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  1. i need to tow from Brighton to Dartford,
  2. So what is bad wind? tower cranes work up to 38 mph, of course they don't, and the wind speed we see on websites is taken at 10 mtrs above ground level. (by the way XC weather is a good site for wind rain etc) So i'm supposed to be picking up a caravan this weekend but I am worried about the weather.
  3. When i pick the van up what paperwork should come with it, is there anything i need to look out for ? should it have a HPI check done? if not should i request one.
  4. Picking the van up this Friday, one possibly silly question does caravan insurance cover while being towed and where can i get good cover.
  5. I passed my test back in 1985 ish I have driven 7.5t Lorry's before box and flat beds, as i have said before im no racing driver, I am ,more confident now than before i started this post. Thanks everyone for your input.
  6. On Coachman web site it says maximum of 100kg is this when loaded ? my car has a 85kg limit. so if Coachman is saying 100kg when the van is empty it could be less?
  7. Thanks Stevan, This is my first caravan so no awning yet, but i'm thinking about the 40 ltr water container ?
  8. Thanks Jezzerb So am i right in saying that's the nose weight from the factory or is that the max i can have it from the caravan point of view ? can i lighten this by placing language past the axcel to bring the nose up? When i pick the van up there will be nothing with me to do this.
  9. I haven't told the wife about my concerns ,(she would kill me) is there any info on the nose weight of the caravan when it's in the factory state, when i'm getting ready to tow on holiday i get the nose weight to below 85kg by moving a suitcase towards the rear or front of the caravan axle ? with a limit of 85kg what should i aim for. Once again i thank everyone for helping me get my head around this. When i get the van i will post some photos
  10. Hi all my Confidence is growing thanks , this is taken from the MB site So my kerb weight is higher than i first thought Has anyone had a problem with snaking when having the ATC installed?
  11. Thanks for your input everyone, Paul the car has air suspension on the rear so hopefully it will level itself, I think I can change the stiffness as well will look at the weekend.
  12. Hi All, I’m looking for a bit of reassurance on this combination please. I drive a 2017 E Class Mercedes with a kerb weight of 1780kg and I’m looking at towing a 2018 Coachman 565 VIP with a MRO 1522kg and MTPLM of 1677kg The van has ATC and Al-ko hitch and alko suspension The car has some sort of anti-snaking built in. Taking the MRO 1522kg and the car at 1780kg that would give me a percentage of 85% there is a motor mover fitted so add another 30kg would give 87% (I presume the MRO is including the leisure battery) No problem. Using the MTPLM I would towing at 95% (worrying) But I will be putting all of my luggage 100kg in the and car and say 60kg wife and kids bringing the car to 1940kg Using the MRO we would be at 80% Using the MTPLM would be 88% I would keep the van as empty as possible with everything going in the car, the car has wide tyres and air rear suspension, is has a towing capacity of 2100kg I know the 85% is only a recommendation but I need a bit of reassurance that it’s not going to go bad, I have towed in the past but not a caravan, I’m not a racing driver and will have my 2 kids in the car 1 and 3. If things did start going bad would the ATC kick in a correct the snaking ? I really like this caravan it has everything I was looking for and is going to be a 10 year plan so I need to be as comfortable and confident as possible towing it. Please be as honest as possible. Thanks for any comments Paul
  13. Fat Albert, You are 100% correct. even when i use the new MTPLM it still 86% what I hope is going to be ok for my car.
  14. The car is 1875 kerb weight 1581kg Caravan = 84% correct?
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