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  1. OK. Decided we'll have to get a new car! Not much to spend (around £8000) so it'll be a few years old. No particular caravan in mind yet but it will need to be a 4/5 berth and under £7000 at the most. Any recommendations for a tow car that will give us a good range of options when choosing a caravan? We have 8 year old twins and a dog so lots of boot space needed.
  2. That's what I thought... Here's the plate.
  3. OK, thanks for your help guys. I had read that 1300kg is the legal towing limit. However, subtracting the numbers in the plate gives 1000kg. (although I seem to remember French cars are calculated differently...) 92bhp
  4. I should say that we'd be looking at caravans well under 1300kg mtplm to try to keep the weight down. That means it'd be much lower than the legal tow limit or the 85%. Will will have a fairly full car though...
  5. We are thinking of buying our first caravan. We have a 2013 tepee 1.6Hdi. Tow capacity of 1300kg which is lower than the 85% guide. I had thought we could look at caravans with a Mtplm up to that amount but then we spoke to our car mechanic. He said the horsepower etc of our car means we shouldn't really tow anything over 750kg! He thinks it'll kill the clutch and fly wheel. Is he over cautious or do we need a new car? We are a family of 4 with a budget of under £6000 for a caravan so the lovely new lightweight 2 berths I've seen like go pods are not an option.
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