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  1. Your remark shows little understanding or sympathy towards people who have never been taught how to crimp. You are ridiculing the people who want to learn and it is through posts like this that they can. How did you learn how to become an electrician. Did it come naturally or were you taught. If you have nothing nice to say keep your nasty remarks to yourself in the future. My hubby has found this post a great help in being taught . He did not even know what a crimp tool did or how to operate it. He does now.
  2. Thank you all for all your replies. We are having new tyres fitted next week - with Tyron bands.
  3. Hello. My hubby and I bought a caravan recently and hubby has told me the tyres are 8 years old. I read on CT that tyres should be renewed every five years. We have a friend who owns a tyre fitting firm and we have known him for neigh on twelve years and has always done right for us. He examined the caravan tyres and told us that the valves and tread are good, and so long as there is no cracking they are fine. What are your opinions please?
  4. Hello BOAC, We do as you have said above and you are right. Its no good pouring the Bio Washing liquid into the waste cassette and the toilet bowl smells lovely. Oh, and thank you for all your efforts with your index too. It contains useful information and is of great help to my hubby and I. x
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