have concerns about carbon monoxide and even though I’ve fitted 6 vents to the main living area, I know that it can still build up. I am going to go ahead with the log burner, but if it is causing any issues, I’ll stop using it and look into the paraffin heater. I can always reuse the log burner in the living space above the garage I’m building. Thanks again.
  3. The ones I started splitting yesterday were cut around 12 months ago. One swing and they split pretty easy. I haven’t tried a fresh cut log yet, but I’m guessing they won’t be as brittle. ill look into a log splitter. thanks.
  4. Is it best to leave the logs whole and chop them when they have dried or will the dry quicker if they are chopped up straight away?
  5. Thanks Andy. the wood I have now should last this winter and the plan is to cut the trees down in a few weeks, so they should be ready for next winter and the one after. I should have the house built then, so I’m not to bothered about using it after that. Ill get a damp meter and check it.
  6. I have already bought a carbon monoxide detector ready for it. Ive worked out the costs between gas and logs. I’ve got about 5 tonne bags worth of logs on the site already and there are a couple of trees on site that need cutting down. I’ve hopefully got enough free wood for a few years. Ill work out what’s best between going through the wall and roof. thank you.
  7. Thanks both. its on my own plot whilst I’m building a house, so I don’t need any permissions. Ill take a look through that site, thanks. I originally planned to put it through the wall, but was advised against it as the flue will now have 2 bends. Due to this the draw on the smoke will be reduced and so I was told to go straight up.
  8. Hi. I have a static caravan and would like to install a log burner. I’m capable of doing it myself, but would like to know the correct way for the flue to go through the ceiling and roof. I will be using a 125mm twin wall flue, but need to know how much of a gap needs to be around it. Is there some type of fitting that is needed to be fixed between the ceiling, void between and roof or is it ok to fit the flue on its own. I want to make sure that the flue doesn’t get to hot and starts scorching things. thanks.
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