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  1. I can't remember if it was France or another country in Europe, but I once used a public toilet where, if you did a number 2, instead of the solids dropping down into the water in the pan, they stayed on a sort of shelf, just a couple of inches below the toilet bowl rim, so that when you tried to wipe, the back of your hand was virtually scraping your, um, "deposits". I was horrified! Who in their right mind designs a loo like that?!
  2. It is really like DannyP says. We have an 8 litre Whale Expanse water heater, with an Ecocamel shower head, and we use fully serviced pitches so no concern of water supply running out. I have pretty thick, shoulder length hair, and can successfully shower, hair washing and all, and not run out of hot water. I find the trick is to not have the water run too hot, and to give time for the water to reheat while I'm shampooing my hair and washing face and body. You just can't expect to stand under a constantly running hot shower like you would at home. I would still far rather shower in my caravan, with the accepted limitations, than traipse to the shower block though.
  3. Ours is Ava, although that may change to something less polite in time if we start to get bother with her/it...!
  4. 6 nights, Tebay Services Caravan Park. Our total, 43 nights, forum total, 356.
  5. No Aberdeenshire trip for us after all, so subtracting those 8 nights gives us 37 nights, forum total 280. That'll teach me to get ahead of myself...
  6. Hi, there appears to be what looks like leaf debris inside the front lights on our caravan, the ones on the lower front corners. I believe they are Jokon 60cm round led marker lights. They don't appear to be cracked or damaged in anyway, so I presume it's just matter that's been flung up and made its way inside when the van is moving. Does anybody know how to safely take them apart to clear the leaves out? Many thanks in advance.
  7. The front is shaped like a ... I'll leave others to fill in the blank.
  8. Checking on the website shows that this weekend is fully booked, with availability from Monday. If our car became available on say, Tuesday - garage is quoting that as worst case scenario, but they said that last time, so we can't bank on it- we could have moved the 8 nights to Wednesday if they'd let us, as there is availability showing for a fully serviced pitch, the only type we use, for those dates. But as I've said, they won't. As it is, it's too far from home to travel for just the last two nights, not worth the petrol, so we've written it off.
  9. Silly man deserves to be stuck interminably behind a caravan, thats behind a tractor, that's behind a bicycle, on an uphill road, with endless blind bends and summits, frothing and fuming in his £70k Jag.
  10. Thing is, we don't know for definite when our car will be fixed - the garage is waiting on a part (after waiting on another part before that) - so we could be waiting until the end of the trip dates, or near enough. Hence our request to move the dates to when we know we have the car back, to no avail. Gah!
  11. My sympathies here as we are in the same position. An unexpected problem with our car means it will be off the road for the next few days, so our Aberdeen trip, which was due to start today, is out. We phoned to ask if we could move it to a few days later, when our car should be fixed, happy to pay any extra cost, admin fee etc. but they're not budging, so that's £252 down the drain.
  12. Also 1 overnight stop at Tebay Services Caravan Park between Fernwood and home, making our total after the Aberdeen trip 45 nights, forum total 205.
  13. 1 night at Charnock Richard Motorway Services to break up journey 1 night at Bridgwater Motorway Services to break up journey 14 nights at Golden Coast Holiday Park, Woolacombe, Devon 5 nights on my parents' driveway in Little Neston - in progress Still to come: 5 nights at Fernwood Caravan Park, Shropshire 8 nights at Deeside Leisure Park, near Maryculter, Aberdeenshire Making our total for 2021 44 nights, lost track of forum total, sorry.
  14. https://www.glen-nevis.co.uk/caravans This site has some July availability, it has both standard and fully serviced pitches.
  15. I can remember in my teens, going with my parents towing a 2 berth caravan (I stayed in a pup tent) down that hair pin bend on Porlock Hill. I think my dad got a few grey hairs that day. 😅
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