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  1. Hi looking a bit of advice I will be changing the external 230v socket on my van and was wondering if I can use standard silicone sealant when I fit the new socket or do you need to use the mastic tape for Caravans?
  2. Hi does anyone know if this is the correct water pump socket for a 2011 unicorn Valencia 1 as I would like to replace mine as the front flap on mine has broken
  3. Hi I have a Unicorn Valencia 1 and looking to get a front towing cover but my Caravan only has 1 awning rail so is there a special on for this caravan ?
  4. Hi looking a bit of advice the last couple of outings in our new to us Unicorn Valencia 1 we have noticed the the bathroom never heats up even though the radiator in the bathroom is pumping hot, anyone any ideas to what the problem might be?
  5. Hi I accidentally kicked one of the 4 pull out bed sections and have broken it didn't realize these panels were so thin, I went onto Prima leasure and was shocked that they are looking £86 for this panel 😬. Anyone any ideas how to fix this?
  6. Hi I have just purchased a Fiamma Caravan Store canopy an it came with leg brackets to fit to the side of the caravan as shown on the picture, how do I fit these to the caravan as I'm a bit concerned about drilling into the side of the caravan.
  7. Hi we have a 2011 Unicorn Valencia an currently getting a big draft coming into the van from the top of the fridge is there any way of closing the outside vents to stop the draft, I've had a look but can't workout how it would open or close.
  8. Thanks David I've joined the FB group 👍
  9. Hi I'm looking to get a new tow car but not sure what would be beat my Caravan is MIRO: 1409 kg. MTPLM: 1565 kg. I currently tow with a 2011 2.0l Ford Kuga but just feel it's not powerful enough.
  10. Cheers Flinty was looking at that but thought the sink bowl would block access
  11. Thanks guy's but I was wondering how I get access to under the worktop as it's located behind the fridge.
  12. We have a 2011 Unicorn Valencia and the kitchen tap is loose does anyone know how I access the fitting bellow the worktop to tighten the nut 🤔 thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks Paul yes it is a continual banging noise when a tap is open I will have a look to see how I can adjust the water pressure.
  14. We have a 2011 Unicorn ValenciaThe whale water pump is very noisy when we turn the any tap on is this normal?
  15. Hi does anyone tow with a Range Rover Evoque as I was thinking of buying a 2.2l Diesel.
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