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  1. We bought a Swift Archway 2014 second hand from the first owners in 2017. We had a great couple of trips but then discovered a couple of cracks in the roof. We looked through our warranty small print and thought we were not covered as we were second owners. We tried asking at a small repair shop local to us. They did lots of tutting and shaking of heads and said it would cost around £700 to repair and they would not be able to guarantee the work for more than a year. They also 'very kindly' offered to sell the caravan for us to traders that they were in contact with. We were understandably gutted to think that our retirement investment had gone downhill so quickly so I decided to contact Swift directly. The first contact made gave a negative response so I appealed and explained that as it was only 4 years old it was a shock not to be covered. I then received a second reply from another Swift Customer Service agent who said that yes we were indeed covered and that I should mention her name if there were any problems. We subsequently had the repair done very professionally by Panel Works of Bawtry who guarantee it for 24 months. It is always worth persevering I think. I just want to let people know that Swift gave us excellent support and help with this issue.
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