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  1. If I'm reading that right, it would cost the three of us £33 a night for a f.s. pitch at Chatsworth in November and December. In my experience of commercial sites (we're not CaMHC or CCC members), that's around the top end of what we've been paying. The cheapest we've paid for a serviced pitch is £24 p/n, most expensive around £35. Well worth it for the convenience, it makes for a much more relaxing experience imo. So much so that we've decided to go full on serviced the whole time and don't even take water carriers with us now.
  2. 3 nights, at a nearby site, our total, 41 nights.
  3. Actually, our motor mover did seize for a few minutes, but it was a bit of chipping that moved when Mr. D put it into reverse. We didn't want to leave because there were high winds, so we didn't feel safe towing. I don't know if "our" nightly, fs pitch had been taken by another nightly guest who hadn't booked and paid for fs, maybe. I imagine some people wouldn't even notice, after all, you're told to pitch anywhere... I did say to the warden who came to our van to tell us we had to move, you know, if we'd actually been told where to pitch in the first pla
  4. Sorry, yes, they actually arrived a few minutes after we'd left pitch 9 and started setting ourselves up on pitch 7. The warden had asked them if they were willing to take Identical Pitch 7, rather than Identical Pitch 9, but no, Pitch 9 it had to be. If the tables were turned I wouldn't have been remotely bothered, seeing as all the pitches were the same. I mean, how different can your view be from that of the next pitch but one?! Well if is clear that you just arrive and pitch on any vacant pitch that wasn't signed do not pitch here then I think I would not have moved.
  5. To answer the points, no, the company has a policy of not having reception open right now, presumably due to current circumstances. You just pick your pitch, and settle in, at least until you're told to move, ha ha. That's why I wish they would assign a pitch, to avoid any confusion. Maybe we should have contacted staff on Friday evening, I explained above why we didn't. At any rate, that would have presumably would have resulted in somebody else having to move from one of the three nightly, fully serviced pitches, one of which Should Have Been Ours (if we're getting pitch posses
  6. It was commercial, they have about six sites in Scotland. We actually stayed at another of their sites previously, again, no pitch allocated so we had to drive around trying to find a suitable (fully serviced) unoccupied pitch. At least we weren't made to move pitches then! The sheer pettiness and jobsworthiness got me as well. Why not leave us on pitch 9, and put Mr. and Mrs. Seasonal Pitch on pitch 7, instead of making us move. Like I said, they were all identical, all next to each other, no one more advantaged than the other. It made no sense.
  7. ...and I'm not best pleased. We had booked two nights on this site a few weeks ago, then phoned to add an extra night just before we left. We paid for a fully serviced pitch. Anyway, we arrived around teatime on Friday, for our first visit to this site. Turns out there are only nine fs pitches, most were already occupied, but we found one, and, light fading, put ourselves there. I was a bit confused by the laminated notices on posts by the pitches stating that they were seasonal pitches, but all the nine fully serviced pitches seemed to have these, so we presumed they
  8. Sorry, don't know what went on with the two near identical posts there! Major editing fail!
  9. We are Mr. D, our 11year old daughter, and myself. We knew that our daughter would be using the bedroom, so that Mr. D and I could be free to eat and drink in the living room later in the evening, while she was in bed. We chose a twin bedroom so she could have a bed to sleep, and we fashioned a sort of sofa with long bolster pillows and large scatter cushions on the other bed. It was important that we had a central bathroom so that people could use the toilet at night without having to walk through a bedroom to do so. Our van is stored on our drive so that meant the l
  10. We are Mr. D, our 11year old daughter, and myself. We knew that our daughter would be using the bedroom, so that Mr. D and I could be free to eat and drink in the living room later in the evening, while she was in bed. We discounted the bunks with dinette option, as she was growing fast ,so would soon outgrow them. We therefore chose a twin bedroom - with 2 ft 4 one beds - so she could have a bed to sleep, and we fashioned a sort of sofa with long bolster pillows and large scatter cushions on the other bed. TV on wall stand, proper solid sliding door, and she has her own private space, very i
  11. Our daughter and I use a bathrobe plus bath towel, while Mr. D eschews such unmanly apparel and only uses a towel. Miss D's and my towel and robe never get particularly wet, as drying oneself is more evenly distributed iyswim. Whereas Mr. D's sole towel gets really damp. Anyway, I have stuck three hooks to the washroom wall, to add to the two on the inside of the door. Two higher, one lower. On the lower one is a coat hanger - the type with a horizontal bar - over which is hung the hand towel. On one of the higher hooks is another hanger of the same type, over which is hung Mr. D'
  12. 3 nights, Westlands Country Park,, near Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfries and Galloway. Our total, 38 nights, forum total, 387 nights..
  13. Ah, boo! I hadn't realised that, sorry. I'm sorry you won't be able to get away then. In our case, I think gov Scot is being rather cowardly about the whole business, effectively saying, if you've booked beforehand, go ahead, but if you hadn't, you really shouldn't, but umm, arr, the sites are still open as usual, so we can't stop you, we'll just try to guilt trip you, because we daren't shut all hospitality and tourism down again, like in March, because of the uproar that would cause. This move has led to people cancelling bookings and losing money, or deciding against booking a
  14. That isn't true, the government website states you can go on a booked holiday: "You can still go on holiday outside of the affected local areas, but you should only do this with people you live with" From https://www.gov.uk/guidance/merseyside-halton-and-warrington-local-restrictions#travel-restrictions If I were you I would contact the site, and if they are still happy for you to stay there, I would be going. We're in the Scotland central belt, which has similar restrictions, and have three nights booked on a site near Annan. We have contacted t
  15. This reminds me why we haven't bothered joining either of the clubs. Plenty of other sites, big, small and in between, to choose from. Like many others, we had several holidays and weekend trips, with the van and otherwise, booked and paid for, pre lockdown, all cancelled and refunded. Then when the parks opened up again in July, we still managed to get two weeks away by searching online and phoning around for suitable sites. Plus we've enjoyed several weekends away, after our main holiday, at sites closer to home. No need to book multiple sites for the same week(s), it just needed a bit of f
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