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  1. Hi I've just seen your post flicking through and yes we bought this awning during lockdown and only have fitted it a couple of times I love the awning but each time I have had it in the van I can't seem to get a good tight fit around the bottom were I peg it down there always a gap.
  2. Hi I'm looking advice I recently bought a new Porch awning for my Bailey Ranger 460/2 but every time I fit it to the caravan I always have a 2" gap around the bottom I would have thought that it should be tighter to the ground to where the peg ties are fitted, the awning spec says it should fit a van 235cm to 250cm and I measured the hight of my Awning rail which is 236cm from the ground. Am I doing something wrong or do other people also have the gap around the bottom 🙄
  3. So looks like as I suspected our van I 8cm too high for the awning looks like I'm on the lookout for another one 🙈 thanks for your help 😉
  4. Hi can I ask for advice I bought a new awning which is supposed to suit a caravan hight of 235cm to 250 cm by when I fit it to my 2009 Bailey Ranger 460/2 it never seems to reach the ground there always seems to be about a 2" gap around the bottom, I've had a look online and can't seem to find the correct awning rail height for my caravan.
  5. Hi Im looking to replace the friction pads on my Alko Hitch but looking in Amazon there are different types how can I tell which ones I need for my hitch 🤔 I've had a look at my hitch but don't see any model number to identify it. Anybody know how I would check this.
  6. Thanks for your reply see a picture below it was bought as a 12v car one.
  7. Oh Thanks for your reply see a picture below it was bought as a 12v car one.
  8. Thanks Steven so can a connect the nuteral to any of the 2 white wires
  9. Hi all im looking a bit of advice on wanting to wire a USB socket into my Bailey Ranger and I wanted to splice it into an existing spotlight in the caravan but im a bit confused to the way the downlight is actually wired and not sure which 2 wires I need to splice into, I have attached a picture of the wires going onto the light if anyone can help me identify which is the live and neutral wires that I need to splice into. Thanks in advance 😃
  10. Hi can I please ask for advice on screwing a TV bracket to the caravan wall but in a bit worried about drilling and what type and length of screws to use. Has anyone else fitted a TV bracket?
  11. Hi all im thinking of changing my interior roof lights to LED do I need any special type of light 🤔
  12. Hi can I ask I recently bought a 2nd hand Suncamp porch awning and tried to put it up at the weekend but I can't work out how the 2 sides are to be fixed tight to the caravan,
  13. Hi our friends have just bought a swift 4 birth caravan which has a pull down TV bracket mechanism between the bedroom and lounge area but can't seem to find a TV to fit this does anyone know what TV suits this set up?
  14. Im asking because I can't see anything on Amazon that size
  15. Hi can I ask what carpet size I need to buy for a Starcamp Quattro Caravan Porch awning Footprint: 275cm wide by 200cm deep. Roof bar width is 245cm approx.
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