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  1. With help from my son we've fixed the problem the wire to the permenant live was broken inside and when you moved it it was arcing and blowing the fuse . renewed the feed and fingers crossed everything has been great since . Thanks everyone for their help .It is really appreciated .
  2. We are going to spend 6 weeks touring the East coast of Spain from Almeria to Barcelona in May June . Does anyone know of a web site for car boot sales or can recomend any Car Boots in Spain . We will be starting and ending in Bilbao travelling inland via Madrid and returning up the coast.
  3. The fuse I have fitted is a 15 Amp ,which I now know should be a 20Amp because of the Alko . The confusing part is when I changed the fuse (to another 15 Amp) everything was OK , Alko on ,all lights working. by the time I reached home 30 miles I checked and the fuse was blown again the ALKO light was out and the brake and indicator lights were not working. As I have said I had done approx 10,000 miles with the 15 Amp fuse in with no problems . The small repair I had done was on the side where I caught a gatepost not near any electrical connections.
  4. Thanks for your reply , I am on 13 pin socket . The fuse blown is in the car fuse box and feeds the tow bar electrics . The battery is connected . I will check the socket and plug for loose wires or moisture as you suggested . I am going to replace the fuse in the car again and see if it blows when I'm not towing . Thanks that's something I never thought of I'll check that in the morning .
  5. After near 10,000 miles of towing around UK and France the permanent live from the fusebox is blowing the 15 amp fuse . I went to Glossop to pick up my caravan after a small repair and when I connected the caravan to the car everything was dead . The mechanic on site checked the caravan with his box of tricks and said the fault must be in the car . I found that the main fuse feeding the tow bar electrics had blown. I replaced the fuse and everything seemed ok ,alko ,lights etc After driving 30 miles to home I checked my lights and the fuse had blown again. I can't see anything obvious any help would be welcome . Car Land Rover Freelander 2 , Coachman Pastiche 520
  6. Thanks I will look into this one , we were in the South of France in June last year and it was unbearable .
  7. With a six week holiday in Spain coming up next year May ,June I am thinking of having Aircon installed in my Coachman Pastiche 520 . I would appreciate any recommendations . Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info , a few years ago we stayed in a little hotel on the beach and are looking to go back around that area and further south .Any info or reccomendations are appreciated. I've booked today Portsmouth - Bilbao 17th May return 2nd July .
  9. We have taken our caravan around France on several occasions and now we are hoping to try Spain in May for approx 6 weeks . We plan to get the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander and then on to the Santa Susannah area and possibly further South . I have an Acsi card and am looking for recomendations i.e sites to stay and best roads to use. We don't rough camp so would only want to stay in good quality sites preferably with elec,water etc . Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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