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  1. We are thinking of renting our lodge in a coup of years to cover the cost of pitch fees etc. and will need somewhere to store our personal effect clothes etc. I’m thinking of securing our wardrobes for storing our things but cannot find a suitable lock. The wardrobe has mirrored doors with a very narrow frame. Also, open to other forms of secure storage. Regards Martin
  2. Can anyone suggest a lock for sliding mirrored door for wardrobe. It doesn't have to be ultra secure just enough to stop nosey prospective renters. Big thanks in advance MartyJ
  3. Has anyone had any experience with Shorefields caravan parks in the Bournemouth area? I am interested in there policy of extending the lease after this expires. I believe its 15 years for caravans and 20 for lodges
  4. I just bought a second had lodge and the previous owner has put extra insulation on the underneath of the lodge but has covered the floor vents. Is this a big issue?
  5. I'm after some recommendation for external storage for a static caravan.
  6. I'm thinking of buying my first static caravan and there are a few vans in our price range that are over eight years old. Would you recommend an inspection before i bye, similar to an MOT if you like, and is there a company who do this. OR do the site give a guarantee on the van? OR should I go for something a lot younger?
  7. You might have the boiler set for constant hot water. In this case it will keep coming on to heat the water in the system. You should be able to turn this off. Or you could wait until your annual boiler maintenance and have it looked at then.
  8. I'm thinking of buying a static soon and would like to know which solicitors to use in this process.
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