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  1. Hi guys, it is a 2.0 tdi 2010, which has been remapped from 102 bhp to 180 bhp It is serviced every year
  2. We are moving our Bailey Unicorn Valencia to another site. Would our T5 2.0 Campervan be powerful enough to pull it, I have looked at sites on towing, but its all double dutch to me lol.
  3. Just got back, and fitted the isabella wheel cover, it fits ok, so thanks to all . I now have a spare square cover if anybody wants it. ( free)
  4. Thanks guys, I need to look at the isabella to see if it matches the curve
  5. We have been in touch with prima, and they will refund out money
  6. We own a bailey Unicorn valencia, I have just purchased a awning wheel coverfrom Prima, but when I went to put it on, and found it to small, and the edging cord too small. Has anybody else had this problem, or do they know of a site that I can get one from. TIA
  7. If you want any cord I have plenty left over lol
  8. We have our van sited, and are thinking of getting a cover for it, do these cause any probelms. I welcome any thoughts on the subject .
  9. We have only just back to a caravan (wife`s idea lol), but we have manged to find a nice site to leave ours all year, we use our campervan to tour. I don,t think I could tow it now, to many idiot on the road, its bad enough with the campervan.
  10. I know this is a old post, but I have just purchased a caravan, and guess what the door fly screen cords have fraid, i have managed to disasemble the door, and have got a rough idea how it works, but like a old fool, I did not make note the length of the cord, is it replaced taught, or does,nt it matter. I am looking at the pictures, and there seems to be plenty of surplus cord hanging. Hi , I don,t suppose you could send me the drawings and picy`s, I did not do it, lol, and great minds think alike, because I purchased mine from Amazon .
  11. Just resently gone back to a Caravan (wife`s idea lol ), we do own a campervan, but I must admit I do enjoy the space more. So I just want to say hi, because I have found how to fix the door fly screen very helpful.
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