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  1. I have a Swift Challenger 460 SE 2004, I haven't had it too long, our first caravan after many years of folding campers. We love it. I noticed while away at half term at the brilliant CMC site Coniston, that one of the side front windows had come apart down one side of its long length. Delamination. After searching the internet for advice I came up with Bondrite S1220 as the answer. Yesterday we went up to the storage yard and rebonded the acrylic windows. Not glued. When we left after giving the bond time to cure all looked fine. Time will tell but I will keep this updated in the hope it may help someone else. The 25ml syringe went along way.
  2. I have a swift Challenger 2004 SE and in the specification handbook it says 39psi so that's what I am working on. I haven't checked the pressure using the tyre size formula as you should go use the handbook in the first instance and the formula if you don't have a handbook. Just read John19 post earlier. He is correct that they are in the service book
  3. I posted on here a couple of days ago about the rear 2 underside corners of my van . See post. Yesterday. After it had been raining. Not during. I was at a caravan dealership and I thought I would have a look at a few cans of around 10 years old. Mine is a 2004. Across manufacturers it didn't seem any different. Many vans had soft damp underside rear corners that had obviously had rain water tracking into them over the years from the rear panel of railing. Seems like it's everyone. Just age related. Just the rear 2 corners. So under my ply board is wooden lats. I am going to treat these were they been exposed to prevent/ reduce any further deterioration. Then either fill or re ply the corners. Maybe Isopan or wood filler. These are my thoughts but I am open to suggestions or previous experience. Thanks
  4. Thanks Charliefarlie. I think you have hit the nail on the head. So to speak. Given the age of my van and that is the same as yours at the back with a lip coming down and over from the rear panel, and on both sides. I am going to purchase a damp meter as well just for ongoing monitoring throughout the van but I think we are getting there
  5. Thanks for all your replies on the subject. I will investigate further. I did buy it privately but I don't see that as an issue at the moment. Any way watch this space. Thanks again
  6. Thanks for the reply Andy. As I say I am new to the caravanning but I was just going by the damp test report. That was undertaken before I purchased the caravan. I have pressed on the interior floor in the near side rear behind the toilet and it feels firm, not soft. The other corner is were the shower is so I can't get to it but the off side is only half as bad as the near side. Would you suggest gluing an oversized piece of 6mm marine ply over the hole. If so would you seal the edges with a Caravan sealer. Or would you recommend cutting a piece of new ply to the same size as the hole that we would have after removing the rotten edges. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi all I am new to caravaning but had a folding camper for the last 18 years. I have recently purchased a 2004 Swift Challenger 460 which overall is in excellent condition and has been really looked after. It's had a full service and damp test with a NCC registered engineer with no issues. However I have noticed that on the underside rear corners there is a bit of rot, the worst side being the near side. It's about 2 or 3 inch square. There is no damp anywhere else so I assuming it's just rotting back from the corners with age. I am fairly handy at DIY and my son is a joiner so we can cut the rotten edges out with a multi tool no problems. What would anyone recommend that we fill the gaps in with please. Thanks Here is a cropped close up image of one side.
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