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  1. 3 hours ago, TintentTerry said:



    I also have a 2015 S3 Cadiz and have a 15amp fuse next to the 30amp  Battery fuse (see attached photo). The 15amp fuse is between the Truma solar charger and the battery.  There is also an in-line connector between the 15amp fuse and the solar charger. This can easily become disconnected.  If the connector is fully plugged in and the fuse is OK, you should be able to measure the battery volts at the Solar charger output to battery  with a multimeter. If there is an open circuit between the Solar charger and the battery there will be the full PV panel volts on the Truma Solar input terminals and zero volts on the Truma battery output terminals. The LED should also be either a steady Green or flashing depending whether the battery is charged fully or not.  No lit LED if there is a blown 15amp fuse or an open circuit between Solar charger and Battery.

    From what you have said in your posts your Truma Solar charger may be OK and its just a bad connection.

    Good luck.


    I have also attached a link to the Truma manual.



    Photo showing  the Blue 15amp Fuse and the white inline connector fully plugged in.

    In my 2015 S3 Cadiz the fuses are located on the right,  under the Near Side fixed bed.



    Hi Terry thanks for your reply I will have another look but don't recall another wire like that next to the battery fuse

    could it be at back of the consumer unit.

  2. 33 minutes ago, Guzzilazz said:

    Most  installations will have a fuse on the battery side of the solar charging.  0.28V indicates NO CONNECTION to the battery

    would this be the fuse see attached picture I have tested with my multimeter and get a sound so it looks as though the fuse is ok


  3. Thank you all for your help have ordered a new pwm  battery charger controller will be here sometime tomorrow.

    will  have another look at it then I will have to take the consumer unit out  and try and trace the wires from controller 

    to battery. Could I just connect 2 wires to the battery1 on controller to my battery terminals and see if that works.


  4. 1 hour ago, Stevan said:

    With your multimeter check the voltage at the battery terminals in good daylight with the battery full, or near full.

    If it shows over 13 Volts its charging!


    Hi Stevan 

    Just checked with multimeter and battery shows 12.6v and no flashing green light on solar charger.

    when I put multimeter on the + and - on the solar side part of the charger I get a reading of 21.78v but on the battery 1 side I get 0.28 


  5. 31 minutes ago, CliveB said:

    When I had this problem it was because the aux battery voltage had dropped below 12V (following a break in the solar cable) and the solar charger had cut out (a safety precaution). Solved by "jump starting" the aux battery with a fully charged one to bring the voltage up to 12V and it kicked in with the normal flashing lights.

    The supplied Truma instructions are useless. With the help of someone on this forum I tracked down the OEM user booklet - much more comprehensive and informative. I now keep a pdf copy on my laptop.

    They are available on the Photonic Universe website photonicuniverse.com



    Thank you Clive I have looked on the website but can't find out on the truma can you please leave the link for the right documentation also should the green light be flashing .

  6. Can anyone please help I have a bailey unicorn s3 caditz 2015 and just been in for service and has had a new battery charger fitted as last one stopped working.

    all fine now but can someone please help how do you check if the solar panel is charging the battery there are no lights on the solar battery charger.

    I have checked the cables from solar panel to charger with multimeter and seems to be charging but don't know how to test if charging battery.

  7. Hi can  anyone please help just been  to my caravan this weekend and on Saturday the battery didn't seem to be charging does any body know where

    the Battery Charger is in the caravan (Bailey Unicorn Series 3 Cadiz 2015) I  had to put my battery pack on to get the voltage up soon I  took it off the battery volts went down,

    Can someone please help me.





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