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  1. I can remember in my teens, going with my parents towing a 2 berth caravan (I stayed in a pup tent) down that hair pin bend on Porlock Hill. I think my dad got a few grey hairs that day. 😅
  2. 2019 Elddis Avante here, squealy brakes sorted under warranty, no issues since, touch GRP.
  3. Is it in a place where you are likely to do food preparation etc. anyway? If so, and if a satisfactory repair isn't possible, I'd be inclined to just glue a lightweight chopping board, plastic, melamine or silicone, onto the area, and give it no more headspace.
  4. We use our toilet for everything; we've stayed a few times at sites whose facilities weren't open yet. It usually gets emptied after a day and a half. We did try the bio liquid route but Mr. D was decidedly unimpressed. back to Elsan Blue for us.
  5. So far as I can tell, unless there are designated caravan parking bays, then caravans are entitled to park along with the HGVs if a bay is available. We've overnighted in service areas more than once, paying the full 24 hour fee of course. We just make sure the car and van are never left unattended. Of course we use designated caravan bays if they're available, but if not earplugs help to block out any noise.
  6. 4 nights, The Wheel Caravan and Camping Park, Falkirk. Forum total 112.
  7. Oops. 😳 <gets coat and slinks off back to Caravan Chat>
  8. If they're the same as used for caravans, we have these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0761VZ1Y9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 We have only used them on a few occasions, as we're usually on hard pitches, but they seem to work okay. We also now know to use them on loose gravel as well as grass.
  9. Ah, our oldest daughter grew an extra inch when she was 19...! 😄
  10. No, as Martin says, the front benches are very short, only suitable for very small children to use as single beds. We have the 574, which has the same front living area as the 550 and 554, the sofas are not very wide at all. We sleep on the made up bed, which at 3'8" with the front chest in place is a rather stingy "double", more like a large single. We've removed the chest now, so have a full double space to sleep on, but of course that won't help you. The problem you will encounter is that in a fixed bed van with full bathroom with separate shower, and decent sized kitchen, if l
  11. With our shower, I looped and tightened a white cable tie around the shower pole, to sit just below the riser bar i.e. the thing you push up and down to raise or lower the shower. With the ends snipped short and turned to the back, it looks very discreet and helps keep the shower head in place at the chosen height, but can be pushed up and down the pole at will. Also, ours is the Ecocamel shower head, and I find that pushing the head backwards, so that it is angled more vertically and spraying forwards and outwards more than downwards, iyswim, helps to keep it from dropping down on
  12. T'was lovely and peaceful, though. At least, it was until the weekend arrived; then everyone piled in!
  13. Bit like Mr. D the other week, then?
  14. We're also off to Drummohr near Musselburgh next month, making up for a cancelled booking from last year. Plus five nights in Ellesmere in Cheshire after our two weeks in Devon. (Sorry Mr.P, I guess folk just like to share. )
  15. We were away from the 12th to the 18th at Waren Park in Northumberland, back home now as Mr. D has had work and Miss D school since the 19th. We'll try to fit in the odd long weekend between now and the biggie summer break in Devon (all booked and paid for last September).
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