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  1. I purchased a Swift Challenger 620 SE in 2017 to be delivered on site for March 2018 with a service. The van was three years old when purchased. this is our second season on a fixed pitch site and a few weeks ago we noticed a crack on the top of the rear panel. You can push on the crack and fit your hand in it! Speaking to the dealer, they have had lots of problems with the back panels for this model. the previous owners did not have their van serviced and so it isn't covered with the warranty. Why did Yorkshire Caravans sell me a model that clearly has a back panel problem that has previously been the subject to a recall. they tell me that as a sign of good will, Swift may decide to give me a new back panel, if we are lucky, but Yorkshire caravan will charge us £1000 to fit it! This can't be right, can it?
  2. Hi. Interested in your post about Damp problems. We bought a Swift Challenger 620 SE 2014 Model. I was told that it was one of the first caravans where all the timber framework has been changed to plastic. We bought the Caravan from Yorkshire Caravans at Bawtry. It was three years old when we bought it. the Caravan is on a fixed pitch and into our 2nd season we noticed a crack in the fixed window at the front of the van, so we got a company to give us a replacement price whilst servicing the van. the service revealed we had a damp problem in the bathroom. on closer inspection revealed a big split in the roof of the back panel. I contacted the dealer who then pointed out that the van was not serviced by the previous owner, so no warranty! When I looked into the problem, Yorkshire Caravans has changed many back panels for the 2014 model and it was hinted that it was the inferior quality of the plastic that was used. I am trying to find out if any one else has had this problem. With the window repair and the back panel we are looking at around £3000.00. I assumed that the caravan is serviced for the first three years and then it was down to the owner. wrong! My argument is, if it is a manufacturing fault, which it sounds like with the amount that the dealer has had to deal with, why should a service affect a manufacturing fault. Why they wasn't recalled and why did Yorkshire Caravans sell me the van when they have had problems with them in the past. This is the first caravan we have bought and I think we have been sold a white elephant. can anyone help?
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