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  1. It's certainly cheaper than staying in a hotel or on a site when visiting family for Christmas and New Year!
  2. ?? I said it was (my) parents' driveway, not our own. It's 230 miles each way from our own home where our van is usually kept.
  3. Southwaite services area northbound - 1 night.
  4. Parents' driveway, Little Neston - 12 nights.
  5. 2 nights, Loch Lomond Holiday Park, near Inveruglas.
  6. Susan D

    What is this?

    I think this little guy is rampaging around your house and van. If you look carefully you'll probably find the broken off pointy tips of the spears he's been throwing about. I'd watch your ankles if I were you.
  7. Oh, don't get me started on children being driven to school. I've seen kids in my ten year old daughter's year, who live closer to the school than we do (an eight minute walk), being taken there by car, in clear, dry weather. No wonder we have a pollution problem with these idiots.
  8. It's usually just Mr. D, our ten year old youngest daughter and myself in the caravan. Daughter and I use lightweight robes plus standard i.e. not microfibre bath towels after our showers in the van, Mr. D just has a bath towel. We have the cheaper Avante so no heated towel rail. It did come with two hooks on the inside of the two way toilet/bathroom door. In addition to these I have fixed a load more heavy duty chrome hooks, in the bathroom area and all over the van, including in daughter's bedroom. I used silicone as the adhesive didn't work in the steam. Our bath towels hang on these to dry - Mr. D's towel is hung from a clip type belt hanger so it's spread out. Daughter's and my towels don't get so wet so are just flung over the hooks, while our robes hang on lightweight coat hangers on hooks, mine in the bathroom, daughter's in her bedroom. Obviously we also have a hand towel on a lower hook, by the sink in the toilet room. In addition, I've siliconed a lightweight plastic rail on the side of the shower cubicle to hang our bathmat up after showering. The kitchen hand towel and oven gloves go on a rail that sits over a cupboard door, while the teatowel is on a hook on the wall to the side of the cooker. We have been away in freezing temperatures, and so far, with the heating on (obviously!) all the towels have fully dried between showers.
  9. Also, their last Facebook activity was at the end of October - are you sure the park isn't just closed down for the winter?
  10. I don't know, but have you tried phoning the post office? They might know something.
  11. We also have the Thetford Caprice MK3, in our 2019 Avante 574. Provided the grill or oven has been given time to preheat, we find it cooks food just fine - we've done burgers, oven chips, pizza etc. (cordon bleu, eh!) in ours, and they've all come out okay. We have the vent extractor fan too - it kicks in as soon as we use either the hob or oven or grill.
  12. I like your caravan, Griff. Neat idea to convert it from an old train carriage, recycling is definitely the way to go. Must need some tug to pull it, though.
  13. Like the three other caravans in short walking distance of us, ours is parked on the raised driveway to the side of our house. We never gave it a second thought, and wouldn't for a second contemplated putting it in storage. We wanted our van where we could get it ready for quick get aways on Friday afternoons. Besides, after nearly two decades of having to listen to the noise of seemingly endless building of extensions/loft conversions etc. - odd how a three bedroom semi isn't big enough anymore, despite the fact that the families living in them are considerably smaller than when the houses here were built eighty years ago - I'm not about to fret about the presence of my our caravan sited on our drive. As pp have said, if neighbours don't like it, they can look elsewhere. I presume you have a mover to manoeuvre your van in there; if you edged it in with your car then I bow down in admiration to your reversing skills!
  14. We don't have a 554 but so far we are very happy with our 2019 Avante 574; fingers crossed that it - and all our vans - continue to give us trouble free caravanning. One can but hope.
  15. 2 nights, Trossachs Holiday Park, Stirlingshire.
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