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  1. We have made a purchase at last, we have gone for a Coachman Laser Excel 875
  2. Compass wasn’t on our ‘list, you may have just created another column on our matrix and after I’ve spent the day looking at vans and had come home with a shortlist of three🙈 I can do steps with assistance but haven’t ruled out a lift.
  3. 😳 ‘Yes we want a fixed bed, there are quite a few vans with transverse beds and end bathrooms which we are working our way through. We are looking for a four berth van, grandchildren can come two maybe three at a time and if their parents want to join us they can bring their own tent.
  4. As I said in my "needs" list, due to my disability it has to be an end bathroom, our guests would mostly be grandchildren, more than happy for them to squeeze past the bed if they need to, anyone else who needs to use the toilet during the night can pitch their own tent (the parents) 😳 at "bad language removed" apologies I’m used to forums where the definition of bad language is a tad more relaxed.
  5. ‘What I want is reliability, value for money and a touch of luxury. What I need is more vital, I’m a full time wheelchair user, I can stand and walk enough not to need a chair once inside the van, I require enough space next to the bed to set up a ventilator and suction equipment, storage space for all sorts of medical bad language removed and two extra berths for occasional guests.
  6. Hello, there is currently a very complicated chart on a whiteboard in my kitchen, caravans have been eliminated and new ones added. I am still undecided as to whether this caravan will be new or used, I’m sold on an end bathroom and an eight foot wide van (I have my reasons). It’s a frustrating process which I hope will result in lots of happy holidays.
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