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  1. Hi All Sargent say post 2015 Swifts have LEDs so on the strength of that have ordered their unit - will report back when fitted. Thanks again for all your advice
  2. Hi Commander Dave Had a look at the Sargent unit and that may be the answer. I'll give their technical help line a ring to see if they can identify my Swift model as one affected.
  3. Hi Guys Someone else mentioned the issue of LEDs. Apparently the 'cambus' wiring on Range Rovers can't recognise the low voltage demand from LEDs so either lights dont work or just flicker. This may explain why the Audi worked (possible different wiring system and my Evoque lit up the Lunar (possible only 'standard' bulbs). However having difficulty in finding out type of bulbs in the Sprite. Rear light is standard double filament for side/stop lights but the side and front repeaters have foxed me as although I can remove the whole unit cant get the bulb holder out to inspect the bulb. My owners manual refers me to their technical manual via 'Swift Talk' the owners forum but searching for manuals etc draws a blank!
  4. Hi I have a problem with the running lights (side lights) on my 2016 Swift Sprite. Towing vehicle is a Range Rover Evoque with main dealer fitted tow bar and electrics. Everything worked fine last year when car hitched to the van, but this summer found that side lights on the van don't work (stop lights and indicators work fine). To identify if the problem lay with the car or the van I connected my car to my brothers Lunar van - and the side lights worked - so no problem with the car. Then we connected his tow car (an Audi) to my van - and the side lights worked - so no problem with the van! Re-connected my car to my van - and no side lights!! So we are baffled - anyone out there got any bright ideas. PS Have already tried spraying WD40 on the plug connections and 'jiggling' wires to no avail - no evidence of frayed or pulled wires on either the car or the van.
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