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  1. Thanks SamD that's worth thinking about, we might just do that. The missus is now re-thinking Old Brick Kilns, thatnks for the info Danuk
  2. Well thanks guys for your replies. We'll look at the search sites to see what they can throw up so thanks for that Ern. As for Deer Meed, yes we would like an adult only site however we believe they don't do storage so thanks SamD. Unless you know different !!
  3. Hi all I'm trying to find a stay and pitch site in North Norfolk. What we are looking for is a small site that would store our caravan and bring it out when we go and stay, therefor knocking towing in the head. We know about Old Brick Kilns and Deer Glade but they seem to be large sites. The trouble is most sites do not advertise this service so searching the net, which we have done is pretty fruitless. So we have to rely on word of mouth, hence the request. Hope someone can help.
  4. Cheers Wunny I'll look into that. Would I have to change the housing on the side of the 'van?
  5. No not under warranty, four year old
  6. Hi all, New to the site but have been caravanning for 12 years now and I've hit a problem which I feel can only be sorted by experts...….that's why I'm here. We have a Bailey Pursuit and on our last trip the water stopped working. After that the toilet would not flush. Removed flush pump and got that going, the impellor had jammed, checked the water pump fuse and it had blown so replaced that...switched on pump no prob....turned on tap. Boom fuse blows and toilet flush stopped working. Replaced fuse, toilet worked but did not use water pump. Now then, my question is this. When I removed the toilet flush pump I could turn the impellor to get it working again. When I removed the submersible pump out of the aquaroll and looked at the bottom of it, is what I see the impellor? and if so should I be able to turn it manually like the flush one? because I can't. By the way we are talking about a Truma Ultrafow.
  7. First of all we've been caravanning for twelve years now and while away I've always read caravan chat so have decided to join to converse with all the experts on here! So I'm hoping its going to be a fun experience. Nice to meet you all
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