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  1. It is a Sterling Europa 500 - 2004 We get more rain than other places here in Church Stretton
  2. Our caravan has been in dry storage for 2 years and not been used before we purchased 2 weeks ago. It is now outside to face the elements that Shropshire can throw at it. Has been serviced so know all faults (we were given the paperwork) Would you re seal around roof lights etc routinely to help prevent water ingress or leave well alone until there is a problem.
  3. Is it not a little cruel forcing pigeons and gulls to swallow "alarm clocks"
  4. I`m a newbie, so only a thought, but if you look at caravan sales places, no one covers the vans ever, so guess if its ok for them I will follow
  5. Assuming this a vent for when the heating is on and need to remove the cover on the outside Nothing in the manual I can see to find out? Cover removed in the photo Thanks in advance
  6. Just worried that if I had to stop and take off the stabilizer bar quickly the cable would get caught up.
  7. Probably a really easy answer but how do I tie up these cables? Must be a better way. I used a bungee
  8. As a newbie, was wondering if I should be towing the caravan with a full 15 litre of water in the toilet, as this extra weight could cause problems? Or am I worrying over nothing Thanks
  9. Thank you for the replies will try and see
  10. Tried this without luck, but watched a video on utube and removed the sink - all ok now
  11. Can I take out the wood etc that makes up a child's bed/bunk at the rear of caravan, or does this aid rear stability?
  12. Thank you for your reply. The battery is brand new and fit for purpose to take into account using the wheel movers. Every thing else works as it should lights, fridge, heater etc The pump is submersible, goes in the 40 litre container, the pump is - Truma Crystal Maxi Pump
  13. Before we purchased our caravan (last Friday), the service report stated the Truma water pump was leaking. We have tried to use it anyway, but the pump switch does not come on. Taps were open and the switch on the water storage to correct way. Could it be that unless the pump is working correctly the pump switch would not light up? Also have looked to see where the fuses would be for the control panel, but they seem rather elusive, found the general ones in the front right under the seating Thank you
  14. Hello, The wife has decided to go mad and clean our new to us caravan, she unscrewed the sink drainer (thought it smelled) and now the waste pipe has fallen down. So do I pull out the fridge to get to the pipe or remove the seating from the side and remove the panel. If it is the fridge, assume there are some retaining clips? Caravan is a Sterling Europa 500 Thank you
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