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  1. Why accept this situation. British Manufacturers are getting away with it and we allow them to. Just listening to tonight's ' Rogue Traters' or Watchdog - they have done a piece on Car Recalls where the same car bought abroad has been re called and fixed yet here nothing or slow 'laisez faire' attitude mean our citizens lives are put at risk. I also believe that RIP of Britain did a piece this morning on the poor quality of their build. We all need to wake up and demand and Independent Survey to cover basic standards of build quality and service akin to JDPower but with more bite as the recall issue seems to attest to. Unless we all post and complain they'll never shift. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are good for making these manufacturers sit up and take notice. I'm writing to Watchdog to ask for them to look at Tourers as well as Motorhomes. Why not do the same? Taffyd
  2. Then my new friends, 'What are we the Caravanning Public' going to do about it?' I'm writing to JDPower, the BBC and Topgear - why not? Keep on publishing on here too and the club sites. Twitter is good for getting it out there too. If we act and tell our stories who knows who's listening??? Hit them hard ' in the purse where it hurts' and they'll eventually respond. With Social media at our fingertips we have the tools to get something done. Who's up for it? Oh - and let's see what happens when the people who are the controllers of this site realise what we are doing. Surely, they too - who ever you are must have a stance. Let's hear from you too???? P.S am no left wing trotsky or right wing facist either. Have no vested interests except my Caravan which ought to be so much better than it is. I have no political affiliations or associations. I am a recently retired Primary Head, son of a Coal Miner who spent a fair chunk of his retirement lump sum on what can only be described as a mediocre tourer. Surely the British Caravan Manufacturers can do better - they will too if we the purchasing public don't let them get away with it.
  3. Hi there, Am new to this forum / site. Am relatively new to Touring Caravanning. I own a Swift. I love it and touring. However, am struck since purchasing new that it has a 3 year warranty by actually I've had / have so many niggles with its overall quality. The brakes squeal, the Dometic fridge alarm keeps me awake most nights as it randomly goes of. The rear window nearly fell off because the plastic retaining clips are less than secure, the sliding bedroom door handle spindle has snapped and leaves abrasive marks against the opposite facial as it closes, the shower has had its tap replaced as it leaks internally behind the shower facial causing internal damp, the splash guard has popped its retaining screws through general movement in transit as have the shower entry guards. The bathroom shelf is on at an angle and the facia beneath the cooker has dropped off and is now stuck on with black duck tape. All this in a caravan bought in April 2018! Need-less-to-say I am in the process of arguing with my dealer over getting these all rectified. This has been fraught with angst. When I search for a body that represents the customer to help here I find none to specifically Talk with. More importantly I am struck by the fact that customers have no independent body to feedback, akin to the JDPower survey done on new car ownership. Isn't it time the caravanners of this country sought such a survey so that we can hold manufacturers and dealers to account and drive up standards - just as has happened with motor vehicles. Discuss please????
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