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  1. Well, I bought this Conqueror and the comments made about the warranty I have sorted out by spending some time and effort on the phone. I have found a Swift main dealer about 15 miles from me, recommended by Swift, who were very helpful and who I will use for servicing etc. I have spoken to Swift and I am now officially the new owner. The caravan is stored at my daughters home and I have slept in it a couple of nights, everything works as it should and I am absolutely over the moon with it. I must say the dealers that I bought from were excellent, they threw in a couple of extras, extende
  2. i have looked at a 2018 Conqueror 480 today and am very keen. I've been looking at the Challenger up to now but have been blown away by this Conqueror. I am concerned slightly that the dealer will only accept a bank transfer or debit card, I would like to pay with a credit card for that extra bit of security should a problem arise, although I know I will be covered by the balance of the manufacturers warranty regarding damp problems etc. The van comes with a 3 month dealer warranty which I think is a bit short for this time of the year. What do you people think of the van etc.
  3. Thanks for all your replies. I will travel with the bottle in it's place in the front locker and juggle the awning etc to try and get the nose weight as near to the 75kg as I can without incurring a pendulum effect. I know the last outing when I checked, the nose weight was nearer 90kg (no problems towing) but after reading your comments I will put up with it this time out ( off to the Peak District tomorrow) if that's the best I can achieve. Next time I will probably buy a small Calor Lite. Many thanks again.
  4. Hi Can any one advise me, is it okay to lay a 6kg propane bottle on its side wedged behind the front seat of my car whilst towing my caravan. I bought a new bottle this afternoon and asked the salesman if it was okay, he replied with a definate yes, but I seem to remember somewhere in the depths of my memory, reading that the bottle should be upright. Many thanks Rick
  5. Any one else, other than Pebble, used Spray and Shine as that is a really good price. I think I am going to order some.
  6. Unfortunately too late for me (I had been thinking about one for several weeks) but then a couple of weeks ago, a few minutes after 8am, I was waiting to enter the Stirling Corner R/A, North London. There was a gap in the traffic and as I edged forward, 12 inches at the very, very most, there was a coming together of, of all people, a police motorcyclist on my nearside front corner. The heavy metal tube that projects out to protect the riders leg had connected with the corner of my front nearside. I now wait to see what develops. Fortunately a witness, also a motorcyclist, came forward
  7. I have 245/40/19" alloys on my Insignia. I towed my Coachman 560/4 for a couple of hundred miles a few weeks ago for the first time and the car and caravan towed beautifully. BUT I have to agree the ride is harsh, solo, to the point that if I could find a company that could fit an adjustable suspension or whatever to improve the ride I would seriously consider fitting it. Anybody got advice?
  8. Dave The tyres were two years old at point of service and and confirmed by the DOT about May 2010.
  9. At my caravans second service in Oct 2012 the service dept at my dealers showed me that one tyre was cracking all the way round the wall of the tyre As the van was only two years old at the time, been used about 6 times and the DOT was 2010 I rang Coachmans. They told me it was down to the suppliers Tyre-Line. Photographs were emailed and after quite sometime I received a letter from Tyre-Line which was a copy of a letter from GITI TIRE (UK) LTD. describing all the technical details of oxidation etc. etc finally ending the letter with 'reject this claim'. Obviously I was not happy
  10. I just hope the dragons are able to improve the templates etc you have. After the 4 or 5 attempts you had at making a cover for my 2010 Coachman over about nine months you just gave up! I even provided detailed measurements. Needless to say I now have a Specialised Cover that fits beautifully - first time as well.
  11. Although material appears similar from the samples sent from both manufacturers now that I have experience of both the Specialised is superior. The fit is excellent. It came with additional straps, two at the front and two at the back that wrap around the legs, these keep the cover nicely fitted. Not so on the Pro-Tec. A proper 'pocket' has been made for the arial and flue unlike the flappy bit of excess material on the Pro-Tec.
  12. After enduring 10 months of Pro-Tec being unable to provide a cover to fit my 2010 Coachman after five attempts, I was going to place an order for a new Specialised cover after the recent bank holiday. Looking around ebay on the Sunday of the bank holiday I just happened to come across a two year old Specialised cover for my model caravan, an email was quickly sent with an offer, that was accepted. Picked it up the next day and am well pleased. Far superior cover compared to the Pro-Tec. Any one thinking of a cover for their caravan should deffinitely consider a Specialised fir
  13. Just been looking in the CC Mag. and saw an advert from Cover Systems. Has anyone had experience of them - good or bad. Although they are a lot more expensive than their two competitors, sooner than have a repeat of a recent saga with PT if I was confidant that I was going to get a properly fitted cover I would order one.
  14. Thanks surf01 I was wondering if there was any real difference between the two companies? I don't want another experience similar to the Pro-Tec one. After the Pro-Tec saga I did try a Kampa. Just massive, material bulging and flapping about all over the place. Even after speaking to Kampa I was told I had the right size. A bit of a dilemma I think.
  15. Seaman, the dirt lines were aquiered with the caravan in storage. I had never used the van with the front cover on. I can only assume that all the fine debris the wind carries was able to blow under the main cover that fits with straps over the the front cover. I know problems occur (I never raised my voice or got angry) but it is how problems are rectified and I believe I have been treated very shabbily by Pro-Tec.
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