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  1. Hi all, we have the above caravan and picked it up today from storage and the string on the blind in the roof is lose, I can’t see any way of opening the unit up? Anyone came across this before.
  2. Hi all, well we have settled into our first caravan and the kids love it, the last time I was out I found myself going down a narrow road , luckily I managed to get though. Does anyone use a navigation app that works with Apple CarPlay?
  3. Hi all, just an update of my experience towing, I have taken the caravan around 1000 miles and all of my worries have gone. The banging stoped when I put a small load in the van my car is a great little tow car and there was no sign of snaking, thanks everyone for your input.
  4. Hi all, with the Fiamma sun awning is it possible to buy the side to make a privacy room, I have just brought a Coachman 565 caravan just before the outbreak of coved 19 so it’s in the storage yard and I cant go down there. It has a Fiamma awning already installed and do not know the model number.
  5. it's a detachable swan neck. I do think its the van jumping because no extra weight. as I said the car goes over the bumps fine its only when the van goes over them. The towing mirrors i have are aerial 3 i think, I can't see down the side of the van on my near side because the little arm does not extend far enough, the e class has a funny shape mirror that prevents me extending the bar to the required distance , can anyone recommend a mirror ?
  6. Yes I cleaned the paint from the ball and no grease added, the bumping only happens on the smaller roads not on motorway, that's interesting about the bolts. the bar was fitted by trident tow bars, so hopefully they would have done everything as they should. I was hopping it was caused by the van being empty and the low nose weight.
  7. Hi All, Well pick up the van on Saturday and the car was fine no power issues, 1 thing the car and van was unloaded when i plug the canavan into the car it raises the rear suspension, when i started towing there was a bumping feeling a bit like the car had soiled suspension, but after a few miles i noticed the car was going over the bumps fine but when the van went over the bumps this is when i felt the banging as FrankBullet said when the van and car are loaded hopefully this should change, also the nose weight of the van is 65kg and my car is 85gk so when i load the van to brin
  8. Mr Plodd We have booked easter weekend away to Hop farm, also may bank holidays near Margate we are hopefully going to France/Belgium for a week or so at the end of August , the wife is Polish we have talked about taken 3 week to travel to her parents house next year, it takes me 3 day of driving to get there now stopping with friends on the way. Black Grouse NCC ?
  9. Thanks everyone, I have been away working, I am using the MLPTP ? at 1675 but my unladen is 1522 plus i have had a mover fitted so 1500 my car is 1780kg MPLTP X Car 94% Unladen X Car 85.5% This is without taking into account of luggage in the car and diesel then me and the family People in the car 165kg luggage for 4 80kg (two weeks away) Car gross 2025kg MPLTP X Car 83% We plan on keeping the van as light as possible, being a E class it has a massive boot, plus the van has alk
  10. Never picked the van up yesterday because of the wind, but we are now the proud owner of a 2018 Coachman 565 vip, (what have I done to my family) and we have our first holiday booked over the weekend of Easter . Thanks for all of your comments, we will not going to disappearing from this forum, hopping to pick her up next Saturday.
  11. i need to tow from Brighton to Dartford,
  12. So what is bad wind? tower cranes work up to 38 mph, of course they don't, and the wind speed we see on websites is taken at 10 mtrs above ground level. (by the way XC weather is a good site for wind rain etc) So i'm supposed to be picking up a caravan this weekend but I am worried about the weather.
  13. When i pick the van up what paperwork should come with it, is there anything i need to look out for ? should it have a HPI check done? if not should i request one.
  14. Picking the van up this Friday, one possibly silly question does caravan insurance cover while being towed and where can i get good cover.
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