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    So am I evil!

    With very great difficulty Scarab-if you punish a child of this ilk parents are in defending and complaining their innocence-not all i grant but some and they spoil it for teachers-most are still decent but many children esp secondary age know their rights and aren't afraid to flaunt them-and exclusion has been virtually err excluded as an option now because of how OFSTED frown on it and the fact the school has to provide for their education while excluded-costing lots. The norm or more common now is swaps-where one secondary arranges to have a child in swap for another-often equally as bad or worse. Varies of course and my wife works across 10 or 11 secondaries and they are all very different in this respect but respect is on the wane-both from children and parents. Hence i took early retirement!
  2. Jezzerb

    So am I evil!

    I had to laugh at the post-9pm reign the kids in and interact with them-interact-quite honestly I don't know why many parents have children-there are all sorts of course and some spend ages with them BUT many simply want them to go away and occupy themselves-as we did as kids of course-difference being these sorts of parents often have set no boundaries and as above simply daren't say no!!!! And you want to know why I took early retirement from teaching and always seek out adult only sites. ?!!!!
  3. I think you should expect to feel the caravan and what you are experiencing is entirely normal-I don't think changing the car other than to a tank ie Disco or some such would make a noticeable improvement-towing makes the car work and you should be able to feel it-the caravan that is.The 85% malarky is simply an arbitrary figure to give beginners a guideline-many tow at 100% and some more than that-the caravan won't wag unless it is unstable-badly inflated tyres-poor loading ie too much weight at the back or poor anticipation resulting in a dangerous manoeuvre.
  4. We're dashcam fans after my brother sent in his film of an idiot nearly killing him and a cyclist on a bridge-double whites-he got 6points and a £1000 fine-all our cars now have dashcams-my favourite being the NExtbase 322GW for around £74 brand new on ebay-touch screen gps etc-v impressed.
  5. Jezzerb

    Mounting 50 inch tv

    NAh-you can't beat a big screen-contact Swift re mounting-if you don't go for the size you want you'll regret it in the long run!
  6. Plus on the way adding-oh and my wife ... sig other is quite the chef-so we don't bother eating out either.
  7. Can;t be doing with snobs-sorry, we're all equal.
  8. I'm with Andy-we have a 4x4 but it's old world -so rear drive most of the time unless it's slippy when we can put it into 4x4-but having had a 4x4 s in the past very very rarely used it-we have winter tyres for our saloons and she had to drive past a Disco that was stuck in snow-in her Mini Roadster-with its winter tyres on it sailed past with no traction issues! She didn't dare stop to help though. The weight of 4x4 for every day driving isn't worth it and on the very rare occasion you need it on a grass field when towing I suppose you're v grateful but we've only had that once in 7 years of caravanning-wanted our van in a secluded corner spot up a slope(grass) and onto the flat-then it was amazing. Now in our JCW Mini Clubman and my Golf R32-now sadly departed-both were 4x4 for a very different reason! Never ever had wheel spin at the traffic lights!
  9. The interior Baily panels Andy are in my opinion second to none. We loved ours . Its seems a great construction method. The now need to get rid of that ply floor and Baileys will be bullet proof.
  10. We have our offset to minus 4!Try that first.
  11. I'd say you would be right!
  12. Just seen this post-my brother had exactly the same happen to him-on the brow of a railway bridge no less-over taking on the way up and it's a bend with double whites too-he swerved into the verge to avoid -wasnt' towing thank heavens-and had it all on dash cam-he sent it to the police who informed him they had used it in evidence and the perp had received points on their license and a fine-from memory think 6 and £1000. REsult-since then all our cars have dash cams!
  13. It's completely normal-Elddis sides are aluminium and the framework inside can be made out if you get the light right-completely normal, not bad quality-simply different. WE love our Buc.
  14. Yes it'll only be put on when you renew your license-might be ok in the uk but go abroad and........ so best advised to get your license changed before going if it applies.
  15. Since it was a farce in the first place- why based on age should you be able to tow over whatever it is and then suddenly be not ok I;m on the fence but feel v sorry for those who specialise in the trailer tow test-however I think most will be busy doing other tests?
  16. We do exactly as Dave does-no issues with shortage of hot water with standard Alde system.
  17. You were lucky with the Bailey-we had more issues than that with our Bailey-mind with our Buc we've not had any -trouble is if the van isn't knew you don't know how it has been treated-if it is new then you've been a bit unlucky. Yes think that was how ours manifest-take the corner bits off on the frame-they pop off-and you'll see where the brass keeper should fit and hopefully find the brass attached to the string behind the frame you can ease off.
  18. Well the resounding no goes against what my builder was saying today-they bought a albeit v posh static-more a lodge on a well known water park in Lincolnshire -been fully booked since end of lock down and taking over £800 a week in rentals at the moment with no major issues-that covers a lot of repair/site fees and they let it out themselves but also the site helps out by directing people their way too. They were thinking about buying another -and they did take out a loan to buy it.
  19. I can't say we've had any of these issues on our 2020 cruiser. Blinds are the standard fair fitted to t many vans these days and if one of the roof lights is open May vibrate but not shut unless its really windy when you get some movement . The main culprit being the large one to the rear-as I think it does have some venting. ? (not sure here)Re fridge it should be silent so its either cent it heating bubbling as our expansion tank is in the wardrobe. Is the pump on 3? It might have been left on 5 to bleed? Or was it really windy and wind was entering the vents as above? re blinds falling apart -none so far for us though one string popped its metal grommet-took of the plastic corner piece and there is a slot for the metal grommet to go in and it had popped out-fished it up from its resting place-luckily it hadn't disappeared downward too far and put it back and all now fine. I'd think you may need to have a chat with the dealer if issues persist and you can't find the source of the noise?
  20. Jezzerb

    So am I evil!

    Nicely done-we were in the same boat but the kids were screaming round at 10pm - with light sabre type toys too-parents same-worse for wear. Unbelievably selfish behaviour imo- and I think your solution superb. Wish I had thought about it! I considered bird seed on their roof (joke) or making lots of noise next morning but two wrongs don't , as they say! We always aim for adult only sites-and would never have let my daughter behave like that at that age. We stayed at Abbey Wood-lots and lots of European campers and vanners-and lots of children but it was silent by 9pm.
  21. Many sites have these no commercial vehicles , no trucks rules-but when you ring them you find that it's just so they can refuse certain people at their discretion.
  22. It does annoy me though-yes I agree that caravans need to be checked and road legal but why not make it a bit like an MOT and have to have them serviced and certified safe-then it's only really mirrors and weights that are the issue-then the DVSA and police can get on with stopping and sorting the real issues on our roads that do cause many many more accidents-drink, drug and driving on the phone or watching TV-seen them all in the last 2 weeks and more besides-speeding crazy behaviour behind the wheel -I could go on! I'd argue that accidents caused by an illegal caravan are very very rare-accidents due to the aforementioned -very , very common! Do they want road safety or an easy/soft target I wonder.
  23. The EU directive that introduces this as above is switchable-ie you can turn it off, I read after some extensive research-but it'll be on by default I assume! However on board tracking devices are here already-my Kawasaki motorbike has a note in the handbook saying the onboard engine managment records data and can be used by police or insurance companies in the event of an accident etc.
  24. I agree-our local dealer has had an empty pound for months-must be a total nightmare -there is demand but they can't get the caravans to supply that demand. Then they'll be looking ahead and thinking this bubble will burst in a year or two when the foreign hols lovers decide to go back to how they were perhaps?
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