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  1. Have a look at the video from our trip to Ebury Hill
  2. Absolutely the most peaceful place we ever been. Friendly staff. Great size pitches. Lots of walks around not only for dogs. Fishing pond. 15 minutes driving distance to Shrewsbury
  3. Yes it's 1500kg tow limit It might be the option. thanks for advice
  4. Hi I am looking to purchase our first family caravan. When I did my calculations I realized that I can only tow a caravan up to 1190kg. Correct me if I'm wrong. I passed my driving licence in 2003 and have B category. My fully loaded car is 2310kg Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV So 3500kg limit minus 2310kg gives 1190kg It's been over a month and so far I only found one 5 berth caravan which is under 1200kg. I didn't have much luck as it was sold Bailey Discovery 300 has Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass of 1171kg Do you know any other M
  5. I resealed the joints with damp. It was quite simple as only replaced the rotten structures of the frame. I would definitely recommend. I was given this Caravan for free so that's why I had so much confidence as otherwise I would be scared to break something. But to be honest it wasn't too bad and there was a lot of damp. It took me over 4 months as was only spending couple hours a week. If you retire or have part time job it would only take week or two.
  6. So after over 4 month's my Caravan is finally finished. Hoping to inspire few people as I got to the point when I was going to give up. But I didn't 😀 And I'm very pleased with the results. https://youtu.be/1VOjUgRC_3g
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